Chapter 361: What A Woman

With another ripping sound, Liwei’s inner collar sleeve was stripped, revealing her slender neck with the curve of a pretty swan. Her hair was scattered over it, causing her neck to be even more enchanting.

Her purple robe was practically ripped off. Her two peaches were ripe with two pink dots.

The last time was too hasty, and due to the interfering demonic blood, Feiyun couldn’t take his time savoring the deed. This wasn’t the case for the second time. Her soft body on the bed lied there without any resistance so Feng Feiyun could take his time getting to know her.

She was indeed a demoness — seductive and unreachable.

“Pat!” Feiyun slapped her snow-white chest. The peaches turned pinker as they swayed in the air.

Liwei bit her teeth and wanted to curse him, but a hot wave assaulted her face. Her shiny lips made contact with another pair of lips, forcing her mouth open as a tongue slid inside and intertwined with her own.

“Aaa—” She was a little alarmed. Despite growing up in an unorthodox place like the Senluo Temple and having seen many unspeakable things, this was her first kiss on the lips, so she panicked.

She grabbed his shoulders and wanted to push him away. However, she failed to stop this passionate kiss as a shiny strand of saliva dripped down the corner of her mouth.

Feiyun’s hands caressed her entire body, especially the sensitive parts, causing her to continuously shudder like a flower branch or a fish that has left the water. She was jittering uncontrollably on the ground.

“Pa!” The kiss finally ended.

Feiyun had a smile on his face. The taste of kissing a beauty like Lu Liwei was even sweeter than honey.

Liwei coldly glared at him and wiped away the saliva on her chin: “I regret opposing you. My life has now been ruined.”

“A cultivator’s life is very long so don’t give up. Plus, your pretty body is only a shell. Even though I rode you, your soul is still pure and flawless. If you can’t see this, you won’t be able to go far on the cultivation path.”

As he was speaking, he had taken off her yellow silk boots to reveal her cute feet that could be grabbed in full with one hand.

Liwei felt humiliated when he used the word “rode” instead of “slept” as it made her seem to be a horse.

She retorted: “Keep on riding then! Feiyun, you better kill me after riding me or I’ll let you have a taste of being ridden on!”

“Haha, it’ll be my pleasure when that time comes.” He was surprised at the demoness’ powerful retort.

She snorted: “I’ll let many men ride you.”

“A woman’s scorn has no bounds. Unfortunately, I’m not someone who kills women that I have slept with. Of course, people won’t be riding me either. My mental fortitude isn’t as strong as yours.”

Feiyun’s hand traveled from the bottom to the top. He started with her supple legs before lifting her purple skirt to look at her delicate thighs that were as thin as small bowls. He rubbed and enjoyed their elasticity.

Liwei’s body froze up and she lost her prior calmness. Her thighs tingled from his touch as if lightning was coursing through her body.

Her skirt was lifted completely to reveal her small panties that were carefully hiding the paradise underneath.

She almost broke as her body was being revealed in full to a man. Her self-esteem sunk to rock bottom as this experience was completely different to her initial expectations. This man was clearly toying with her.

“Are you a man or not? A man wouldn’t daddle around like this. Be more decisive already!” Liwei tried to close her legs, but he forced them open again.

“If you’re in such a hurry, we’ll play a bit rougher! Ahem, can you open up a little?” Feiyun felt his throat dry up. This demoness was too sexy, especially when she was nearly naked. How could anyone restrain themselves before this scene of white?

Feiyun rapidly took off his clothes. His lower-half stood up valiantly like a dragon pillar. One could see the shock in her pretty eyes as her body shrank back. Unfortunately, he had her by the legs and pulled her back.

He made his way between her legs but then suddenly stopped.

Liwei’s forehead was covered in sweat. It hadn’t even begun, yet she already found this to be unbearable. The fire by her thighs seemed to be melting her jade body completely.

She took a deep breath with clenched fists while preparing to weather this storm. In the past, when Feiyun robbed her virginity, she eventually passed out from the pain. Perhaps this time would be better.

Alas, even after she waited for a long while, there was no pain like she imagined.

