Chapter 360: Romance

A green light flew out of Feng Feiyun’s dantian. A huge hundred-meter-long ship floated above his head. Half of it was covered by fog. Its eighteen rotten sails were fluttering in the sky like a warship from the ancient age.

Feiyun became even faster by channeling his Swift Samsara to the limit. His body turned into a gale as he flew past another mountain towards the north and entered a large marsh.

There were twenty-eight counties in the southern prefecture. Each was quite vast, and ordinary people would need several years to go from one end to another. Because of this, there were many forests and marshes as well as a few secret locations. If it wasn’t for the hegemon of the Jin Dynasty, each county could actually be divided into several dozen kingdoms or even a hundred.

Only powerful cultivators could easily cross one county to another. For an ordinary man, it was harder than reaching the heavens.

“Boom!” Ling Donglai unleashed his Eight Pure Formation again, but half of the force was dispelled by the spirit vessel while the other half was nullified by the dragon-horse diagram on top of the vessel.

The Golden Lion Lentigo was a strange bird that had the bloodline of the ancient Vermillion Bird so it was quite swift. Fewer than few birds could have similar agility.

Ling Donglai and the Buddhist Successor of the Beastmaster Camp, Fan Sijing, were good friends. Because of this, he was able to borrow this bird.

Feiyun was still faster than this bird, but because of Lu Liwei, he couldn’t lose Ling Donglai right away.

Liwei couldn’t move at all as she was in Feiyun’s embrace. She showed a mocking smile, but it didn’t take away from her charm: “Feiyun, aren’t you unbeatable among the younger generation? Why are you running, huh?”

“I’m in a rush to find a private place to duel with you for three thousand rounds.” Feiyun’s body turned into a ray while moving through the marsh.

“I’ll be waiting.” Liwei gritted her teeth and sneered.

A terrifying miasma permeated this marsh due to poisonous creatures being everywhere. Although the long-lasting miasma was powerful and could turn cultivators to pus, it couldn’t do anything to him due to his Immortal Phoenix Physique.

The lentigo didn’t dare to enter the miasma, so it roared right outside. Despite being a strange beast, it didn’t dare to enter this marsh that had been drowned in this miasma for a thousand year.

Donglai could only order for it to land and enter by himself. He was a blessed man with wondrous providence and fortune. He could pick up a spirit treasure just by taking a bath in a river or dig out spirit stones from random excavations. Even when falling off a cliff, he could enter a special grotto from an ancient age.

In this regard, he was the complete opposite of Feiyun who has never been lucky. Enemies always popped up out of nowhere. First, he was expelled from the Feng Clan and chased by them. Then, he offended the Evil Woman and the same happened. Next, it was the Violetsea Cave and the Senluo Temple on top of the Beiming Clan. Finally, the rest of the world wanted him dead.

He wasn’t someone who relied on luck, but these successive misfortunes kept on striking him.

If Ling Donglai was blessed by the lady of fortune, then Feiyun was cursed by the lord of misfortune.

If it wasn’t for his tenacious vitality and some ingenuity on top of having the soul of a phoenix clan master, he would have been killed long ago due to his terrible luck.

Ling Donglai put on five spirit treasures. The power of these treasures was more than enough to stop the miasma, so he rushed in without fear.

Who knows how long this marsh has been around for? The mud was completely black due to the miasma. No normal creatures could be found here, especially not people.

Feiyun entered a hidden cave. It was quite narrow and difficult to find. He performed seven formations to hide the entrance completely.

“Where the hell did this guy crawl out from? There is a fog that stops me from seeing through him. It looks like I won’t be able to win until I surpass my own Earth Tribulation.” Feiyun had opened 346 meridians at that point so it wasn’t hard for him to kill a first-level Heaven’s Mandate. However, this didn’t include Ling Donglai.

This cave has been abandoned for many years, but there were signs of humans in this place. Alas, it was virtually undetectable and some items have been buried.

“Crap, the miasma got her.” Feng Feiyun flicked his sleeve to push up a layer of soil to reveal a stone bed before placing Liwei on it.

She has been unconscious for a while with her pretty eyes tightly shut. Her face was pale while her body was covered in a gray glow. Her blood had turned darker and her blood flowed slower.

