Chapter 379: Disaster

Feiyun soared to the nine firmaments after surviving his tribulation and became the first to survive the earth’s core in the Jin Dynasty.

The best in all of history!

Violet clouds filled the sky as if an immortal was descending. The older cultivators were shocked while watching this youth dressed in white floating in the sky. He was gallant and resembled the rising star in the horizon.

“Congratulation, Divine King, congratulation. Your disciple has surpassed the Earth Tribulation to reach Heaven’s Mandate. He will rise and silence the world henceforth.”

“Wow! Such power after reaching Heaven’s Mandate already. He’ll surely be invincible in just ten years.”

The instructors from the pagoda came to congratulate the Divine King who was feeling quite happy and proud. ‘I really didn’t misjudge the brat, it’ll depend on his effort to see how high he can reach in the future.’

“Pluff!” A disaster suddenly happened.

A spear pierced through the sky like a dragon and penetrated Feiyun’s chest. He fell from the sky with blood gushing out of the gaping wound.

This took everyone by surprise. A master took this chance to heavily wound him.

Feiyun covered his chest with blood all over his hand and clothes while falling down. He unleashed a palm at the sky in order to stabilize and landed on both feet. Nevertheless, he was still half kneeling with dust blowing everywhere.

“You still dare?!” The Divine King was furious. Someone actually attacked again despite his presence. This was not putting him in their eyes.

He flashed and disappeared instantly. More devastating sounds came about without pausing.

Zhang Badao landed before Feiyun and helped him up, “Junior Brother, how is it?”

“Won’t die from this!” Feiyun coughed and stood up. Violet energy filled his palm and the wound on his chest began to recover with a visible pace.

It was a Giant who attacked earlier. If it wasn’t for his tough body with the phoenix blood refinement, that spear would have torn him to pieces.

Badao furiously shouted: “They waited for you to surpass the tribulation to catch everyone off guard!”

“Pluff!” Feiyun’s chest exploded again for a second time with a strange vortex. It simply wouldn’t heal.

Badao was shocked at this sight. Feiyun turned pale and nearly fell over.

This wound wasn’t ordinary! Badao quickly channeled his own energy to help Feiyun recover.

“Boom!” The fog dissipated. The Divine King was stomping on a Giant dressed in a purple robe. The two of them slammed into the ground, creating many pits.

Too domineering. This guy just crushed a Giant without giving him a chance to fight back.

“Cough! Divine King, it’s useless even if you kill me. The boy is struck with the ultimate poison from our Violet Sea Cave, Yama’s Blood Decay. No one can save him now. In just three days, his body will rot into pus.” The Giant guffawed.

“Yama’s Blood Decay.” Anyone who heard this name felt a chill and got as far away from Feiyun as possible.

This poison has frightened everyone back in the ancient era. It was truly the call from Yama; any cultivator regardless of how strong they were would die after being touched by one drop of this poison.

Moreover, the ones close to the inflicted would eventually die too. They would turn into corpse evils with body hair everywhere.

This ultimate poison was exceedingly precious. The cave itself only had a few drops and treated them like spirit treasure. It was only used for top characters in the cultivation world. Who would have thought that they brought one drop here just to kill Feiyun.

The enraged king erupted; his white hair destroyed his own crest before he stomped the Giant to death. The victim’s blood oozed out and incinerated the air into a sea of flame.

“Damn, the Divine King is still as murderous as ever, killing four Giants in one day. I’m sure the world got his message, no one will provoke him anymore.”

“Sigh! He was forced to do so. After all, it’s not easy to recruit a brilliant disciple like this. Now the boy is wounded with that decay blood. I think he’s done for now.”

“Yama’s Decay Blood… Sigh!”


The Divine King returned and came to Feiyun’s location. He grabbed the boy’s wrist and a golden light poured into his body.

Feiyun’s chest wound closed for a second time with this golden energy. Alas, when it was inches away from healing completely, more cracks appeared with blood and vitality seeping out.

With a gaze like lightning, the king channeled the energy in his violet palace and used his own draconic energy to forcefully close the cracks.

