Chapter 365: Murong Ta, Ji Cangyue

Many disciples were coming into the sixth floor with their jade medals and excitedly pick out their treasures before leaving in a hurry.

This place was even more crowded than the point exchange location downstairs. The arrangement was also more complicated since even the wealthy pagoda cared about these precious treasures.

Little Demoness was still acting like a little tail right behind Feiyun while holding his sleeve with her white hand.

A young female disciple was exchanging. She was very pretty and the first to recognize Feng Feiyun before blurting out: “The demon’s… son!”

Feiyun has come here before to test his spiritual sense so many disciples from this tower recognized him. Plus, he has reached the sixth level of the Immeasurable Tower and that garnered him some fame.

Recently, he became even more famous at Trinity. Not only did he sleep with the heretical demonesses, he even defeated Nalan Hongtao to be the number one genius in the cultivation world. Everyone has heard of him before.

“Shh!” Feiyun gestured since he didn’t want to be surrounded by spectators.

After the junior sister calmed down, Feiyun smiled and handed her his jade medal: “Sister, what kind of treasures can I exchange this much point for?”

Despite being a prodigal son, he was truly handsome. His aura became even cooler and elegant after the fourth blood transformation. Ordinary women would easily swoon for him.

The sister turned red from his glance and quickly lowered her head. She nervously took out a stone scroll and spoke quietly: “The exchange rates are all here.”

Feiyun took the scroll and saw many meticulous writings above.

For example, 10 points could trade for a centurial grass.

80 points could get a two-hundred-year grass.

100, one True Mysterious Spirit Seed.

1,000 - one True Mysterious Spirit Stone.

10,000 - one millennium grass.

100,000 - one fourth-ranked spirit pill.

300,000 - one spirit treasure.

There were more than a thousand prizes in this place. The highest one required 10,000,000 points. These were tower-defining treasures on the same level as the Cloth of Invisibility. After more than ten thousand years, the pagoda only had a few artifacts of this level.

Of course, it was virtually impossible to get so many points, especially for the young cultivators unless they were capable of killing a third-transformation Corpse Evil.

One corpse palace from such a creature could be exchanged for 1,000,000 points.

However, they were at the Giant level. No one among the young generation could kill one.

Feiyun didn’t need to think much. He gave back the scroll and said: “Let me exchange for a spirit grass, six true spirit stones. Leave the rest of the points.”

The junior sister saw a total of 17,864 points and deducted 16,000. 1,864 was left.

After taking the spirit grass and stones, he immediately left the treasure tower to get rid of the walking scourge that is Little Demoness.

With this millennium grass and the stones, he could open all 360 meridians completely. This was the most urgent matter.

However, he didn’t go into closed cultivation right away. He traced a small path along the bamboo thicket through the caves of the predecessors to arrive at a lake.

As he was walking towards his own cave, he was thinking whether Ji Cangyue was out killing corpses or simply cultivating.

He easily opened the formations outside of the cave and found that it was covered with a layer of dust. It was apparent that no one has been here for a long time.

He became quite disappointed since he won’t be seeing her this time. As he was leaving the cave, someone was flying closer. He had wounds everywhere as his slender body swayed back and forth. His white robe has been stained with blood completely but his eyes were still unyielding as he struggled to head back towards the cave.

“The Immeasurable Tower is really hard. Looks like I can’t get through the sixth floor without reaching first-level Heaven’s Mandate. How did Feng Feiyun do it? If I can’t do it at grand completion God Base, how am I going to compete against him? No, I can’t lose!” Murong Ta murmured. He looked up and saw Feiyun smirking at the entrance.

Feiyun walked over and patted his thin shoulder then laughed: “I thought you were out killing corpses so I won’t be able to see you. What a coincidence that you have returned just in time, it must be fate!”

His pat made Murong Ta spit out two mouthfuls of blood.

Feiyun hurriedly withdrew his hand and helped the guy: “Are you okay? Who hurt you?”

