Chapter 367: Earth Tribulation Gathering

“Dare to interfere? You court death!” Feiyun waved his sleeve. A long white dragon flew out. This was using his palm to create a destructive sword wave.

Seven skeletons rushed forward with newly grown flesh. One could see their energy channels clearly. Bathing in a spiritualist’s blood pond has allowed them to turn into blood corpses.

Feiyun’s sword wave split the one in front into two pieces. Its flesh turned into blood and only bones were left behind.

An evil treasure master was indeed frightening, even more so than the corpse controllers from the northern region.

These skeletons were all Heaven’s Mandates when they were alive. Their bones have been refined by the Earth Tribulation so even his saber art had limited crushing power against them.

Feiyun had to take out his saber and slashed with all of his might. A crazy saber slash surged out with the aura of a dragon king directly crushed three skeletons into dust.

Both the bones and their evil auras were completely devoured by the saber slash.

Despite their formidable might, they still couldn’t stop his one slash.

While Ji Cangyue was sleeping for two days, Feiyun has refined the millennium grass so his body has opened a total of 356 meridians. He was closer and closer to first-level Heaven’s Mandate.

“Whoosh!” A shadow flew around Feiyun with the speed of a phantom. It jumped back into the blood pond but Feiyun reached out in order to grab it.

The old woman who was holding onto Ji Cangyue did a backhand to create a golden formation. The runes turned into a huge water vortex and shot out golden rays at Feiyun.

“Keke!” A hoarse laughter came from her as she jumped back into the pond and bit Ji Cangyue’s snow-white neck.

“Splash!” Blood of a spiritualist flew into the old woman’s mouth and was instantly absorbed like a tonic. Blinding crimson light erupted from her body.

The blood in the pond also flowed rapidly with bloody symbols floating on the surface. It turned into a liquid formation and rushed towards her body.

“I want this spiritualist’s vitality and boundless lifeforce to become young again!”

Thick runes appeared on her body. The wrinkly and her old, yellow skin began to disappear. Her complexion became better with her hair turning black again, including her brows.

She went from ninety down to sixty, fifty, then forty… The initially hideous old woman has turned into a beautiful twenty-year-old girl.

“Boom!” Feiyun shattered the golden formation and pushed it back into the blood pond. He watched this scene in astonishment.

A young woman growing old was a slow process; all women naturally feared it. However, an ugly woman turning into a beautiful girl in an instant was also quite scary to men as well.

It was a mental test to the spectators.

Suddenly, she let out a heart-piercing cry. Her appearance changed back again. The jade skin became haggard; her body bent down even more. Her black-to-white hair was actually falling off.

“You, you are an evil treasure master too…” She stared in horror at Ji Cangyue and wanted to push her away but couldn’t.

Ji Cangyue’s white robe has been stained red with blood. A thick layer of blood covered her skin as she stood in the blood pond like a white lotus. A holy light began to form above her head.

This old woman watched to steal Ji Cangyue’s spiritualist body to become young again. She didn’t expect for this girl to cultivate the “Grave Palace Treasure Seeking Record”, an evil treasure master just like her.

“Crack!” Her body aged faster after being counter-devoured by Ji Cangyue until there were only bones left. These pieces eventually turned into white powder.

Cangyue’s black hair was fluttering while her pitch-black eyes looked like two stagnant ponds. Due to the blood soaking her clothes, her flawless curves were completely outlined.

“Such powerful evil energy. Her spiritualist blood is turning into evil spirit blood now.” Feiyun took out the Thunderfire Jewel again without any hesitation. Countless lightning bolts shot out from the black artifact.

The power of a second-ranked spirit treasure was much higher than a first-ranked. Both the spirit within and the destructive power were frightening to the extreme. It directly shattered half of the cave. Rocks were falling down.

“Boom!” A gap formed on the earth with a heat wave emanating from below. Lava spewed out and covered the entire jewel.

“Not good! She’s stealing the old woman’s dao foundation and has actually initiated an Earth Tribulation!” Feiyun felt a powerful hot force gathering everywhere below. It gave quite an ominous feeling.

He didn’t dare to linger any longer in this place. His Earth Tribulation was coming soon. If her own were to stimulate and start his, the consequence would be unimaginable.

Due to his exceedingly high talents, his tribulation would naturally be even more powerful. His current cultivation might not allow him to surpass this trial.

Many Grand Historical Geniuses have died to their Earth Tribulation. It wasn’t a strange occurrence at all.

He recalled the jewel and leaped through the soil then turned into a ray to fly towards the sky. He eventually landed on a cliff two hundred miles away to watch the thicket.

Many cracks appeared in the ground with terrible temperature gushing out. There was lava coming from eight different directions towards Ji Cangyue. The heat of the lava could melt even metal, let alone a human’s body.

“That’s a spiritualist for you, eight waves of lava, only a little bit off from the historical level. I wonder how many lava waves will happen during my tribulation.” Feiyun carefully watched.

During the Earth Tribulation, the number of lava waves symbolized a person’s potential and talents. For example, historical geniuses were able to bring about nine waves. Of course, this was the weakest of this level.

For example, Shi Yelai had nine lava waves while Su Yun had eleven. They were both Grand Historical Geniuses but the gap was considerable.

This was also the reason why the eight older geniuses were much more renowned than the recently ascended ones. They were simply more powerful.

As for the wise sages who left their names on the holy tablet, they were able to call for twelve lava waves during their Earth Tribulation.

In the Jin Dynasty, a brilliant monster has successfully called for thirteen lava waves. This was the most gifted Grand Historical Genius in this dynasty.

However, Feiyun knew that this world was boundless. A few terrorizing talents were even better than historical geniuses. They were called “mythical geniuses” and “deified geniuses”.

However, no mythical geniuses have ever appeared in the Jin Dynasty. The majority of cultivators here were unaware of this particular level.

Feiyun was a mythical genius in his past life. He only needed one thousand years of cultivation to reach ninth-level Heaven’s Emergence.

“If I could get the Yang Soul Holy Embryo, maybe I use this human body to reach the myhical level or even higher. Alas, it’s too far away right now.” Feiyun speculated.

He believed that he could call for twelve lava waves right now. This was a restraint due to his innate constitution, too difficult to reach a higher level. Unless, he could enter the Immeasurable Tower and augment his constitution for the second time.

Yan Ziyu did just this to reach the historical level.

“Rumble!” The impact of this Earth Tribulation was great and alarmed many in the pagoda. Strands of divine intent swept by. Some even personally came themselves and hovered among the clouds.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!” More were flying over.

An ordinary cultivating reaching Heaven’s Mandate wouldn’t create such a big commotion. However, a prodigy with eight waves of lava was different. Once she reached first-level Heaven’s Mandate, she could fight above level and became someone who could stop a real master from the last generation.

This was a top-level prodigy who will have the power to kill a second-level Heaven’s Mandate and could even contend against a third-level.

She might be the only one spiritualist right now. Though her cultivation talents were inferior to the historical level, her real battle power might be stronger than the nine lava waves geniuses.

Feiyun felt a chill above his head, causing him to look up at the sky above. A black dot was rapidly heading for the ground with an overwhelming and terrifying pressure.

“That’s… that’s an Earth Tribulation with a heavenly interference, Falling Star!” Feiyun was shocked.

Her Earth Tribulation has actually drawn a strand of Heaven Tribulation. Only Giants at ninth-level Heaven’s Mandate undergoing their Heaven Tribulation would call down this type of power!

Just one strand was already frightening enough.

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