Chapter 369: Strange Beast’s Soul Realm

No one understood the strength of a phoenix fledging more than Feng Feiyun. Just its body alone could compare to Feiyun at the fourth blood transformation. Moreover, its cultivation was already comparable to a first-level Heaven’s Mandate.

Its aura was quite deterring but not against Feiyun who had a phoenix soul.

“No wonder why no grand achievement God Base could beat this level. Just the aura alone could trample on anyone below Heaven’s Mandate.”

“Boom!” An even more majestic phoenix aura rose from Feiyun’s body with a faint shadow of the beast. It peered intensely up above.

A fledgling flew down from the tree. Its feathers were standing on end since it could feel the aura of a superior.

Feiyun slightly shifted his body and instantly appeared on top of the fledgling. He took out both the Infinite Spirit Ring and the Thunderfire Jewel. The six diagram flew out along with countless lightning bolts.

“Screech!” The fledgling took flight with a speed comparable to the Swift Samsara and instantly dodged the offense from the treasure.

Phoenixes could be said to have the greatest speed in the world. Even a fledgling alone was virtually impossible to catch by human cultivators.

It flapped its wings and issued two waves of fire. This wasn’t an ordinary flame since it was comparable to the Second Dark Hell Flame. It turned the mountain up above into a sea of fire.

Feiyun spread out his palm with the jewel floating on top. A flame surged out and turned into a fiery cloud to contend against this beast.

“Crimson Flame Art!” 

A crimson light shot out of his finger. The fiery power nearby began to gather and twisted into a ray towards the phoenix fledgling.

“Fighting me with fire? Brat, go cultivate several hundred more years first!” A spirit cloud emerged beneath him. He flew up to the same altitude as the beast.

Forty divine intents flew out from his eyes and created a Heaven Punishing Hammer. It smashed the beast’s back and blood oozed out with falling feathers.

“Screech!” It started to run after seeing that Feiyun was no joke. He was completely different from the other disciples and weren’t afraid of its phoenix aura at all. On the contrary, it was the one being suppressed.

Feiyun gave chase with his Swift Samsara while attacking continuously with his ring and jewel. Each attack made the phoenix’s glow dim down.

“Boom! Boom!” 

After more than five hundred miles, the phoenix has been struck at least twenty times. In the end, its body exploded into nothingness with light powders sprinkling down.

Feiyun finally stopped and put away his two treasures.

“Just an avatar… this tower can actually simulate a phoenix avatar…” Feiyun reached out and a red crystal droplet fell into his palm from the sky.

Blood of a phoenix!

Though there was only one drop, there was a terrible gestating energy within with spirit strands intertwining on the surface. It looked just like the aura of a phoenix flowing outside.

According to Feiyun’s calculation, this was a blood drop belonging to a phoenix at the Nirvana level. If it was alive, the power and temperature of this one drop of blood could directly kill a Giant.

However, it has cooled down so in spite of the unbelievable power within, it had limited destructive power.

It quickly crystallized into a red rube around the size of a finger with spirit and flame floating around it after falling into his hand.

“I can’t believe there’s a phoenix blood drop here. It looks like one of them had really fallen here.” Feiyun was ecstatic.

With this blood drop, he could begin to cultivate the second stage of the Immortal Phoenix Physique, bone refinement.

The first stage was blood transformation. He has finished it after the fourth exchange.

The second was cultivating a phoenix body with a total of one thousand bones to reach grand mastery. One would be able to live for 90,000 years after.

He needed to wait till Heaven’s Mandate before starting this step. However, he could do it earlier with this drop of blood. Though he couldn’t create a phoenix bone right now, he could refine his body entirely as preparation.

He put away the blood and would begin the process after leaving the tower.

“Welcome to the eighth floor of the Immeasurable Tower!” 

He entered the pathway to the next floor and found himself in a strange world with actual creatures. However, they were extremely powerful. The weakest one was at first-level Heaven’s Mandate.

He struggled for a whole hour before having to run into a cave. He felt a monster at the half-step Giant was coming so he quickly ran away.

