Chapter 363: Inside The Martial Tower

Despite his gray hair and crow feet, the Divine King was still energetic and vigorous. He sat up above with the aura of a king.

The Treasure Tower Lord was seated by his side.

“Your disciple greets you, Master and Tower Lord!” Feiyun respectfully bowed his head.

The king revealed a dark smile and asked: “What is your harvest after the trip to Trinity?”

Feiyun answered: “I’ve killed 5,864 first-transformation Corpse Evils and twelve second-transformation ones, a total of 17,864 points.”

“Though the contest for the pagoda’s list can prove one’s strength, this is only against the corpse evils. The real contest is how you will fare against other people.” The king’s majestic voice had an opposing might.

Feiyun understood and replied: “The ten halls’ appearance did catch us by surprise. They have been recuperating for many years, so each hall has become quite formidable.”

The king nodded in agreement: “The Senluo Temple was even more frightening before being divided. You probably saw some hints of its past glory after this youth competition.”

“The pagoda has prodigies from all over the world, virtually one-third of the talent pool. However, it could only contend at the same level against those from the ten halls. In terms of overall strength, they might be one step higher.” Feiyun carefully analyzed what transpired.

Although the seven lords all lost at the sacred lake, their two strongest lords didn’t appear once so it couldn’t count as a total victory.

The king asked: “What do you think is the fundamental reason behind this?”

Feiyun answered: “As far as talents are concerned, the pagoda’s disciples aren’t inferior to the heretical ones. However, in terms of cunning and schemes, battle experience and battle momentum, we are much lesser. That’s why we were completely overwhelmed in the beginning.”

“That’s right. The heretical disciples grew up in a brutal and competitive environment; they are always at the edge of death. This is why they know how to survive and understand how to kill even more. Because of this, the pampered talents from the pagoda can’t exactly contend with them at the same level.” The king agreed.

He then proceeded to state: “The most important reason behind this competition in revising the pagoda’s list is for everyone to grow in battle and break through during peril.”

“I understand.”

The upper echelons of the pagoda naturally knew that the heretical schools were showing up again. However, they didn’t expect that the pagoda’s disciples would be so unprepared at the start.

The Treasure Tower Lord’s real identity is the first princess of the Jin Dynasty, the current emperor’s older sister. She enjoyed a high status in the royal family.

The pagoda is the number one sacred ground so the royal family must maintain some control over it. The Divine King and the princess were in charge of the Martial Tower and Treasure Tower, two of the most important towers in this place. This demonstrates just how important the royal family viewed the pagoda.

Of course, there were certainly other royal experts in this place.

The tower lord seriously inquired: “Feng Feiyun, are you still at grand achievement God Base?”

Feiyun respectfully answered: “There is still a way to go before the Earth Tribulation.”

She asked again: “You defeated Nalan Hongtao’s avatar at this level?”

This was a rhetorical question and would have a second part. Feiyun nodded and waited to listen.

The Divine King smiled without saying anything while staring at Feiyun’s upright posture. To be able to act neither obsequiously nor superciliously before two experts, he definitely found a good disciple.

“Do you still have grudges against Luofu?” The tower lord’s voice became more dignified and gained an unquestionable air of royalty.

Feiyun shook his head: “The name carving doesn’t matter to me. I care more about my own strength. The so-called providence only shows a lack of confidence for the weak.”

The king’s smile became even wider.

The tower lord snorted, causing a layer of ice to form on the ground before continuing: “That’s for the best then. Someone of your talents will have greater accomplishments than us in the future even without the providence.”

How could Feiyun not know what these two were up to? They were acting as mediators for the princess as they didn’t wish to see the two have a conflict. After all, that wouldn’t be good for the royal family.

Since two great characters have implicitly expressed their opinions, Feiyun couldn’t say anything at this moment even if he were unhappy with the princess.

“However, that brat went too far this time. Hmm, I don’t have much to make it up to you. Well, I’ll just give you a spirit treasure then!” The king spread out his palm and a golden wisp flew out. A black jewel the size of a fingertip slowly emerged.

The black jewel fell into Feiyun’s palm. In the beginning, it was quite hot as if he was holding a fire plume.

“This is a Thunderfire Jewel, born from the magma of the earth with a powerful fire affinity inside. It used to be a pebble, but a senior from the royal clan used thunder to refine it for more than one hundred years before placing it in a lightning pond for another eight hundred years. That’s how it received its spirituality to turn into a jewel with both thunder and fire co-existing within.”

