Chapter 364: New Pagoda's List

They actually wanted him to marry the princess. This indeed caught Feiyun by surprise, but not by much. The royal family was quite shrewd. They wouldn’t sit there and watch a peerless genius oppose them.

It was too much in their interest to marry the princess to him.

After leaving the Martial Tower, the Treasure Tower Lord warned him again, but he didn’t pay it any mind. Like the Divine King said, one’s youth would be wasted without love. When would he find love if not now?

A person cannot be too honest since honest people always suffer. If one were to be overly honest in front of a woman, they might not always reciprocate the same sincerity.

Most heroes in the world are all romantic in a sense with many lovers and friends everywhere.

Feng Feiyun spent his previous life cultivating instead of living, so now when he had another chance to live, why wouldn’t he live it differently?

“Young Master Feng might be scum, but there is still one good thing about him — daring to do whatever he wants; he’s untethered by traditional morality and social restraints. This is something the clan master of the phoenixes can’t achieve.” Feng Feiyun murmured while walking towards the treasure tower.

Clan Master Feng was also a top prodigy with a similar personality to Ling Donglai. In the end, he died to the hands of the woman he loved the most. This wasn’t because of a lack of intelligence, it was just that he definitely wasn’t smart when dealing with women.

‘Why was I so stupid back then? I clearly had seven phoenix queens by my side, yet I ignored them and only loved Shui Yueting.’ He shook his head and sighed. If he could return to the Phoenix Mountain, he would definitely teach the seven of them the widespread knowledge about reproduction.

It didn’t take long before he made it to the treasure tower. There were many disciples returning from the war with carriages and strange beasts transporting the corpse palaces. Slaves helped as well.

Not everyone had a spatial stone. Because of this, transportation became very troublesome. Every once in a while, they needed to bring the corpse palaces back to the tower and exchanged points for treasures before coming out to kill more corpses.

Thus, many have returned and performed the exchange during this period.

There was a verdant bamboo thicket below the tower with thick mists. A spirit list that spanned eighteen meters was floating down below. Many disciples stood in front of it while debating in excitement.

“Only half a year has passed, yet there is already such a big gap. Someone managed to gather 28,000 points, just how many corpses did they kill?”

“Pu Zhixuan is number one. He used to be number three, but I think his cultivation broke through recently so he’s right behind Yan Ziyu.”

“Hmph, Yan Ziyu had to run to Trinity to deal with the heretical people so he fell behind. Now that the heretical youths have backed off, the real competition for the list will begin.”


Feng Feiyun glanced at the diagram by the thicket and saw several thousand names on the list. Some people had more than ten thousand points while the lowest only had several points.

For Heaven’s Mandate cultivators, killing a first-transformation corpse was too easy. However, for the peak Immortal Foundation and early God Base, every encounter with a corpse was a life-and-death battle.

The diagram flashed with a white light and changed again. It created quite a stir since someone else has made it to the top ten after adding more than four thousand palaces.

“Haha, I spent eighty points in exchange for a two hundred year Pink Dragon Grass. My cultivation is going to soar again.” A disciple came out of the tower while holding a jade box in jubilation.

Another walked out with him and sneered: “I just spent 500 points for five True Mysterious Spirit Seeds — nearly equal to half a spirit stone and worth 150,000 coins. This is enough to increase my cultivation speed for a year.”

The disciples in line waiting for their turn were quite envious. 500 points meant that he killed five hundred corpses, something an ordinary person couldn’t do.

Having a spirit stone for cultivation could double the speed, so people naturally felt jealous.

Feng Feiyun began to calculate. One True Mysterious Spirit Seed could be sold for 30,000 coins. Ten of them was the same as one stone, around 300,000 coins.

One millennium spirit grass was equal to ten stones or 3,000,000 coins.

Only a remote location like the Grand Southern Prefecture would use gold coins as a currency. The other prefecture all used spirit seeds, stones, and grasses as currency.

