Chapter 381: Fight To The Death

The yellow leaves covered the streets during late autumn.

Cold breeze and murderous intents chilled the heart. The cultivators nearby felt something was amiss and quietly left. Meanwhile, the scaled beasts and yellow birds also sensed danger and ran as well.

Of course, some cultivators were bold enough. For example, disciples dressed in white continued to drink or the old men sitting on top of the pavilions. They were very confident in their cultivation; nothing could make them run.

Feiyun took out a white cloth to cover his mouth while coughing. It was stained by blood right away as his face turned paler. It made people speculate who this sickly person was.

The two soldiers in front of Feiyun had black glows on their armor. One of them took out their saber with a cold glint in this eyes: “Young Noble Feng, have you thought it through?”

Feiyun simply smiled without responding.

The other soldier shouted: “Feiyun! You have been poisoned by Yama’s Decay Blood, just a dead man walking now. You must come with us today. Don’t blame us for bullying a cripple like you.”

He threw a shackling chain meant for criminal down in front of Feng Feiyun and said: “Put it on yourself or we’ll help you.”

Feiyun was still sitting on his courage with the rain hat. He didn’t answer while having muddled eyes. His body quivered like an old man suffering a fatal illness.

“So it is the demon’s son, Feng Feiyun.” A female disciple sitting by a dragon pillar in a courtyard turned around. She was around sixteen with a relatively pretty figure. Her eyes were fixated on the carriage.

A man in the white uniform next to her said with pity: “Sigh. What a shame for a hero of this generation. He could have been the greatest in the Jin Dynasty but look at him now, being pushed around like a dog without a master.”

“Fate is playing with him. To flourish and wither early.”

“Feiyun might be alive right now but he only has two more years on top of not being able to fight anyone. Otherwise, the decay blood will flow even faster, bringing him to an earlier death.”

The disciples from the pagoda felt quite sad. In the past, these three knew Feiyun but no one wanted to help him right now. After all, he was only a sick cripple.

Who would want to offend someone like Ling Donglai just to help him?

These disciples turned around and pretended to not see anything.

The human’s heart was too fickle!

Feiyun’s lips slightly trembled as he asked: “I’m already a dead man, you still won’t spare me?”

“Haha! Spare you? I’m gonna die from laughing! Haha, the famous demon’s son would actually say something like this?” One of them said gravely right after laughing: “Feng Feiyun, if you kneel down and beg us, we might say some good words for you to our general.”

The other soldier sneered while staring at Feiyun.

“Sigh. I didn’t want to kill, the two of you shouldn’t have forced me.” Feiyun’s hand quivered while slowly raising. Next, he slashed down and a cold breeze flew across the street.

“Pluff!” The soldier to the left was instantly cut into two vertical halves with blood spurting out. Even the bull he was riding fell to the ground with a bloody gap.

A mark more than one meter deep appeared on the street from Feiyun’s location all the way to the end. Debris was everywhere.

This was the slash of a sickly cripple!

The other soldier quivered with disbelief in his eyes. If It wasn’t for his strong willpower from training, he would have fallen off his bull.

“Feiyun, you still dare to fight back?!” He roared and reached out with one hand. The shackle on the ground flew back into his embrace as he rode forward to battle.

The stomp of the beast shook the entire city while the chain was issuing clanks.

“Whoosh!” The second saber energy crazily severed this soldier into multiple pieces. The four legs of the bull were cut as well so it dropped to the ground.

The woman drinking wine slightly paused but she didn’t turn around and continued on.

“Cough!” Feiyun picked up the hat full of dust and placed it back on his head: “Ling Donglai, come out. I’ve been itching to have a real fight with you.”

Donglai stood on the top of a pavilion in an imposing manner. It looked like he wouldn’t falter even if the sky was falling down. He answered: “Fighting will only make the poison kill you faster. You won’t last long if you fight me.”

“It will be a worthy death to fight against an expert like you.” Feiyun replied.