“There were a total of 172 pebbles in that batch, but more than half exploded during the refinement process. In the end, only five turned into spirit treasures like this one. Its power is comparable to a second-rank spirit treasure. If you have all five, then the power would be similar to a third-rank spirit treasure.”

Feiyun didn’t act shyly. He was very annoyed with the princess, so being given a spirit treasure from the royal family was how it should be.

His Infinite Spirit Ring could only be considered a first-ranked spirit treasure, the lowest of them all. This second-ranked jewel should be much more powerful than the ring. It was the same level as Dongfang Jingyue’s Haotian Spirit Mirror.

As for a murderous artifact like the Blood-being Exalted Pot, Feiyun’s cultivation was too low to actually see through its ranking. However, it was the best artifact from the Yang King, so its power must be extraordinary. It had to be one of the top treasures in the Jin Dynasty like the emperor’s Divine Seal, meaning that it was above the fourth-rank at the very least.

“Now we can get to business.” The tower lord spoke without any emotion.

Feiyun asked: “What is it?”

The Divine King responded: “Of course it is about bringing you back to the royal ancestral ground to take the test of the ancestors. As long as you can pass the test, you will be next in line for the Divine King’s position.”

After cultivating the Dragon King’s Saber Art, Feiyun expected that the Divine King had high hopes for him and wanted him to become his successor. However, Feiyun only wanted to follow the immortal path and didn’t have any interest in this position.

Once his cultivation reached a certain level, he could leave the Jin Dynasty at any moment. Alas, he was only a fledgling at his moment, threatened by many powers. Without the Divine King’s protection, it would be difficult for him to survive in this place.

If he could become the king’s successor and gain the protection of the entire royal clan, who would actually dare to kill him publicly?

This might be a good thing after all.

Feiyun brought up a key point: “However, the competition for the pagoda’s list has yet to end.”

The king replied: “With your current cultivation right now, you won’t be able to pass the coronation examination at the capital, so this competition has to end before you go to the royal ancestral ground. In the next three years, on top of trying your best to break through, you must also earn a satisfactory ranking on the list.”

There are countless prodigies in the royal family, and all of them want be the next Divine King. Thus, it is arduous for someone outside of the family to win this position. The higher your ranking on the pagoda’s list, the more you will shut them up.”

Feiyun confidently replied: “I will not let you down, Master.”

The tower lord added with an arrogant air: “You don’t need to worry too much about this position. The ancestors already know of your talents and are quite optimistic about you. However, there is one thing that you need to be mentally prepared for.”

The Divine King let out a strange smile at this time.

Feiyun asked: “What is it?”

The tower lord elaborated: “In order to become the successor of this title, you must marry a princess. I see that you and Luofu are a perfect match for each other, a pair made in heaven. I have reported to the Jin Emperor about your marriage, it’ll be evaluated and accepted soon.”

‘Oh lord, a pair made in heaven… How do you see that at all?!’ Feiyun wanted to curse at this moment. Even if he had to marry a princess, it shouldn’t be Luofu.

He coughed and said: “Well, about this, I feel that…”

“This has been decided. The ancestors view this marriage with utmost importance and think that you two are well-matched. I’m sure the imperial decree should be issued soon.” The Divine King happily laughed at Feiyun: “Luofu is eighteen this year, the fourth beauty of the Jin Dynasty. I’m sure you won’t refuse this marriage, right?!”

Could Feiyun even refuse? It would be disobeying an imperial decree of the Jin Dynasty. At that point, he would have to face the wrath of the entire dynasty. [1]

The tower lord was a bit unhappy and sternly said: “Feng Feiyun, stop playing around from now on. The matter between you and the demonesses from the Senluo Temple is known by the whole cultivation world. It looks like you are quite capable, huh?”

“No big deal, no big deal! Indulging in love is the way of youths. It is better than regret when you grow old.” The Divine King was an easygoing old man as well. When he was younger, he was also a pampered genius on top of being a noble. Countless beauties came to his door on their own.

He had one-night stands with at least several dozen women, most of which were heretical demonesses, female successors from the dao faction, fairies from the immortal faction, and courtesans of brothels. He was much more of a player than Feiyun.

Perhaps his biggest regret during his youth was not being able to have a love affair with a princess.

1. An emperor’s order is absolute in China, especially with it’s a royal decree. He has to mind his words even in a casual setting; a king does not take back his words.

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