Chapter 382: The Start Of Chaos

The earth inside this city quaked with walls falling down. The shockwaves from the spirit treasures turned the sky pale.

The Eight Pure Arrays powered the five treasures with a blinding light to stop the black tablet. It seemed to be gaining grounds.

Feiyun was standing on top of the tablet up in the air with one palm placed on it. He unleashed more than eight thousand beast souls. The leader was the Golden Leo with the ancient bloodline. It was several hundred meters tall with the head of a lion and the body of a dragon. It exuded a golden aura.

The souls came down like meteors onto the tablet. It smashed down with even more force and shattered the Pure Eight Arrays.

The five spirit treasures were fierce but couldn’t withstand the tablet either. They were forced back down to the ground with dimming lights.

Ling Donglai swung his sleeve to recall the five treasures before turning into a green ray to fly out tens of miles away. His eyes became serious while thinking that despite being stricken by the poison, Feiyun was still a real Heaven’s Mandate. His cultivation didn’t deteriorate too much just yet. Fighting him right now wasn’t a good idea.

His eyes flashed as if he had come up with a new plan.

“Boom!” The tablet has created a ten meters deep pit on the ground with cracks emanating outward across half of the city.

This tablet was Feiyun’s soulbound artifact, “Ascension Platform”. Feiyun swung his sleeve and recalled the beast souls. His other hand gently raised the Ascension Platform. A white glow covered his body but it couldn’t hide his pale face. He said: “Your speed got better.”

“Feiyun, I have also grown in the last two years. I know you are fast so I have cultivated the Pure Soaring Trinity, the culmination from the three dao mantras, enough to chase the stars.” Donglai stood on this energy with both hands postured behind his back. He looked quite gallant just like a hero.

“I want to see if your Pure Soaring Trinity is faster or my Swift Samsara.” Feiyun challenged.

Donglai continued to retreat while shouting: “Miss Ji, Feng Feiyun has left the pagoda now. I’ll leave this sickly tree to you since I have something else to do. See ya.” Donglai smiled before channeling his trinity energy to create a bridge. He strolled across this bridge in a leisure manner but his speed was incredible. He disappeared to the horizon on the third step.

He wanted to use Ji Cangyue to take care of Feiyun. After he left, Feiyun landed on his carriage again with his wobbly body. His expression became as white as paper.

“Cough!” He gathered more violet energy to suppress the Yama’s seal on his chest but it was useless. The seal spread even more.

“Looks like I just lost one month.” He murmured while coughing.

Half of the city was destroyed but one woman was still drinking among the ruins. Her chair, table, wine jar, and cup were perfectly fine without a speck of dust.

She placed the cup back on the table.

“Clatter!” This slender woman slowly walked forward. She had both spirit and evil energies as her black dress fluttered in the autumn wind. Her eyes were demonic; people couldn’t help but stagger before them.

Ji Cangyue!

Feiyun wasn’t surprised at all since he knew she was drinking at the end of the street. He spoke with a wry smile: “Everyone kicks a dog while its down. Cough, cough. You’re joining in too?”

“What do you think?” She was still as cold and heartless as ever.

She walked on the pebbles one step at a time with energy and a black cloak veiling her body.  

While being two steps in front of him, she finally looked straight at him with an indiscernible glimmer in her eyes then sneered: “Look at how sad you are now. I’m really disappointed.”

Feiyun was struggling for breath on his carriage with more blood oozing out from his mouth. He grabbed on to the carriage just stay sit straight: “Are you happy to see me like this?”

Ji Cangyue sneered: “I naturally want you to suffer. This is karma, karma…” 

Her voice changed to exasperated: “you are so weak now, what’s the point of living on?”

“The more I weaken, the more humiliated you will feel.” Feiyun laughed.

Her pretty face became increasingly furious so she rushed directly at him.

“Stop!” Feiyun said with a smirk: “Remember, I have the Yama’s Decay Blood right now. Those who stand too close to me will suffer too.”

Cangyue paused for a bit before continuing closer. She touched his wrist and her spiritualist blood seeped into him.

