Chapter 383: By The River Shore

The black robe fluttered on the four old men from the Seventh Hall. They were first-class experts that had cultivated for more than two hundred years.

These famous characters from the heretical school were full of vitality, causing others to palpitate.

Feiyun sat feebly on his carriage with a smile still on his face: “My blood has the Yama’s Decay Blood. Even if I put it in a bowl, will you dare to take it?”

“Keke, don’t think we’re not aware. You have eaten a fifth-ranked spirit pill to temporarily trap the evil inside the pill itself so it hasn’t corroded your body just yet. As long as you get blood from your dantian, the blood will not be contaminated.” The old man with the high forehead smiled deviously.

Feiyun replied: “My spirit energy will disperse even faster if I do it in that spot and I’ll die faster.”

“That has nothing to do with us. Feng Feiyun, you think we’re here to negotiate with you?”

“We don’t give a damn when you die, just your demon’s blood. Idiot!” 

Feiyun revealed an amused expression in response: “If there’s no negotiation, then I’ll send you off then.”

The sickly looking guy suddenly sprung forward with a shadowless speed.

The four old men were shocked and instantly activated a defensive barrier at the same time.

“Pluff! Pluff! Pluff!” Feiyun simply circled around them and unleashed three slashes. Three old men fell down with blood streaming from their body. Their barrier didn’t stop his saber at all.

When he had returned to the carriage, the three old men finally fell down with vitality leaving their broken dantian. Even their soulbound artifacts inside were shattered.

Feiyun used the stone saber as a walking stick with sweat beads pouring down his body. His arms were shaking but his eyes frightened the last old man.

The old man was full of fear. ‘Isn’t he poisoned? Why is he still so strong?’

“Bang!” Feiyun raised the saber in front of the old man. The saber emitted a murderous glint with draconic runes as he coldly asked: “Speak, why do you want the demonic blood?”

The old man staggered backward while feeling pain from the saber’s glint hitting his chest. His lips were trembling: “Well....”

“Speak!” Feiyun shouted. His voice carried a suppressive force from the forty divine intents surging like a tsunami.

The old man’s head became empty from the pressure. He directly kneeled on the ground and spoke with fear: “Our Hall Lord heard that the Feng Clan has the Nine Doves Gown. One can be invincible wearing this armor so he ordered Vice Lord Ming Jinu and Ying Su to attack the clan for both the gown and their resources. This is all preparation for the incoming chaos.”

“You can die now.” Feiyun lifted his saber and an oppressive dragon flew out from the blade.

“Don’t kill me, don’t kill me, ah!” The old man suddenly stopped speaking.

Feiyun put away his saber with a solemn expression. The Seventh Hall wanted to destroy the Feng Clan. This would be impossible in any other period because the Feng was still a top power in the Grand Southern Prefecture. It had several million disciples so a true massacre would bring about scorn from the cultivation world.

However, they have started a massacre without any hesitation. It looked like the chaos era has begun and this could be the catalyst. The cultivation world shall be drenched in a rain of blood.

The Seventh Hall was more than ten times as powerful as the Feng Clan so it wouldn’t be hard for them at all.

“Cough, cough!” Feiyun coughed two mouthfuls of blood on the ground before sitting back on the carriage. He swung his whip and the bull continued southward with great speed.


Meanwhile, the old city was in shambles with debris everywhere.

Ji Cangyue was standing on top of a rooftop beam inside a broken pavilion. Her eyes were as bright as the star as she gazed towards the carriage. Her cherry lips slightly opened: “The Seventh Hall wants to attack the Feng Clan? That’s good. It won’t bode well for Feng Feiyun this time, I’ll have you suffer a fate worse than death this time.”

The Grand Southern Prefecture was quite vast with one hundred thousand miles in diameter and twenty-eight counties. More than twenty-two have fallen into the hands of the Evil Woman and were infested by corpses.

The cultivators here have all retreated back to their old ancestral grounds or the six that were still freed from an invasion to make their last stand.