“Boom!” A hideous ghost formed from the decaying blood and engraved itself into his chest. A corrosive and evil force pushed the Divine King back.

This was Yama’s image from the poison. It began to spread across the entire body for the devouring process.

Feiyun became even paler and said: “It’s useless, master, no need to risk or the poison will invade you too.”

“A master is for life. Come, I’ll take you to the Pill Tower.” The king swept his sleeve and took Feiyun towards the sky. They turned into a rainbow to head towards the tower.

Zhang Badao stomped on the ground and gritted his teeth with annoyance. He followed the two as well.

The rest of the cultivators glanced at each other. This development took them by surprise. It wasn’t easy for this paramount genius to come out at the pagoda but now, a disaster has struck.

“The Pill Tower is Feiyun’s only hope of surviving. I heard there is a Grand Pill Master there. Even the current Grand Chancellor calls him Martial Uncle. His rank is two levels higher than the Pill Tower Lord.”

“There are only two Grand Pill Masters at the Jin Dynasty. The chancellor is one and this reclusive senior. The senior is probably the number one pill master in the dynasty but some said that he hasn’t come out for several hundred years. There’s a chance that he is dead from old age now.”

“He owed a large debt to the Divine King so since the king is going there, he’s surely not dead.”

“He’s definitely the only one who can deal with the Yama’s Decay Blood.”


People wanted to see if Feiyun could survive so they flew towards the Pill Tower as well.

The five eunuchs exchanged glances since they didn’t expect this either.

The Western Director carefully held the imperial decree and said: “We’ll go take a look too. If the poison is incurable, we won’t open this decree.”

“A cripple isn’t qualified to listen to the decree nor marry the princess.”

The five old men turned into rays and soared into the sky.


In a room free of a single speck of dust at the top of Pill Tower. A skinny old man with hair more than ten meters long stood there. His pupils sank into the sockets too deeply to be seen. He had a finger on Feiyun’s wrist.

Only Grand Pill Master Bai Guo, the Divine King, Zhang Badao, and Feiyun were here. The rest didn’t dare to come in.

After a while, the pill master pulled his finger back and frowned while shaking his head with sighs.

Feiyun knew his situation very well. This poison was impossible to stop. Even he hasn’t seen such a poison before.

“No need to bother, senior. Life and death are up to fate.” Feiyun was still calm but speaking made him cough out blood. He quickly wiped it away with his sleeve.

The pill master nodded approvingly: “It’s commendable for a youth to see through life like this. However, life is the most precious thing, do not give up so easily.”

Feiyun smiled in response: “Given the choice, who would actually pick death?’

“That’s good to hear.” The old man stood up and rubbed his wrinkly forehead. 

The king came over and asked: “Is there a way to cure it?”

The pill master shook his head: “This poison is created from an unknown creature. I need to research at least two hundred years in order to find an antidote but it’ll be… sigh!”

The king became disappointed and stared at Feiyun. This was his best disciple, how could he watch him die like this? He murmured again unwillingly: “Is there really no other way?”

The pill master added: “Anyone else will be dead for sure, but his body is much tougher than ordinary people. Plus, there are strong soul beasts there, if we send this in time…”

“There’s an antidote?” Badao became excited.

The pill master sighed again: “I have a fifth-ranked spirit pill that has grown for five hundred years. It can save his life for now. If he doesn’t fight and just meditate peacefully, he can live for another two years.”

From beginning to end, Feiyun was especially calm. He has died once already so nothing could scare him. He said: “There aren’t that many fifth-ranked spirit pill in the Jin Dynasty. No need to waste it on a dead man like me.”

The king was full of regrets. He thought that he had found a descendant at his old age to take up his mantle and title but this disaster decided to come.

“Pill Master Bai Guo, let him have that pill! Then we’ll be even.” The king said with a tinge of sadness. His eyes became somewhat moist.

The powerful aura disappeared from the king as if he has just aged by several hundred years. The world-deterring prestige was nowhere to be found.

The greater the hope, the greater the disappointment. He had pinned all of his hope on Feiyun but now, it has scattered completely like the clouds.

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