Chapter 366: Evil Treasure Master

In the thicket outside the treasure tower were Spirit Condensing Bamboo planted tens of thousand years ago. Today, the surrounding area was full of these jade-like bamboo trees.

After nightfall, this place was still covered with mist and fog. Strange grasses grew under these bamboos and emitted blinding brilliance.

Feiyun trod through the withered leaves with his fluttering sleeves just like an immortal crossing an abyss. A transcending wind accompanied him as he traveled across the thicket.

Ji Cangyue followed right after him with an exasperated stare. She was suspicious of him knowing her true identity but she couldn’t confirm it. Though she wanted to eliminate him, this made her a bit unwilling. After all, she has made too many preparations. Simply ending him now felt like a waste of effort. Of course, there were pros to ending him now as well.

Feiyun had a smirk on his face as he stepped through the fog. They finally crossed through the thicket to reach the black cliff.

This black cliff had many stony indentations on its surface. When the moon shined on it, a faint corpse mist rose up. It looked like a wall that has been stained with corpse blood.

Feiyun’s smile disappeared completely after reaching this place. He became serious with a murderous energy rising from his soles all the way up his legs, stomach, spine, then his head. The energy condensed into a black smoke.

Cangyue came up and advised: “Brother Feng, this old man should die but he’s really too powerful at first-level Heaven’s Mandate, not to mention he’s an evil treasure master as well, much more terrifying than others on this level. Before crossing the Earth Tribulation, we’re not his match even if we fight together. Why not wait…”

Feiyun’s cold glare fixated on the cliff as he answered: “We can’t wait any longer. He might have taken half of your blood to reach the next level. If we wait any longer, he’ll breakthrough to second-level or even higher, it’ll be more problematic to take care of him then.”

Feiyun walked towards the cliff and placed his palm covered in fog on the cliff. More than one hundred diagrams appeared on the cliff with fire, lightning, and even flying swords. In an instant, the cliff has turned into a dead zone.

Cangyue had a cruel smile flashing in her eyes. ‘Feng Feiyun, this is you courting death, wanting to kill a first-level Heaven’s Mandate evil treasure master at grand achievement God Base. You really think it’s that easy to deal with one?’

She didn’t want him to die in such a simple manner. After all, he made her taste the greatest shame of a woman so she wanted to pay him back double, a fate worse than death.

However, he was the number one genius in the Jin Dynasty at the moment. Countless have placed a bounty on his head. This reward alone could temp many masters.

She felt that in terms of benefits and revenge, the benefits might outweigh the latter.

“Boom!” With a single fist, he shattered all the formations on this cliff. He took one step forward and crossed an invisible barrier, creating a ripple in the air.

Ji Cangyue also followed him right away.

Inside this cliff was a huge cave, completely dark inside with endless peril. One scaled beast towering at seven meters and many corpses with spear were protecting it.

Feiyun leisurely stroll forward. The beast and corpses fell with shattered body before his path. All the new formations were trampled and couldn’t stop him at all.

Cangyue right behind him was aghast. ‘Feiyun’s cultivation is actually this terrifying? Could it be that he has surpassed the Earth Tribulation to reach Heaven’s Mandate?’

‘Can’t be. If he did, the energy of the earth would empower his body and allow him to borrow this power but Feiyun right now is not at this level.’

“Boom!” A loud detonation rendered a huge hole inside the cave, almost collapsing completely.

A nether breeze oozed out from the depth of the cave. There were howling corpses, apparitions, and other unclear shadows moving in the air. It seemed like hell was coming.

Feiyun stood by a boiling blood pond with green bubbles. Inside were many skeletons sparkling like millennium jades.

The hair on these skeletons was still long. One could still see traces of flesh growing on them.

A white-haired old woman was also immersed in this pond together with the skeletons. Her skin looked like charred barks with many wrinkles on her body. This was a face scarier than ghosts.

“That’s her. She wants to use a spiritualist’s blood to refine the corpse poison in her body in order to become young again.” Cangyue pointed at the hunchback woman.

She was also a third-ranked treasure master. After entering a cemetery, the corpse poison there has turned her into this abomination.

“This is the blood ceremony of an evil treasure master, how do you know about it?” Feiyun stared at Ji Cangyue’s eyes.

It made her take one step back and thought that he has realized her identity.

She must seize the initiative!

“Whoosh!” She attacked first with a large, black banner sweeping forward. This was the spirit treasure, “Grand Wind Banner”. An impressive spirit energy gathered on its surface, capable of sweeping through an entire area.

Feiyun initially wanted to help her kill this old woman to repay her kind deed before breaking all pretenses with her and settle their feud.

However, he didn’t expect for her to reveal her identity so soon and attack him first.

“Whoosh!” He began his Swift Samsara and turned into a fog to escape the banner. He appeared right behind her and spoke without looking at her: “I actually wanted you to be Murong Ta for several more days since I don’t have that many friends!”

Ji Cangyue’s body changed and became much taller. Her legs became slender and the yellowness on her skin receded. A massive change happened to her sickly face.

The weak boy turned into an alluring woman with willowy brows and moving eyes. She had a tall nose and thin lips as well as a graceful body with beautiful curves. Few women could compare to her.

She used her index and middle fingers to form a seal to activate the banner before snorting: “Feng Feiyun, looks like you knew who I am for a while now.”

“Where is the real Murong Ta?” Feiyun asked.

“Killed him long ago.” Cangyue sneered: “Do you feel sad? He’s your close friend’s only son but that’s okay, their family can finally unite in the afterlife.”

Feiyun sighed in response.

Cangyue truly wanted to see this kind of appearance from him, a pleasure of a successful revenge. She snorted: “You should have expected something like this to happen after raping me. Do you feel regrets now?”

Feiyun smiled and said: “I nearly died in your hands. Though I won in the end and could have killed you with one slash, there’s nothing good in it for me so I found some happiness on your body as a way to pay for my mental suffering. I still don’t think I was wrong in doing so even now, don’t you think?”

“Scoundrel!” She used the banner again. Countless formations emerged on its fabric. A massive wave crushed the items in the cave to smithereens.

Feiyun spread his palm to unleash a lightwave. The Thunderfire Jewel appeared in his palm and started floating in the air. Bolts of Lightning flared from it with a blast of fire spreading everywhere. It turned the cave into a sea of flame.

“Boom!” The banner was almost shattered by the jewel.

Ji Cangyue might be a spiritualist but her talents were much inferior to Feng Feiyun. He also used a second-ranked spirit treasure so he directly blew her flying into the wall.

He put away the jewel and picked up the banner then storing it inside his spatial stone without any reservation. He squatted down in front of her and stared at her unyielding eyes: “A life for a life!”

She was leaning on the wall and bit down. Blood came out from her lips and was accompanied by a spiritual smoke with a strange power and sweet fragrance. This was the blood of a spiritualist. One drop was worth 100,000 coins.

She was still as defiant as ever with the same cold air to her. She was fine with losing to anyone, just not Feng Feiyun.

The blood pond behind him went crazy. The old woman suddenly opened her eyes that resembled two ancient wells of death. Two black rays shot out and turned into lightning bolts.

“Rumble!” The pond exploded completely. The ferocious fleshy skeletons inside began to push each other while trying to get out. They all rushed towards Ji Cangyue.

The blood of a spiritualist had a fatal temptation towards them.

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