As one of the top cultivation clans in this region, the Feng had more than a thousand years of history. Their children scattered all over the area and were divided into sixteen direct branches and forty-eight side branches. Each branch was prosperous and populated. 

The young ones cultivated at an early age. Some of them were extremely gifted. Every twenty years, a few heaven-defying geniuses would come out to become the pillars of the clan.

However, the region was drowned in war after the Evil Woman came out. The army of corpses assaulted Violet Firmament first and took over half of the regions. The cultivators suffered greatly as a result.

The Feng was no exception. Countless children died and eventually ran to the distant Longzhe County, one of the six that was still safe.

They had an ancestral ground in this area. More than one million members of the clan were staying here along with other powers.

It was even more arduous to enter Longzhe compared to Trinity. There were many dangerous locations, especially the rapid Jin River and the towering Longwu mountain range. These were two natural barriers stopping both corpses and cultivators from entering.


The gale didn’t let up by the river shore.

Red maple trees were on the two sides during autumn. Leaves fluttered down from the branches like a red rain before floating down the clear water.

The current was very rapid with white bubbles. There was a gate engraved bronze loops and runes on the water itself, towering at ten meters. The river also had many thick and dense formations from an ancient era. These diagrams were floating in the air and would kill anything trying to get across.

Under this gate was a wisp of smoke. More than ten disciples from the Senluo Temple were brewing wine. They were responsible for watching this particular gate and stopping all intruders.

“Haha! This place is really just a barbaric land. The great powers here can’t stop anything; they’re just dogs before our Seventh Hall.” A black armored man with a golden cloak laughed.

He had participated in the battle four days ago and toyed with the elites from the Feng Clan, crushing them with just one palm. Even the sixth elder from that clan died to his hands.

“Boss, you’re the top expert among the young generation of our Seventh Hall. Only Lord Wan Xiangcen can take you down so of course, you would have an easy time against these little characters.” One thin disciple happily flattered.

The guy’s name was Sen Lin. He laughed arrogantly in response: “This is too easy for us but I think some help is coming for them. After all, that clan has been around for more than one thousand years so they have a lot of ties.”

“We just need to guard the gate into Longzhe. If anyone dares to come and help the Feng, we’ll let the supreme elders know and they’ll take down these incoming forces.”

A different disciple laughed: “Who would dare to interfere with our business? Even the other southern powers are running like a mouse seeing a cat, completely afraid of us, let alone other people?”

“Haha!” A big ship was coming closer from Longzhe. There were many disciples from the Senluo Temple standing on deck. They all had a chilling bloodthirst.

It was going quite fast and made it to the gate. One golden cloak man came out and smiled at the guards: “Sen Lin, your brothers haven’t forgotten about you. We know you have nothing to do here so we especially brought some girls from the Feng Clan here for you to have some fun.”

Sen Lin jumped up and stood on a platform by the gate and laughed: “That’s my good brothers. Come, let me see the goods.”

“They’re all from the direct branch, completely pampered so they’re quite pretty.” Xue Yi waved his sleeve. Several disciples escorted eight maidens from the ship down.

The eight girls were around fifteen or sixteen with fair skin. They wore pretty dresses with many pieces of jewelry. They had a gold-inlaid belt that accentuated their curvy waist.

Their hair was disorderly while blood stained their face. Iron chains locked their body battered by whips. Their clothes were ripped, revealing their skin and wounds inside.

Xue Yi let out a perverted laugh: “We broke through a city from the Feng Clan and captured these girls from the mansion. Look here, this is the golden daughter from their third direct branch. Look at her body, so nice. I had to stop the other brothers or these girls would be ruined by now and you guys wouldn’t have any fun. They haven’t been played with just yet. How are you going to thank me this time, haha?”

One of the girls had a red hairpin. She wept and screamed: “You animals and butchers! Our experts will cut you to pieces!”

“Haha, this girl is really naive. Your experts are trash before our Seventh Hall.” Sen Lin came forward and grabbed Feng Qingyu’s chin then sneered: “Slut, we’ll start with you. Boys, it’s our lucky day.”

“Bang!” He slapped her, leaving a print on her pretty face as she fell down to the ground.

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