It was fortunate that he made it out in time because a half-step Giant could crush him into a pulp with a single finger.

“This tower really isn’t easy at all. Even if I reach Heaven’s Mandate, I still won’t be able to surpass this level.”

Feiyun left the main entrance and saw the old guardian again. He stared at Feiyun in astonishment and knew that the guy has surpassed the seventh level. He began to murmur: “Worthy of being the number one genius of the Jin Dynasty, the demon’s son, a miracle creator.”

Feiyun chuckled and thought to himself. If it wasn’t for the phoenix soul in his mind capable of suppressing the young bird to an extent, he wouldn’t have been able to surpass the seventh floor regardless of his peerless talents.

This created quite a commotion but Feiyun had already left before the crowd arrived. Everyone found out that the successful attempt belonged to Feng Feiyun since the old man told them.

The number one genius became even more famous!

“Junior Brother, I finally found you.” The Martial Tower Lord came looking for Feiyun.

Feiyun replied with a smile: “Senior Brother, what’s the matter?”

“The old geezer Divine King wants me to tell you to not surpass the Earth Tribulation so soon. God Base is the most important realm for cultivators. You need to prepare a fortified foundation in order to go further in the future.” He explained happily.

Feiyun nodded: “God Base does need a lot more time. Many want to move on too quick to Heaven’s Mandate and afterward, they can’t take the next step.”

“It’s good that you understand this logic. You have only been at God Base for half a year. For example, the other eight historical geniuses accumulated for ten years at God Base before reaching Heaven’s Mandate. The old geezer thinks that you are more talented than others and your body is much tougher, no need to wait for ten years. But, two years at the very least. Continue to train your God Base to the limit.”

Feiyun was once unstoppable in the world but he started cultivating at first level of Heaven’s Mandate. He didn’t have a spirit channel, immortal foundation, and God Base. Because of this, he wasn’t as knowledgeable on this aspect like the Divine King.

If the Divine King told him to train for two years, he must have his reasons. The danger of the future Earth Tribulation would be lesser as well.

“Does master have any plans?” Feiyun asked.

The tower lord replied: “He wants you to take his seal to the Beastmaster Tower and ask the tower lord there to open the Strange Beast’s Soul Realm. You can train there for two years and conveniently refine a beast soul to increase your power and constitution.”

“Soul Realm?” Feiyun inquired.

“It is one of the few top realms for cultivation at the pagoda. Only disciples who have made meritorious achievements or special ones are allowed to enter.” He smiled and said.

“Then I can refine a beast soul into my body there?” Feiyun has long been envious of the people from the rich clans since they were able to do so.

The tower lord laughed heartily: “Of course, you can refine as many as you want, the more the better.”

The guy was too optimistic. Beast souls were too powerful. Even a few exceedingly gifted individuals couldn’t refine even one. Two was a heaven-defying number. As for three and four, they basically didn’t exist.

“This type of soul refinement is difficult but the stronger the beast, the harder. Brother, I know your talents are supreme but don’t just pick any random one. Focus on quality, not quantity.” He reminded.

“Thank you for your pointer.” Feiyun naturally understood this as well.


He cultivated for one month at the Martial Tower and refined the drop of phoenix blood into his body. His entire frame was augmented again. The white bones had red, silky strings running through them just like blood vessels. However, they were much tougher in comparison.

Even a sharp weapon couldn’t do any damage to his bones right now after a direct contact. If he stood still and let a first-level Heaven’s Mandate pummel him repeatedly, his bones would still be fine.

His skin had a fiery glow with a faint spirit light. His constitution had become better again. An Earth Tribulation right now would most likely attract thirteen waves of lava.

“The two Ji Sisters have been cultivating at the Beastmaster Tower. I haven’t seen them ever since, wonder how strong they're now.”

Feiyun was in no hurry to kill the corpses for a higher ranking. After all, Ling Donglai was waiting right outside. Without breaking through first-level Heaven’s Mandate, it would be too annoying to face Ling Donglai and Ji Cangyue who were surely waiting outside.

He headed for the Beastmaster Tower instead.

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