Chapter 368: Seventh Floor Of The Immeasurable Tower

The stars trembled. The heavenly power from the sky directly went straight to the ground like a meteor wrapped in flame. It smashed a huge pit on the already cracked ground.

“Boom!” The radius was 300 meters long with fire ravaging the inside and billowing smoke. Everything was destroyed. Even the eight waves of lava underground thoroughly receded.

Rarely would a Heaven Tribulation show up during an Earth Tribulation, perhaps not even one in ten thousand tribulations. This generally meant that the world couldn’t allow for such a monster to come out so the heaven must eliminate them.

It was even rarer for someone to be able to surpass this particular tribulation, one in one thousand. However, those who could successfully do so would have amazing achievements in the future and will see the Heaven Tribulation when they are at ninth-level Heaven’s Mandate.

“Clatter!” More people were alarmed and came running. It has been a long time since there was a tribulation like this. Who the hell is undergoing it?

“Is the person dead now from the heavenly power?” An old man covered in white frost flew over the huge crater. His eyes shot out two bright rays.

“Boom!” A large black palm stretched out from the crater and directly pulled this old man down. A shadow sucked his blood dry and threw the corpse away.

This was a teacher at the Heaven’s Mandate level but now, it was a corpse as cold as ice.

Feiyun shifted his body and appeared in the airspace above. He floated up there and raised his stone saber. A white dragon shadow coiled around his body before his eyes blared up with fire. He instantly unleashed a wild slash.

The black palm protruding from the pit was directly shattered by the blade energy.

With an unstoppable momentum, Feiyun turned into a white ray and rushed down below while unleashing nine more slashes in the air - Nine Firmaments Slash. Each layer was stronger than the previous.

“Isn’t that the demon’s son, when did he return to the pagoda?”

“I heard in recent days, this young generation is becoming even more frightening, scaring even the older gen.”

“That evil spirit down there has actually made it through the heavenly Earth Tribulation and could kill last gen cultivator so easily. That’s the demon’s son for you, the number one genius. He actually dared to come down there and fight the monster.”


It was an incredible battle. Many white dragon shadows flew everywhere to fight against the layers of black formations. This area near the treasure tower started to crack everywhere.

A terrible scream came out.

A slender shadow flew out of the crater towards the sky: “Feng Feiyun, consider yourself lucky today. Wait until I fortify my cultivation and refine a soulbound artifact, we’ll meet again.”

“Evil, you want to leave after killing our pagoda’s cultivator?” Three disciples from the law enforcement squad riding their silver birds stopped Ji Cangyue’s path with their spear.

“Pluff! Pluff! Pluff!” The three were crushed into a bloody mist.

Ji Cangyue’s back has been cut by Feiyun. The energy of the dragon king technique was infiltrating and worsening her injury so she didn’t wish to linger around. She turned into a black rainbow and crossed the sky.

She was long gone when Feiyun jumped up from the pit. He became serious: ‘Such terrible power, able to devour others’ cultivation and flesh and turning it into her own. This must be an evil spirit technique from the Grave Palace Treasure Seeking Record.

The record was divided into three books. The Spirit Treasure Volume was held by the Ji Clan.

Feiyun cultivated the Eight Arts Volume from this record as well. Just by learning a little bit from the eight arts belonging to the Grand Change Art allowed him to have incredible moves like the Heaven Punishing Hammer, Heaven Battle Altar, and Swift Samsara.

Though he could only exert such power with the help of his forty divine intents, one could still easily see how terrible the record was.

Devouring other people’s flesh and power was straight robbery. If this news were to spread, the rest of the world would be after her.

“Pretty lucky that she was wounded from the tribulation and yet to consolidate her cultivation. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have defeated her so easily.” Feiyun felt that a terrible enemy was growing at a rapid pace. One day, the entire dynasty would tremble because of her.

People really shouldn’t mess with the women from the Ji Clan. [1]

Both Ling Donglai and Ji Cangyue were giving him a headache at this moment. In order to cease this pain, he must breakthrough even faster.

However, he wanted to enter the Immeasurable Tower again before trying.

