Chapter 375: Giant Slaying

The cauldron towered at a hundred meter high with seven legs and sixteen handles. It was created by smelting a million pound of bronze with beast runes imprinted on top. Flames channeled through this spirit treasure with the name of “Moon Mountain Cauldron”. It had appeared in the cultivation world before.

This was a third-ranked treasure with terrifying power and had killed two Giants before.

A weapon that had been missing for one hundred years showed up again today. The significance behind this was incredible. The Grand Southern Prefecture couldn’t produce a third-ranked weapon. It must be a great power from another region.

The Divine King swept his sleeve and a golden dragon flew out to attack the cauldron. It coiled around the treasure and pushed it away into the horizon.

“Even a monstrous weapon like that is here… I’m afraid the enemies have Giants at eighth-level Heaven’s Mandate.”

Giants had this title because they were at the top of the Jin Dynasty like pillars upholding the world. This was usually the ancestor level as well.

There were disparities among Giants. However, lower-ranked cultivators weren’t privy to this knowledge and thought all Giants were insuperable.

The aura on some ancestors that have lived for centuries was boundless. A few disciples would never be able to see one in their lifetime and felt that they were immortals. Thus, how could they dare to gauge the ancestors’ power?

The truth was that the most common Giants were at the seventh level of Heaven’s Mandate. Ninety percent of all Giants were at this level.

At the eighth level, they would be considered a “Super Giant”. This type of being meditated towards the supreme grand dao and rarely participated in power contention. They were few in numbers and much stronger than ordinary Giants.

At the ninth level, they were called “Paramount Giant”. There were even less of them and the majority all lived in seclusion in preparation for the Heaven Tribulation. They would only show themselves in times of true perils in the world.

Of course, there was also the “Supreme Giant”, or the “Historical Giant”. These were the historical geniuses at the ninth level with peerless battle potential. One would be hard-pressed to find them in the current generation.

After all, before the changes to the world’s momentum, only one historical genius would come out in each generation. Moreover, not all of them could reach the ninth level since half of these geniuses died young while cultivating.

“After two years, the entire dynasty is under turbulence. Places might seem calm but the undercurrents are running strong. It’s not strange for Super Giants to come out.” The Divine King stated.

The time of chaos has begun. The number one sacred ground in the world will become an empty shell. Not only would the young generation leave but many tower lords would do so as well. [1]

“Who attacked earlier?” Zhang Badao was no longer careless and asked in a serious manner.

The king shook his head with a solemn appearance as well: “This level of character has transcended the mortal boundary and hid quite well. However, not too many people could take out a weapon as powerful as the Moon Mountain Cauldron. I have a pretty good guess.”

These people came prepared so it won’t be that easy to scare them off.

“Rumble!” Countless holes formed in the ground. The tenth lava wave has shown itself and led the other nine waves to form a net trapping Feiyun inside.

The entrapped space became smaller and hotter as the lava waves thickened.

This lava from the Earth Tribulation could melt the skin easily off a cultivator. Feiyun’s dragon-tiger energy was instantly corroded by the lava. He had to take out the ring and used its diagrams to protect himself.

This was only the tenth wave yet it had already forced him to use a spirit treasure. This was the danger of the Earth Tribulation. The stronger the participate, the stronger the tribulation.

The next challenge was even more terrifying, the eleventh wave!

The majority of the eight older historical geniuses only brought about eleven waves. All of them were excellent but many nearly died from the onslaught.

Feiyun didn’t relax at all. His body tensed up with all forty divine intents in action. The moment the eleventh wave showed itself, he would take the initiative.

“Rumble!” The eleventh wave appeared just a while later.

The soil around Feiyun melted completely with the next assault.

The six diagrams protecting him were continuously pushed back!

“Yellow Earth Art!” 

“Crimson Fire Art!” 

Feiyun unleashed two elemental attacks in order to stop the lava.

Lava consisted of earth and fire so the two arts were meant to control the lava and turn it into his own.

