Chapter 371: Entering The Soul Realm

“The Divine King’s Insignia!” The old man was frightened and became a deflated ball.

“Boom!” He directly kneeled on the ground.

“Greetings, Divine King!” The old man didn’t dare to show any disrespect in front of Feiyun as if the Divine King was standing in front of him.

This insignia couldn’t be faked. There was only one in present time.

Feiyun put away the insignia and said: “Vice Tower Lord, your son deserves death so I killed him to uphold justice.”

“Of course, Young Noble Feng, you did the right thing.” The old man has guessed Feiyun’s identity. Outside of the Divine King, only the demon’s son could carry the insignia.

“You have no complaints?” Feiyun asked.

“That unfilial child deserves it and people rejoice at this death, how could I have any complaints?” The old man has cultivated at the pagoda for more than two hundred years. He knew better than anyone about what kind of character the Divine King was. Offending his successor meant inviting an early death.

If the Divine King wished to kill him, he could do so in one move even if they were several thousand miles apart. If he wanted to live, he must swallow this anger.

The other instructors at the Beastmaster Tower were alarmed. Even several High Instructors came in person. They saw Luyun’s body on the ground as well as the kneeling Vice Tower Lord before glancing at each other.

Even the Tower Lord was stirred by this commotion. A rain of rays condensed together to form a beautiful avatar.

She dressed in red with a peerless and dignified appearance. Though it was only a shadow, all the other cultivators kneeled in fear, including the Vice Tower Lord and High Instructors.

Feiyun stood proudly. Even her half-Giant cultivation couldn’t force him down on the ground. He spoke with an appropriate tone: “I am here under the order of the Divine King to train at the soul realm.”

The Beastmaster Tower Lord nonchalantly replied: “You are the brilliant son of the demon?”

Feiyun’s name has spread across the cultivation world. Even top characters from the last generation and mortals knew of his name.

The Jin Dynasty had 100,000,000,000 citizens. Nearly all of them knew of his name.

“I am.” Feiyun said respectfully.

The tower lord nodded: “I have received his message as well as seeing the insignia. Xinnu, take the two of them to the soul realm.”

Xinnu stared at Feiyun with a strange glimpse in her eyes. He used to be a young beggar who hid in their wood storage shed was now the world-renowned demon’s son.

Feng Feiyun and Wang Meng followed Xinnu towards the upper floors. It didn’t take long before they reached the 66th floor with two old women guarding. There were two locks and they had one key each.

They were floating in the air, seemingly petrified. Who knows how long they have been meditating like this?

When the three came in front of the door, both old women opened their eyes as bright and vast as the galaxy with a frightening aura. Timid would be scared out of their mind right now.

Xinnu talked to them for a bit and the old women withdrew their scary gaze. They instead stared strangely at Feiyun with a tinge of realization, praise, and anticipation…

“Go in.” A golden ray shot out of their eyes and wrapped around the key before levitating them to open the door.

Xinnu said: “Feiyun, you need to train for two years in the soul realm. I’ll bring you your meal every fifteen days.”

“Thank you, Miss Ji.” Feiyun said.

“I’m still growing so I need a lot of qilin meat, the more the better. I like the legs the most.” Wang Meng laughed heartily.

Feiyun has already entered the entrance. He seemed to be crossing a barrier made out of water to enter an independent domain.

The Strange Beast’s Soul Realm!

He stood on a thirty-feet long boulder with only a dark expanse before him. He could see more boulders floating in the sky. Some were the size of a fist while others were as large as several mountains.

This place was cold and lonely like the boundless universe.

In fact, the layout of this place was exactly the same as the universe except countless times reduced in size.

“This is a low-level secret spatial domain while the Beastmaster Tower is the connector. Who would have thought that someone so amazing would appear in the Jin Dynasty, able of opening a path to a secret domain.”

Feiyun was quite knowledgeable. Not to mention this low-level domain, he has been to intermediate and high-level domains as well as minor and major worlds several times.