Each successful attempt would win a prize from the tower itself. If it wasn’t power, it would be an increase in cultivation or innate talents…

Moreover, those who surpass the floors at a lower cultivation level would win an even greater reward.


The Immeasurable Tower was deserted at this moment with only one old guard standing around.

The disciples were busy with killing corpses and exchanging points. They left for months at a time so naturally, this place had no people in sight.

Last time, Feiyun surpassed the sixth floor at peak God Base and created a great commotion.

The old guard remembered him well so after seeing him again, he opened his eyes and smiled: “Feng Feiyun, you’re going in again?”

Feiyun nodded with a smile.

“Are you at first-level Heaven’s Mandate now?” He couldn’t see Feiyun’s cultivation so he had to ask.

“No.” Feiyun replied.

The old man frowned and reminded: “Before reaching first-level Heaven’s Mandate, you shouldn’t go to the seventh floor.”

Feiyun inquired: “Why is that?”

“No one below Heaven’s Mandate has been able to do it. Fewer than few first-level Heaven’s Mandate were successful as well in the past.” The old man had high hopes for Feiyun and didn’t want him to be overconfident and fall in the tower. That would be a shame.

He continued: “With your talents, you can breakthrough the seventh floor after reaching Heaven’s Mandate.”

Feiyun contemplated for a bit before maintaining his stance: “Thank you, predecessor. I just want to see how much I am lacking. If I can’t do it, I’ll retreat right away.”

The old man nodded and closed his eyes again to meditate. Energy went up and down his body. He looked like a pine tree, both spirited and natural.

Feiyun entered the valley and waited for the entrance to open.

“Rumble!” A bit later, the tower opened its path. A mysterious and ancient aura rushed from below causing the soul to jump. It seemed that by entering this door, one would be entering a towering location in the ancient past.

Feiyun has already made it through the first six floors so it was very easy this time. He only needed two hours at the sixth floor, the rest was virtually instant.

A bright expanse emerged before him as he finally entered the seventh floor.

This was a vast and boundless world. Even the divine intent couldn’t see its entirety. There was vegetation flourishing with towering trees. A crimson tree was in the distant mountains. It was three times the size of its rocky peers.

Before this crimson tree was a deep ditch. Just like the previous levels, this place was full of deathly energy. There was no other living being outside of plants.

Feiyun looked up in the sky and saw a mountain range lying across the numerous clouds like a black dragon.

In order to regain her true body, Xiao Nuolan took Feiyun to the seventh floor. They appeared on that mountain range above. There were several ancient battlefields; even a phoenix has fallen there.

“Whoosh!” Feiyun wanted to fly towards that floating mountain but an invisible power stopped him once he made it to the halfway mark. He had no choice but to come back down.

“The Immeasurable Tower is indeed the ancient vessel for saints. So many secrets must be buried here.” Feiyun used his Swift Samsara to head for the crimson tree.

He didn’t know how to defeat the seventh floor but he remained vigilant to avoid dying a sudden death.

He drew closer to the tree and could estimate that it was more than ten thousand meters tall. It was thick enough to block out everything behind it. There were one-meter long leaves fluttering in the sky. They were falling down with a touch of fire accompanying them.

It had runes resembling the feathers of a bird with a glowing shimmer. With the appearance of a fire, a leaf was also born.

“It’s really a Phoenix Roosting Wutong but why is it here?” Feiyun was puzzled to see the crimson tree.

There were very few phoenixes and they must build their nest on a tree like this. The appearance of this tree meant that there was a phoenix around. This was the reason why this type of wutong was also called Phoenix Tree.

“Welcome to the seventh floor of the Immeasurable Tower. Defeat a phoenix fledging and you shall pass.” A voice rang inside his head.

This was the spirit of the tower. Though the tower has been split into two before, the spirit was still inside this half.

A phoenix cry came out from the top of the tree. A large plume of fire came down with a temperature that instantly scorched the ground as if it was from a magical cauldron.

A nine-meter-long phoenix flew out. It was covered in flame with beautiful feathers. Its peak was shiny like a sword with ruby eyes. The claws resembled hooks while its aura made the earth tremble.

1. Her aunt is an imperial consort

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