‘Something’s off!’ Feiyun looked towards the entrance after sensing that his formations had been shattered. Someone was slowly walking inside.

This person’s cultivation was incredible; they could channel the momentum of the earth to seal the area. Feiyun wouldn’t be able to escape by drilling into the earth even if he wanted to.

Shit, who is coming at a time like this? Ling Donglai?

Liwei also lifted her head and quickly pulled up her skirt to hide her snow-white thighs while covering her breasts with both hands.

She wasn’t afraid of sleeping with Feng Feiyun, but she definitely didn’t want others to see this scene.

The intruder finally walked into their sight. However, it wasn’t Ling Donglai but a female stranger.

She wore a green dress with an elegant and cool temperament. A white belt adorned her waist and outlined its temptatious curve. Her black hair drooped down like a waterfall on her pretty shoulders all the way down to her slender waist.

A nether energy oozed from her tall and slender figure just like a pure lotus from hell. She was transcendent and clever with a beauty capable of dazzling all men.

She smiled and stared at Liwei and Feng Feiyun on their stone bed without any surprise at their current positions: “Yinvoid Cave, Yao Ji. Greetings, Miss Lu and Young Noble Feng.”

This was the mysterious corpse controller from the Yinvoid Cave. She once appeared by the sacred lake and had an unreadable cultivation. The princess’ plan of stealing Feiyun’s chance at the tablet was actually due to her contributions.

The members of this cave were all supreme beauties, but they all listened to Yao Ji.

Why did she come to this place? Has she been tailing Feiyun and Donglai the whole time? Or perhaps her cultivation was even higher than Donglai’s?

Feiyun became quite cautious: “It seems that I don’t know your sect.”

Her eyes were pure and spirited like the moon, so she looked like a budding beauty in her best years. “I am here to help you two. Ling Donglai has been chased away by me.”

Feiyun couldn’t see through her at all and felt that she was hiding some secrets. The danger coming from her was even greater than Ling Donglai. Her eyes were pure to an unrealistic degree.

He revealed a hollow smile: “In that case, I give you my thanks, Miss Yao.”

Feiyun was currently naked with his “little Feiyun” still as hard as ever, but Yao Ji didn’t mind it at all. She stared straight at him with an expression of purity and elegance.

“No need to thank me, I was entrusted by someone else. They want me to bring Miss Yao back to Mount Potala. Are you willing to let her go?” She smiled and gently twirled her hair.

“What are you waiting for?” Liwei was ecstatic. Someone was finally here to save her. There’s no way Feiyun could take on Yao Ji.

Feiyun took out his saber and placed it by Liwei’s fair neck. She became as frightened as a rabbit and didn’t dare to move at all.

Feiyun turned the hilt and smiled at Yao Ji: “Miss Ji, as you can see, this is a critical moment. Even if I agree to let you take her, my little brother won’t agree to it!”

He saw three different qi images on her body: Pure Lotus of the Ocean, Pure Rainbow of the Day, and Nine-winged Pure Bird. These were all top images. Even the other grand historical geniuses would only have one each. However, she actually had three — this was quite shocking.

The question now wasn’t whether to release Liwei or not, it was whether he could keep his life.

She revealed a smile that could sway the soul: “Haha, Young Noble Feng, you really are something else. Since I want to take her away, I’ll naturally make it up to you.”

“With what?” He laughed.

“How about, me?” Having said that, she took off her white belt and then her green dress to reveal her exquisite figure.

As her finger pulled on a green string, her light green dudou also slipped to the ground. Her breasts were especially proud. There seemed to be a faint mist around them that would make others have a nosebleed with a single glance.

She flicked her finger in a cute manner. Now, even her final layer below was removed to fully reveal a grassy plain.

Feiyun stared at her and took a deep breath. He pondered and rubbed his chin: “Really now?”

“Really, if you agree.” She smiled and swayed her soft figure to fall into his embrace with a gust-like speed. Her white hands grabbed onto his neck while rubbing her body against his.

Feiyun had never seen a girl take the initiative to this level, but how could he refuse? He directly carried her to the stone bed and began.

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