Chapter 384: The Son of The Demon’s Arrival

“Evil people like you will not die a peaceful death! We have countless experts that will give you a painful lesson!” A different girl from the clan angrily shouted.

She was Feng Qingyu’s little sister, also from the third main branch. Her name was Feng Qinglan. She was fifteen with a pretty and elegant appearance.

She returned from the pagoda last night and didn’t even got down from her carriage before being caught then brought here by two heretical cultivators.

“Your Feng Clan can only reign in the southern prefecture, mere trash before our Seventh Hall.” One heretical disciple laughed with disdain.

Suddenly, a thunder came from the river. A man that looked fifty rode the waves. He had an aura of vicissitudes with a sad expression. His eyes weren’t something a fifty-year-old man could have.

The heretical disciples were alarmed by his aura so they all looked over.

“It’s the eighth elder, we’re saved!” The daughters from the Feng were ecstatic and finally saw hope. The eighth elder had an amazing cultivation since he has trained for more than one hundred years. He enjoyed a high position in the clan.

Feng Qingyu was still on the ground. She looked up and said: “Our expert is here, there’s nowhere for you to run now.”

Xue Yi smiled sarcastically. Two beast souls flew out and he flew up with a spear before questioning with a sinister tone: “Who are you?”

The middle-aged man stood on the wave and smiled: “Eighth elder of the Feng, Feng Weiting.”

“The elders from your clan are paper tigers, can only bully your own members. Our Boss, Sen Lin, made mincemeat out of the sixth elder, he chopped off his head and fed it to the dogs. Let me deal with this guy then.” A skinny disciple jumped down from the gate like a flying shuttle towards Weiting.

Weiting slightly stomped down on the water. A ripple started and became increasingly more powerful. A wave was formed next.

“Pluff!” The heretical disciple’s legs were severed by this invisible wave. Blood oozed out of his body as his upper-half sank down into the water as well.

“Your Seventh Hall is pushing us too far, you think our clan is so easily bullied?” The elder pointed in the air. Twelve spirit rays shot out from his finger and aimed to destroy the heretical ship.

Xue Yi smirked and attacked with both palms. Two beast souls rushed out, bearing their fangs and howling. They shattered the incoming rays.

They continued forward while bringing a silver wave behind them.

The elder became serious. These disciples are strong indeed. The guy looked around twenty but he was just as strong.

He stabilized his stance and channeled a technique of the Feng, Vigorous Gale Method.

A powerful gale engulfed the water as if wanting to blow the surging river away.

“Boom!” The two beast souls were forced back while the elders staggered seven steps behind. His blood was churning while feeling immense pain in his fingers.

Sen Lin laughed: “Xue Yi, your cultivation is regressing, can’t even take care of a guy like this. Want me to help you yet?”

Xue Yi scowled in response: “He’s still a senior from the Feng Clan. If I take him down with one move, that’s too humiliating.”


Xue Yi turned serious and directly attacked with his spear. His aura surged crazily as his spear traveled like a dragon. Before one knows it, it was already in front of the elder’s chest.

The elder was aghast at the boy’s amazing speed. He used Vigorous Gale again but it was easily broken this time. A bloody hole appeared on his chest.

“Pluff!” The elder spat out blood while his body was being invaded by a gray miasma. He couldn’t move at all as his internal organs feel as if they were on fire.


Xue Yi smirked and grabbed the elder by the crest before throwing him down on the ship. He then stomped the elder’s back. The elder felt very humiliated, being put in this position by a junior.

He struggled to get up but Xue Yi heavily stomped down again and mangled the elder’s back.

“This is the top expert from your Feng Clan? Can’t even handle a single move.” Xue Yi sneered as he looked at the daughters of the Feng.

Feng Qingyu, Feng Qinglan, and the other girls had tears of desperation running and didn’t dare to meet the perverted gaze of the heretical disciples. Even the eighth elder has lost to them. Who else could actually take them down?

In their eyes, the elder was an immortal level of being. Even their father and grandfather were respectful towards him but now, he was being trampled upon. This has completely shattered their worldview.

“Haha, like I said, the experts from your clans are just dogs to us.” Sen Lin crouched down and grabbed Qingyu’s fair and tender face, molding them to his will and causing her to cry. This made him even more excited: “Today, I’ll turn you all into women in front of your eighth elder.”

All the other disciples laughed in response. They then stared at the women with a tent forming in their pants. All were eager to go.

Winner takes all. A cultivation clan not strong enough was destined to be bullied. Their resources would be taken while their women would become sex toys. The children would become slaves…

This was the law of the jungle. Only by becoming strong would one escape this fate and be the bully instead.

“Xshh!” Clothes were torn. A sad melody was woven together with the girls crying and screaming helplessly.

They were pampered daughters but were being turned into sex slaves.

“You bastards!” The elder slammed into the ship and struggled to get up again but Xue Yi stomped down and caused him to vomit blood.

He lamented in indignation and closed his eyes, unwilling to watch this scene. However, two disciples pried them open and forced him to watch.

Xue Yi laughed and said: “Watch carefully as we rape your women. They’ll definitely feel good, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this scene too.” [1]

The elders’ hands were tied up and he couldn’t move at all outside of trembling a bit. His eyes were forced open to watch the girls’ clothes being torn apart. Some tried to run but they were pushed down by the men and their long legs separated…

“Cough, cough!” Suddenly, someone was coughing outside of the gate.

It was a very sickly noise yet it emanated to the ears of all the disciples.

A shabbily dressed youth with a rain hat came from the shore with runes beneath his feet. He had a walking stick and had to stop to cough after several steps. His face was deathly white. It was clear that the guy was terminally ill.

“Where did this pasty brat come from? Scram already, this isn’t the place for you to be!”

The disciples from the Seventh Hall were in the mood and have stripped down two girls to their underwear. Alas, they had to stop for a bit. Playing was one thing but they needed to ensure the security of the gate without any carelessness.

Despite being aggressive and evil, they were also very meticulous.

This constantly coughing youth slowly walked below the gate and stared at the scene ahead.

He leaned on the bronze entrance and slightly lifted his hat to half-expose his sickly face: “So it’s the people from the Seventh Hall. Let them go and I can spare your lives.”

His voice was quite hoarse.

The disciples here were startled before bursting out with laughter. A tall fella spoke: “This brat must be really sick, he’s talking nonsense now.”

He came forward with a heavy mace and slammed down. A green light surged out from the smash.

“Boom!” The heavy mace was split into two and same with the burly fella. The two halves went flying for more than ten meters with blood still gushing out.

The rest of the group was astonished. They took out their weapons and rushed forward.

Sen Lin was in front and said: “Looks like a real expert from the Feng Clan is here.”

“Wrong, I’m not part of the Feng since I’ve been expelled already.” The sickly man slowly took off his hat to reveal his handsome but pale face.

Sen Lin instinctively retreated for more than three meters with fear on his face and cried out: “The son of the demon is here!”

1. Man, it’s not fun translating this part. The author is evil

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