“Don’t touch me!” Murong Ta directly pushed him away before stepping towards the cave with an unhappy expression.

Feiyun smirked again before chasing right after him: “Murong Ta, we’re close buddies, why are you angry at me? If someone did this, I’ll help you break his face in.”

‘This bastard is back at the pagoda now? Does he know I’m me or not? No, this treacherous bastard certainly knows my real identity now.’ She was pale and truly too tired to think any further.

After spending half a year at the Immeasurable Tower, she still failed to breakthrough the sixth floor and came back wounded every time. The longest time she managed to stay was half a month so her willpower was much stronger than Shi Yelai and Ji Feng. 

She was a natural spiritualist so in terms of talents, she was even above Ji Feng’s lunar gaze. The Ji Clan also gave her unlimited spirit grasses so she was at the peak of grand completion God Base with 360 meridians. She could have reach first-level Heaven’s Mandate long ago but she hated the fact that Feiyun defeated the sixth level at grand completion God Base so she purposely delayed her Earth Tribulation.

Unable to accept defeat, she has reached the sixth floor eight times and were inches from success. However, an insuperable power grievously wounded her so she had to leave again.

When Feiyun went back into the cave, she was already sleeping.

Going to the sixth floor was an immensely tiring endeavor. After fifteen sleepless days, her spirit was always tense. It was already quite tenacious of her to be able to make it back to the cave.

When she woke up again, it was already the third day. Her wounds were healed and the cave was completely spotless. There was a white robe acting as her blanket but Feng Feiyun wasn’t here.

She grabbed the robe and thought that she saw him before falling asleep. Where was he now?

But after recalling his presence, she quickly sat up to check her own body. It was fine since she was still wearing her bloodstained robe. ‘He didn’t try to change my clothes or I would have been exposed.’

She left the cave and found that it was early in the morning. The bamboo thicket was washed with the morning dew with purple birds singing in the distance among the leaves. A fire has been started by the lake shore.

Feiyun was making a campfire and used a bamboo stick to make a fish skewer. He was happily singing and shouted after seeing Ji Cangyue: “Murong Ta, I don’t get it. How come my fish comes out smelling so different from yours? What’s your secret recipe?”

Ji Cangyue wanted to ignore him but if he didn’t figure out her identity, she could continue to play with him! Sooner or later, she’ll let him suffer a fate worse than death.

She still had the appearance of Murong Ta with a feeble body and sallow skin, a malnourished boy and downtrodden boy.

“Feng Feiyun, do you know why I’m mad at you?” She sat by the fire.

His smile froze as he answered seriously: “Murong Ta, we’re best buddies.”

“Best buddies? Hah, if we’re best buddies, then why did you disappear for half a year?” She threw the robe back at Feiyun.

He caught it and laughed: “I’ve been cultivating all this time so that I could come back and avenge you.”

“Avenge me?” She said with disdain.

Feiyun stood up with a serious expression: “On the first day here, Ji Feng challenged me to a life-and-death battle. I was only an early God Base then; you exchanged your blood for a millennium ginseng to let me reach intermediate overnight. That’s how I survived the battle with Ji Feng.”

“You still remember?” Cangyue slightly bit her lips. Even though she knew she did it to win his trust, his words still touched her.

“How could I forget!” A draconic aura surged violently from his body: “Like I said before, the person who took your blood, I’ll make him pay double! He isn’t a predecessor affiliated with the Treasure Tower so it doesn’t matter that he’s a Heaven’s Mandate since he’ll have to pay the price for taking your blood. I’m back this time, let’s go and teach him a lesson.”

Ji Cangyue turned back and didn’t believe him completely. She stared at him carefully for a long time before angrily speaking: “It’s burning.”

“What’s burning?” He lost his domineering aura and asked in bewilderment.

“Idiot, the fish are burnt!” Ji Cangyue hurriedly took the charred fish still burning with smoke coming out. 

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