“So be it!” Donglai’s saber flew out of his waist like a crescent moon. The wave was unbelievable frightening with a beast soul inside. It combined together with the Martial Saber Art.

“Rumble!” This slash could slash all things!

A stone saber soared from the bottom with a draconic energy and met the martial saber.

After colliding into each other for seventy times, the martial saber was smashed into iron scraps and flew back towards Donglai like a hail.

He reached forward and a wave rushed out of his palm. It rendered the scraps into powders and they dispersed right away.

“Rawr!” The stone saber attacked with a vivid crescent dragon energy like a divine dragon surging in the sky.

This was the second move of the Dragon King’s Saber Art.

Anyone else would have run away from fear but Donglai was still as calm as ever while his cloak flutter in the wind. ‘Looks like Feiyun is risking it all to fight against me. This is a desperate beast, no need to be reckless against a dead man.’

Donglai floated up by riding a purple cloud. He wanted to make Feiyun die by exerting all of his energy.

He was a wisdom master, not just a brute who only knew how to fight. This was the reason why he became the youngest general in the martial army.

“Rumble!” Feiyun was way faster than him. He had already situated above and unleashed another wave coming from the horizon.

It forced Donglai back since he didn’t want to risk it in a direct confrontation.

“Soaring Pure Finger!” Back on top of the pavilion, Ling Donglai unleashed a wave of energy from his finger. It turned into a bright pillar heading straight for the sky. A water-like blast destroyed the surrounding area.

The buildings, streets, pavements, and beasts nearly were turned to ashes by this blast. Several disciples from the pagoda didn’t escape in time so they became bloodied, nearly dead from the finger blast. They were confident with their cultivation earlier but just the shockwave alone left them grievously wounded.

This was also another amazing technique he learned from the three mantras of the Dao Ancestor. Its offensive potential was even greater than the Eight Pure Arrays.

Feiyun was now standing on top of the clouds with his dantian activating. A black tablet flew out and became thirty meters tall just like a heavenly seal from the sky. Hundreds of purple light surrounded the tablet along with eighteen ethereal figures in different directions. They began to chant the sound of the grand dao.

He got on top of the tablet and pressed it down directly. He has used his soulbound artifact with all of his strength in order to win as fast as possible. He resembled a god coming down from the celestial world with a suffocating pressure.

“Rumble!” Donglai unleashed another finger blast but it couldn’t stop the black tablet. His energy seemingly struck into a sea of black clouds. Not even a single sound came out.

The ground began to sink into the shape of the tablet. The pavilion where he was standing has turned into ruins.

“Such a powerful soulbound artifact!” He swung his sleeve and five spirit vortexes flew to the sky. He has actually just unleashed five different spirit treasures at the same time.

The first was a three-feet-long white sword. The second was a rotten piece of wood. The next was an iron tower. The other two were spirit jewels, half blue and half purple. Their power could annihilate a city or crush a mountain.

Donglai was a person blessed with fortune. These five spirit treasures were found from an ancient ruin on top of many spirit stones, pills, and manuals. 

The treasures looked like five little suns with blinding radiance. Donglai raised his hands and created a Pure Eight Array. The spirit treasures rose above and struck the black tablet. 

This scene shocked everyone. The fight between two historical geniuses could really destroy this city.

“Ling Donglai’s talents are incredible on top of having the greatest providence. One Dao Untethered wanted to take him in as a disciple but was refused.”

“No other geniuses can have five spirit treasures at the same time. Just one was enough for them to reign but he can take out five? I’m so jealous.”

“Feng Feiyun is also very powerful, still as strong as a dragon despite being inflicted with Yama’s Decay Blood. We can’t really underestimate the former number one genius of the Jin Dynasty. Before his cultivation lowered to a certain degree, people can’t really mess with him.”

Those who have previously viewed him with contempt had no comments at this moment. The cultivators inside the city began to run, fear that these two might destroy the city completely.

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