The true body of the eleventh wave emerged. It looked like a massive claw spanning rushing out of the earth and tried to grab him.

Its temperature was even more frightening with an incomparable strength.

Feiyun had his ring positioned above his head with the six diagrams in six directions. The Eight Trigrams floated above his head. The Ten Thousand Lights was below him. In front was the Netherworld Spirit Pagoda with the Four Yang Ancient Cauldron behind him. To the left was the Heavenly Flying King and to the right was the Hundred Ghosts Banquet.

The six diagrams acted like six different worlds.

“Minor Change Art! Heaven Battle Altar!” Forty white altars protected forty different locations on his body. He didn’t believe that the lava could get through these two defensive layers.

“Boom!” The claw finally came and grasped the six diagrams till they started to shrink. It made contact with the battle altar next.

“Break!” He pushed up with both hands. The altars and the six diagrams erupted and blew up the lava as he flew straight out.

At this time, the twelfth lava showed itself!

“The demon’s son has exceeded the eleventh lava. His aptitude is really higher than the other historical geniuses.”

“The legendary twelfth one has finally appeared. Only wise sages on the sacred tablet could bring about this type of tribulation.”

The cultivators here were witnessing history. Such an event might not happen once in several thousand years.

This wave didn’t come from the earth but descended from the sky instead. Someone saw an indescribable crimson waterfall pouring down.

“This wave is unreal. It’s not only the power of the earth but contains a strand of the heavenly tribulation too. The two are fused together.”

“It looks like an Earth Tribulation with a heavenly interference but even more devastating.” [2]

“This shows his outrageous talents. It’s understandable that a heavenly power is coming to get rid of him.”

“Wait… someone else is attacking while hiding behind the lava!” Someone shouted in horror.

Behind the lava wave were three spirit treasures with the Moon Mountain Cauldron leading the way. The other two were second-ranked spirit treasures with impressive offensive power. All were used by Giants.

Many older cultivators were wounded by this pressure and spat out blood even though they were a hundred miles away.

A Giant could utilize a spirit treasure to its fullest potential, even if it is only a first-ranked weapon. They could easily annihilate a city; this was the true power of these treasures.

Moreover, there was a third-ranked and two second-ranked treasures at this moment. The power was even more calamitous.

The Divine King started by using his best spirit treasure, a third-ranked with the shape of a jade seal. It met the three spirit treasures at the same time so they wouldn’t interfere with Feiyun’s tribulation.

“You dare to attack again?! You think I’m too old to kill now?!” The king snorted and directly rushed out with his jade seal with a draconic energy surrounding his body.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” His jade seal alone repelled all three treasures. It wasn’t because they weren’t powerful enough; the king was simply too mighty.

“Whoosh!” He became the hunter. With a flash, he appeared several thousand miles away and fought against the three Giants.

Two miserable screams resounded. Two of them couldn’t stop his offense and ran towards the horizon with grievous injuries.

“Bang!” He fiercely smashed down with his seal and murdered the last one!

A Giant has fallen. His blood began to scorch the earth with a crimson fire for a long time. This was the last bit of energy from a big shot. It could burn for three months straight before depleting completely and extinguishing.

It was very difficult to kill a Giant but the king had just killed one to the horror of the crowd.

“Long Chuanfeng, your vitality is still fine after living for 800 years. Could it be that you have reached the Paramount Giant level?” Someone loudly asked.

This person used the Moon Mountain cauldron to stop the king from killing another wounded Giant.

He looked around the age of sixty with an ancient crest. A chilling fog loomed around his body on top of a noble and oppressive aura. He began to fight the king with his cauldron.

1. I remember an interesting conversation about the usage of the word “world” for Tianxia. When people say world in wuxia, they don’t actually mean the entire world or universe but only what’s close around them, what is directly affecting them. It’s similar to Jianghu that there is no English equivalent; world fits but it’s not exactly right. So when Feiyun said that he was the strongest in the world, he was the strongest in his own geographical scope. 

2. Je Cangyue had this type of tribulation

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