Chapter 372: Golden Leo

In the dark and cold secret realm were many floating boulders like the stars in the universe. Who knows how many there were?

Feiyun’s speed wasn’t something the Icecloud Rats could match. He quickly flew to another area with even larger boulders. One had a diameter of one hundred miles like a meteorite.

A dangerous aura came from this boulder. A crimson head with a shape resembling a lion rose. Just the head alone was ten meters tall. Its yellow eyes looked like two creepy lanterns in the night.

“Rawr!” Its roar echoed like the thunder and crushed all the boulders within a ten miles radius.

Feiyun had to retreat before this soundwave attack. He took a deep breath and wondered if this was an 800-year beast soul.

No, it was still a bit weaker than one.

“Rumble!” He could see half of its body now. It was radiating with a golden glow. The surrounding area turned into a yellow ocean. There were dragon scales on its neck while the rest of its body was covered with tile-like scales. It looked like a tiger and a dragon.

This was only a 700-year-old beast soul, why was it so frightening?

“This is… a Golden Leo, the descendant of an ancient sacred beast, Leo, with the bloodline of a Divine Dragon. No wonder why it’s so scary.” Feng Feiyun retreated for more than a hundred miles while looking at the huge soul beast.

The ancient era has passed long ago. These sacred beasts have died off already. A few surviving strange beasts and sacred beasts in present time couldn’t compare to the older ones. For example, Gluttonous Dragon, Prison Bull… These were ferocious monsters that could kill the saints.

Alas, their offsprings were too weak and simply didn’t inherit their bloodline. They have turned into mounts or beasts used in war.

A Leo was also one of the sacred beasts with an incredible bloodline. Its roar could devour the northern sea. Alas, its offspring has fallen and couldn’t compare to their ancestors.

Of course, very few Leo had an awakened bloodline. Even though it was only a sliver of power, they were more than ten times stronger than their peers.

These awakened ones were called Golden Leos with their bright aura.

“Rawr!” The Golden Leo has finally come into full view. It looked like a golden mountain and sat on the big boulder. A golden ray condensed from its eyes and shot straight for Feiyun.

This destructive power of a sacred beast annihilated all the boulders in its way.

“What a beast. If I could refine it into my body, my constitution and power will take another step forward!” The phoenix soul inside his body floated out. A large shadow of a phoenix covered his body with its fiery wings spreading.

The Golden Leo wasn’t a real beast, only a remnant soul. At the same time, Feiyun’s phoenix soul was only a remaining strand.

A phoenix was on the same level as a Divine Dragon, one of the four divine beasts with demonic blood. It was even more powerful than these ancient sacred beasts so it had a great deterrent effect against this Golden Leo.

“You dare to posture before a phoenix? I shall use your soul as the leading catalyst to craft my Myriad Beast Physique!” Feiyun stood on a top of a boulder with an upright posture. There was an invisible majestic and awe-inspiring aura.

He needed to be first-level Heaven’s Mandate before cultivating certain amazing arts. However, after using the phoenix blood to redo his bones, Feiyun could finally use his past memories to cultivate certain methods beyond the imagination of human cultivators.

For example, the Myriad Beast Physique. 

Some phoenixes had cultivated this physique before after devouring ten thousand beast souls to craft their own body.

Feiyun had a human body at the moment that has finished the fourth blood transformation of the Immortal Phoenix Physique on top of reinforcing his skeletal frame. Though he couldn’t refine them into his physique, he could still move them inside his body.

A human body would find it difficult to refine one beast soul. To be able to do four meant that this was an excellent prodigy. However, Feiyun wanted to do ten thousands. Other cultivators would laugh and mock him as an insane person.

This was his goal before entering the soul realm. However, this number was really too much so he wasn’t too confident. However, after finding the number of souls in this place, he found hope again and became ecstatic.

“Boom!” The Infinite Spirit Ring unleashed its six diagrams that blotted out the sky to block the Golden Leo’s attack.

With his Swift Samsara, he took the initiative and landed on the beast’s back with his palm spread to attack with the Thunderfire Jewel. This second-ranked spirit treasure unleashed its torrent of lightning.

“Rumble!” These lightning bolts looked like serpents filled the sky and attacked the beast.

It screamed and glared at the sky and spewed out an endless amount of thunder as well. They came together to form a sea of thunder to stop the remnant lightning from the jewel.

Its scream resounded like a bell causing Feiyun’s ears to bleed. His body staggered and almost fell from the beast’s back.

“That’s a sacred bloodline for you, so strong. It must be on the same level as a third-level Heaven’s Mandate.” Feiyun quickly recalled his two treasures and fled.

The beast was furious. Some core disciples from the pagoda have trained in this place before but they kept their distance, not daring to offend it. This disciple was completely different, to actually attack it first. The guy was simply lawless.

It gave chase with its monstrous body. Wherever it went, everything flipped over with broken boulders. From the distance, it looked like a huge golden tsunami.

It wasn’t that much slower than Feiyun and maintained its pursuit while spewing out more golden lightning to Feiyun’s dismay.

“Whoosh! Whoosh!” Many blue shadows were in front of them with a cold aura and snowflakes. This was the herd of Icecloud Rats, more than a hundred of them.

After seeing Feiyun, they ran forward even faster while screeching, ready to kill him.

“Come!” Feiyun wasn’t afraid at all and even happily rushed forward.

The rats began their attack after their body lit up when they saw him coming for them.

“Swish!” Feiyun used his stone saber to crush five rats and broke through the waves. The Golden Leo right behind him just happened to be struck by the rats’ attack.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Their chilling energies struck the leo.

Though the rats were much weaker than this leo, it was a different story when one hundred of them attacked in unison.

This was an immensely destructive force.

The leo was caught unprepared. Its golden brilliance dimmed down after suffering this attack and it couldn’t move forward at all.

Its fury erupted even more. A bunch of low-level rats dared to attack it? Unforgivable.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” While it was surrounded by the rats, a huge azure ship came pushing down from above with an incomparable power. It made the golden brilliance of the beast darken by another layer.

‘Rawr!” The furious beast shot out two rays from its eyes. Several dozen rats turned to nothingness instantly.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” It rushed out of the rats’ encirclement and clawed at the vessel in the distant.

Feiyun was standing on top of the ship and controlled it to dodge the attack while using the six diagrams from his ring to block the incoming attack.

“It’s too strong to suppress.” Feiyun ran again with the leo right behind him!

“Rumble!” Another beast flood appeared with several thousand souls in a line rushing towards the same direction. The leader this time was the soul of a 900-year Stone Elephant.

Its aura was immense and swept through the sky just like a sun god.

Feiyun became happy and thought about a new strategy. He directly flew towards that direction by using his Swift Samsara to its limit. The Golden Leo didn’t let up at all.

“Damn it all!” Feiyun flew into the flood of beast souls. They noticed the intruder and all attacked him.

The powers duplicated and turned into an unimaginable torrent of several thousand souls attacking at the same time. All the debris nearby turned into smithereens.

His samsara steps allowed him to be a fish in water with a very bizarre movement. He twisted and turned, allowing him to dodge the attacks from the low-level beasts. Of course, some of them made contact but his powerful physique was able to withstand it. Just like this, he made it through the barrage.

However, the Golden Leo didn’t have the same agility as him. It had to stop and ran back but several hundred blows still hit it. It was grievously wounded and lost even more light.

If it didn’t run back fast enough just now, it would have been turned to ashes.

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