The line outside was very long, and Feiyun was all the way in the back. Suddenly, a familiar voice reached out to him: “Bro, you’re still alive, that’s awesome! How many palaces did I leave with you?”

Little Demoness was carrying a pouch ten times the size of her petite body. The inside was full of palaces and blood was still dripping down from the opening.

She was really too tiny, it looked like she was carrying a small hill. Feiyun had to squat down to see her face full of sweat.

“Meow!” A white kitty was right behind her. It also carried a large pouch full of palaces.

“Boom!” She dropped the pouch to the ground and wiped her forehead with her sleeve while lining up next to Feiyun.

Feiyun naturally knew that this “little sister” didn’t have any good intention towards him, but he also didn’t want to take advantage of her. His divine intent swept through his spatial pouch and said: “You left me with more than 6,800 palaces.”

“I see.” Her lips perched as she began to carefully calculate: “6,800 plus 3,200… and three second-transformation corpses and Whitey’s 1,200… Bro, how many is that?”

“Uhh…” Feiyun acted as if he didn’t hear her clearly.

After six hours, it was finally Feng Feiyun and Little Demoness’ turn.

The redeemer was a teacher from the pagoda. He wore a neat white daoist robe with a face full of wrinkles. He stated: “Place your palaces on the stone platform. First-transformation palaces go on the left and second-transformation ones go on the right.”

There were two stone platforms in the tower. Their surfaces were full of runes with a glowing shimmer.

They were actually used to measure the weight of the palaces in order to figure out the quantity.

The old man saw Feiyun take out his Boundary Spirit Stone and his old eyes narrowed. Those who could have spatial stones either had amazing cultivations or extraordinary backgrounds. The old man wondered with slight anticipation: ‘How many did this kid kill?’

“Crash!” A white light flew out from the spatial stone and fell onto the left stone platform, taking up half of the space.

The platform began to shine while the runes started to move. Eventually, a number appeared.

“5,864!” The old man slightly nodded. This number was pretty good and could allow one to enter the top ten for now.

He was about to write this record down on the spirit diagram, but Feiyun took out twelve second-transformation corpse palaces and threw them on the right platform.

The old man raised his brows. Killing twelve second-transformation corpses? This disciple was not simple at all!

Just one palace of this level could fetch one thousand points. Killing these corpses was more than a thousand times harder than killing a first-level corpse.

The weakest second-transformation corpse was as powerful as a top grand achievement God Base. The strongest was virtually on the same level as a half-step Giant.

One could easily lose their life trying to hunt a second-transformation corpse if they were to meet an older one. However, because of his Swift Samsara, Feiyun dared to kill these corpses. When he met a powerful older creature, he would directly run away. He only picked fights with the young ones.

“A total of 17,864 points, fifth place for now.” The old man wrote this on the spirit diagram and handed him a carved jade piece so that he could go to the sixth floor to exchange the points for some treasures.

Little Demoness was next. The brat was still dragging her gigantic pouch and was stuck outside of the tower. There was no way she could get in, so the old man had to come and help her. He ripped open the pouch then moved the palaces onto the platforms.

Feiyun also let out her share of palaces in his spatial stone. There were too many palaces and they virtually filled up the entire platform.

“11,376 points.” The old man was surprised this time. Normally, it would be hard to find a disciple with more than ten thousand points every fifteen days. But now, two appeared at the same time.

She took out another two second-level transformation palaces for two thousand more points — a total of 13,376. This was sixth place, right behind Feng Feiyun.

After finishing with this, Feiyun headed for the sixth floor to exchange for some spirit grasses and stones. He has opened 346 meridians right now, so he was only 16 away from peak grand achievement God Base.

‘I wonder how many stones I can get for 17,864 points? Probably not that much since grasses and stones are too precious and rare. The tower might not have that much in reserve.’

The most urgent thing for him was to break through right now. After surpassing the Earth Tribulation to reach Heaven’s Mandate, he would finally be able to contend against the hall lords of the heretical schools on top of having a chance of victory against someone like Ling Donglai.

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