A bloody light suddenly appeared. This energy resembling a flower had a unique scent.

Feiyun didn’t bother to attack. After all, he was already a dead man. What was there to fear?

She simply wanted to test whether he was truly inflicted with the poison or not. After all, Feiyun’s words weren’t trustworthy but it seemed that this was indeed the case.

“Boom!” The Yama’s seal corroded the spiritualist blood and turned it into a black color. Just one drop alone corroded the gravel on the ground into a black surface.

“It is the Yama’s Decay Blood. Feng Feiyun, you’re dead for sure now. Not even an immortal can save you.” Cangyue’s eyes became slightly elated as she took two steps back while still peering at him.

She gritted her teeth and thought about how she hoped that this man would die a horrific and grotesque fate. However, she felt a strange sense of loss after confirming his fate.

Was it because he wouldn’t be dying to her hands?

Feiyun noticed the expression in her eyes and asked: “You know the origin of this poison?”

“You don’t have much longer to live so it’s fine to tell you. This poison is gathered from a corpse at the bottom of a Heaven’s Emergence tomb by a predecessor of the Violetsea Cave. Rumor has it that this corpse is very bizarre. Even a Giant could only take out three drops of blood at best. One more and they would die on the spot.”

“Moreover, these cultivators who gathered this blood wouldn’t die from old age. They suffered horrific deaths within ten years. This blood is indeed a terrible curse so the corpse was named Yama.”

Feiyun asked: “Then this corpse is still located at the Violetsea Cave?”

Ji Cangyue shook her head: “More than one thousand eight hundred years ago, a monstrous man towering several hundred meters invaded the cave like a god from above and took away Yama.”

“How could there be such a big giant in the world?” Feiyun has never heard of such a race despite his considerable knowledge.

“It’s only hearsay, I don’t believe it either…” She stared carefully at him as if wanting to say something.

Suddenly, four wind-breaking sounds came about. Four old men with gray hair dressed in black robe have arrived. Their eyes were sparkling with fierceness. They took the four corners and surrounded Feiyun.

He glanced at these uninvited guests. Just their black robe embroidered with nether flowers showed that they were members of the Seventh Hall. Moreover, they had very high positions as well.

Feiyun laughed drily: “So many people want my life today. Seniors, have you not heard of the order from the Divine King?”

He had guessed that many will try and kill him after he left the pagoda but didn’t expect even the seniors from the last generation would try to do so in spite of the Divine King’s order.

One of the old men with a high forehead like the god of longevity spoke gloomily: “We aren’t interested in a dead man and do not wish to offend the Divine King either. We only want to borrow something from you.”

“What?” He asked.

“The demonic blood that can refine the Nine Doves Gown. We only need one bowl, you do it yourself. Don’t force us.” A different old man with protruding cheekbones said.

The Nine Doves Gown was the only thing left behind for him by his mother. It had an unbelievable amount of evil energy and was being stored in the ancestral hall by the Feng ancestors. Only his blood was able to refine the gown.

Feiyun’s eyes batted as his expression changed ever so slightly.


800 miles away.

A soldier riding a scaled tiger landed from the sky at full speed and kneeled before a camp.

“General, two Vice Lords, six Giants, sixteen Supreme Elders, and eighteen thousand troops from the Seventh Hall are heading south to attack the Feng Clan.”

Ling Donglai was sitting on a watch platform. His eyes stared towards the old city and thought that Feiyun would fight against Ji Cangyue. However, after waiting for two hours, no battle has actually happened. Only this news came.

“The Seventh Hall is really going all out then!” He frowned. Why would the heretical people make such a big commotion if there was nothing to gain?

“Is the Feng Clan really that lucrative? I don’t see it at all. Are you sure it is the Seventh Hall?” He inquired.

“Wherever they went, the men from the Feng are decapitated and the women are forced into prostitution. It’s definitely the Senluo Temple’s style.” The soldier answered.

Donglai gently rubbed his chin and smiled: “Then that’s something fun to watch. Sure enough, it will begin at the Grand Southern Prefecture. From today henceforth, an era of chaos shall arrive at the Jin Dynasty!”

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