Feiyun didn’t rush to push the miasma out of her body. He actually became quite serious. Liwei was an intelligent wisdom master. If she wasn’t actually infected by the miasma, he would be falling into her trap, and that would be the same as inviting trouble to himself.

His eyes ignited since he wanted to use the phoenix gaze to see the real situation inside her body. He saw that it had been invaded completely by the miasma. Even her heart was beginning to turn black as this power began to reach her brain.

If he didn’t save her now, a supreme beauty would turn into a black, bloody pus soon after.

“Liwei’s identity is not simple so she must have some secret artifact protecting her, so how could this miasma invade her so easily?” He was still very doubtful.

He considered himself to be the decisive type, but hesitation froze him at this moment.

“Ugh!” Black blood overflowed from Liwei’s mouth.

“I’ll just save her first then deal with it later!” Feiyun stopped hesitating and held both of her hands. All of his meridians opened and a golden light shot out. He communicated with the world and absorbed the spirit energy in the earth before condensing it in his blood. A strand of pure phoenix aura was added to this spirit energy. Next, it flowed through his palms and into her body.

The phoenix aura was very violent, so Feiyun needed to wholeheartedly focus on this task. He needed to be careful in pushing the miasma out of Liwei.

The aura jumped into her hands that were gray in color. In the blink of an eye, it became white again — full of life and suppleness with spirit energy.

Next, the aura chased away the miasma from her head, revealing her supreme features. Strands of hair were stuck to her forehead due to sweat.

Her exquisite nose was gently breathing and her lips turned pink and shiny again. There was some dried black blood on her chin, but it quickly evaporated.

The aura went down through her breasts towards her waist. However, the moment it touched her dantian, both his phoenix aura and spirit energy began to crazily enter her dantian.

There was a maelstrom there sucking in his power.

His expression dimmed. Sure enough, there was a problem. He wanted to take back his palms, but Liwei was faster than him. She intertwined her fingers with his so that their hands were stuck together.

She opened her bright pearl-like eyes that were exceptionally moist and charming: “Feng Feiyun, I shall take your dao foundation and talents. You shall be bones and I shall be queen.”

“If someone like you can turn me into bones, I would have died countless times already.” He smirked as forty divine intents flew out from his mind to slam her flying. His phoenix aura was finally cut off from her body.

Liwei didn’t expect his divine intents to be so strong as to materialize and attack. This was a big miscalculation, all of her planning became useless. She could only run away from Feiyun right now.

“Come here!” Feiyun’s body flashed. One moment later, he was standing right in front of her to block her way. He grabbed her by the waist and pulled her back onto the bed.

Liwei’s body was sealed for the second time, so she couldn’t exert any power at all. She punched his chest, but it felt like a tickle.

Feiyun smiled and pinched her cheeks: “I want to reconnect with you as soon as possible. Now that no one will bother us, how about we go for three thousand rounds?”

Despite being quite tall, Liwei was very petite like a scholarly daughter. Her temperament resembled an intelligent and reserved girl. This truly aroused the desire of men.

“Come then, you think I’m afraid of you?” After their last experience together, she knew that threats were useless. Instead of wasting her energy cursing at him, it was better to calm her mind and save her strength. Since they have done it once in the past, why should she be afraid of doing it for the second time?

Feiyun naturally didn’t hold back. If a man feared having sex with a woman, he couldn’t be considered a man. A pecker was meant to be used and not only for looks. [1]

Liwei’s purple robe was ripped off, revealing her right shoulder and jade arm. They were as white as snow and emitted an enchanting fragrance. Her collarbone looked extremely sexy.

She was indeed the prettiest in the Tenth Hall with her sultry and flawless skin. Feiyun sniffed and basked in the robe’s faint fragrance.

Being hunted and having to hide in a dangerous ground, yet he could still have a fair beauty as his company? He couldn’t miss this exciting opportunity.

Liwei could still move freely, but she didn’t bother to resist at this moment since she wouldn’t be able to escape his evil clutches. Why bother trouble herself?

Her soft body lied on the stone bed while staring straight at him with a provocative glance.

1. I can’t believe I just typed that. The slang/raw is bird, which is penis. I think pecker is a good match for English.

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