There were too many domains interlacing with the original world. It was impossible to list all of them.

A secret domain was a bubble in the ocean. As long as one was strong enough or used a special vessel, they would be able to open the “bubble wall” to enter the space within.

The Strange Beast’s Soul Realm was the continent inside such a bubble. Despite being a low-level entity, it was still one hundred thousand miles vast with many boulders floating inside.

The earth and sky have yet to form in this domain and remained in a chaotic state. They could shatter at any time so this place was not suitable for human habitation. It could only be used as a prison, training ground, or a black market among other things.

Only minor and major worlds would have a complete sky and earth, sun and ocean. With that, they would be able to give birth to their own unique lifeforms.

Feiyun’s body flashed and he appeared again on a boulder ten miles away. It was ten thousand meters tall and fifty miles long, comparable to a small floating mountain.

“No spirit energy, law, auras are disconnected.” Feiyun murmured.

“Rumble!” A river washing away the clouds and mists flooded down from the sky with a bright brilliance and howls. A majestic image of the primordial past appeared.

More than ten thousand beast souls flew through the sky like a torrent. It was quite shocking like a river connecting two galaxies.

The one in the front was a 300 meter high Prison Bull. It was countless times stronger than the qilin bulls who people called the beast of war. It emitted an aura crushing all the boulders nearby into dust.

“A thousand year beast soul!” Feiyun was startled and quickly hid his aura to hide behind a boulder.

A 600-year beast was comparable to a top grand achievement God Base.

A 700-year could fight against a first or second-level Heaven’s Mandate.

An 800-year could contend against a third or fourth-level Heaven’s Mandate.

A 900-year was equal to a fifth or sixth level.

A thousand year was no longer a strange beast. It was now a spirit beast with the power comparable to a Giant.

Of course, there was only a general ranking for ordinary beasts. The few with the bloodlines from ancient sacred beasts had to be calculated in a different manner.

The beasts here no longer had a physical body; only their souls were left. Thus, they were one-third weaker compared to their living brethren.

This beast torrent passed by quickly and disappeared into the dark expanse.

Feiyun finally came out from hiding while being completely shocked. No wonder why the tower forbids outsiders from entering. This realm was quite precious with so many different beast souls, including a spirit one. It would be a heavy loss if others were to steal them.

The pagoda was indeed the best sacred ground in the world with deep resources. Other powers simply couldn’t compare to them.

“With my cultivation right now, I can still run against an 800-year beast soul but a 900 year one will kill me for sure. This place might be a good training ground but death is looming in every corner.” Feiyun thought to himself.

‘Boom!” Suddenly, the boulder below him moved.  A cold energy came from the east and created a layer of frost on the boulders in its path.

“Rawr!” A beast soul around five meters long flew out from a cave. This was an Icecloud Rat with a blue aura surrounding it. It opened its mouth to reveal a row of sharp teeth.

Feiyun stomped on the boulder and shattered the frosty layer. Countless icicles as sharp as a blade flew back towards the rat.

“Boom!” This huge soul was shattered and turned into smoke.

The pagoda has been around for more than ten thousand years so there were too many beast souls in this domain. Even if they released one soul into this place each day, there would still be at least several million souls here.

The death of one was nothing.

The other clans also had storage locations for beast souls but the quantity couldn’t compare to the pagoda at all. They didn’t have a large enough domain to banish these beast souls. A few thousand for them was already a lot.

“Rumble!” The boulders within a ten-mile radius began to shake with waves of cold chills. More than one hundred beast souls rushed out of their cave.

They were all Icecloud Rat that were staring at Feiyun with great hostility.

The boulder he was standing on has been covered with thick crystal and has turned into a glacier.

“Shit! A rat’s nest!” Feiyun quickly used his Swift Samsara to fly away from the glacier. He turned into a white ray and jumped onto another floating stone hundreds of meter away. His body then disappeared again and onto the next he went…

The rats frantically chased after him like a tsunami.

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