Chapter 359: The Way Back

“Hand over the Azure Spirit Vessel!” The Evil Woman coolly stood on a broken wall while coldly staring at Feng Feiyun.

He suddenly felt a murderous intent and got goosebumps. He coughed and asked: “Your Excellency, what did you say?”

“Do you think I’m so gullible? If you don’t hand it over, I’ll have to take it myself by force.” She drifted down and extended her fingers that contained an unstoppable might. It tore apart the air with five different waves crashing down on Feiyun.

This claw could tear his body into pieces. She knew that he was tricking her, so she shall rip him into pieces for the vessel.

“Boom!” Suddenly, a white wisp came out of her body. A figure condensed on top of her, so the claw dissipated right away.

She fell to the ground while being covered in a white glow. The corpse palace suddenly appeared on her forehead and continued to jump while giving off a sacred and flawless aura.

The murderous intent earlier made Wang Meng tremble. He asked: “Uncle, why did she stop?”

A crimson fire emerged in Feiyun’s eyes as he answered: “I see, so the true body and good corpse are suppressed inside the Evil Woman’s body. They have gone on the offensive to stop her, else she would have killed me.”

“What do you mean? Good corpse? True body?” Wang Meng was completely puzzled.

“You don’t need to know, but we need to run while she’s dealing with them!”

After the fight on Mount Banda, both the good corpse and true body disappeared. Feiyun assumed that they retreated due to injuries, he didn’t expect them to fuse together. No, it wasn’t a complete fusion. They were simply sharing the same body right now.

Both the good corpse and true body still existed, but the Evil Woman’s will had the upper hand.

This was the reason why Feiyun was able to keep his life just now.


Half a month later.

Grand Southern Prefecture, Brilliant County. This was not far from the Wanxiang Pagoda.

The majority of the twenty-eight counties in the prefecture have been invaded by Corpse Evils. Only a few were still fine and well, including Brilliant.

Many cultivators and mortal merchants have taken refuge here to avoid the corpses while seeking the pagoda’s protection.

They heard many things along the way, such as all the strange events at Trinity.

“The contest between the Senluo Temple and Wanxiang Pagoda has ended. The lords from the temple returned in defeat.”

“They lost a lot of face this time. The pretty demonesses were all captured and sold at the Yin Gou Ward’s auction. This has never happened before.”

“Some prodigies from the pagoda became quite famous this time. Yan Ziyu has entered the ninth level of the Immeasurable Tower to become a grand historical genius. His battle prowess is comparable to the eight older ones.”

“Princess Luofu has left her name on the sacred tablet, so she has become a grand historical genius as well. Her cultivation soared in addition to her gaining the providence of the tablet. Maybe she’ll become the main character of this generation and overshadow her peers.”

“I heard Scholar Heaven Calculating will make a new grand historical list. Both Yan Ziyu and the princess will be on it.”

“Ji Feng is another incredible talent. Although he isn’t at the grand historical level, he can definitely keep up with them in a fight.”

It has been more than half a year since the competition for the pagoda’s hundred’s list, but so many things have happened that it exceeded everyone’s imagination. One genius after another rose like the sun and illuminated the world.

Of course, Feng Feiyun was the most debated topic. Everyone had a different opinion of him.

“The demon’s son has crazy talents. After defeating Nalan Hongtao at the same level, he’s probably the number one genius in the dynasty and the only one who can compete against Princess Luofu.”

“He’s also the successor of the Divine King, so he might take that position one day. I’m sure the old men in the royal family wouldn’t let someone so talented be the princess’ rival. Maybe they will make the two work together and create an eternal dynasty.”

“That makes sense. The ancestors of the imperial family are very wily with great vision. Maybe they are already planning for a marriage between the two. If they marry each other, who will be able to touch the royal family’s position several decades later?”

“It won’t be that easy. Both the princess and Feng Feiyun’s names have been added to the Supreme Fate Ending Peak. Many powers are placing a bounty on their heads to not let them grow up in time.”


Feiyun could hear his name from these gossipers along the way. Some talked about his story with Nangong Hongyan while others discussed his romance with the demonesses from the Senluo Temple. A few talked about how he had joined the Evil Woman and was about to lead a corpse army to attack the dynasty…

It looks like the demon’s son has become world-renowned. Even the daughters and children from mortal families knew about his name.

The experts who wanted to eliminate him were frightened after the battle at Radiance. They ran out of Trinity and even the southern prefecture altogether. The liveliness at Trinity was gone as the corpse army initiated a full assault.

Feiyun didn’t meet any enemies while returning to the pagoda.

It took him half a month to leave Trinity and another ten thousand miles to enter Brilliant.

“The sacred tablet and altar both flew into that tomb. How strange, there are too many bizarre occurrences at Trinity. It must be due to the ancient ruins in this place.” Feiyun heard about this from another cultivator. He felt that this Heaven’s Emergence Tomb was definitely unique and wasn’t as simple as it appeared on the outside. Perhaps an earth-shattering event will take place there in the future.

Wang Meng was leading the way on a bull. Suddenly, the beast howled and they had to stop.

Feiyun looked up and noticed a battalion of the army blocking their path. There were more than three hundred people with long sabers hanging by their waists.

These soldiers rode the same bulls as Wang Meng and had a glow around their bodies. They had ferocious eyes and were quite orderly. This was definitely an elite group of the army.

They made a path as a muscular youth appeared, riding a yellow bird more than ten meters long.

He had sharp brows and a cold temperament. This youth was around the age of fifteen or sixteen and had an experienced air. His words then came: “Feng Feiyun, you are too slow. I have been waiting here more than five days.”

Feng Feiyun came forward and smiled: “Oh? So it’s you. Are you doing well, General?”

This was the youngest General of the Divine Army, Ling Donglai.

His talents couldn’t be that much inferior to Feng Feiyun since he had almost left his name on the tablet as well.

“Feng Feiyun, give up. Come back with me for your trial.” He was quite imposing. He knew that Feiyun would use this path to return to the pagoda. This was why he has been waiting here to stop Feiyun.

Feiyun shook his head and laughed: “Brother Ling, did you get the Divine King’s permission to catch me?”

Ling Donglai replied: “I only take orders from the great marquis, so it doesn’t matter if you are the Divine King’s successor.”

He looked behind Feiyun and saw a supreme beauty dressed in purple. She was lying on the back of his bull with her dantian sealed so she couldn’t move at all. It was clear that Feiyun has kidnapped her.

Donglai coldly uttered: “Feiyun, you are the king’s successor yet you have no regard for your status. You dare to kidnap a woman in broad daylight? Are you not afraid of besmirching the king’s reputation?!”

Feiyun looked back at Lu Liwei and rubbed her head: “Haha, Brother Ling, aren’t you being too nosy? This is my personal business, do you people from the army want to interfere with my life choices too?”

Donglai didn’t want to argue with Feiyun. Since he has received the order, he must capture Feiyun and bring him back. His black saber left its sheath; a black wave was emanating from its edge.

He has surpassed the Earth Tribulation to become a first-level Heaven’s Mandate in addition to cultivating the Divine Martial Saber Art to the seventh level.

This saber split the bull beneath Feiyun into two and created a hundred meter long crack in the ground.

“Brother Ling’s saber art is pretty good. Unfortunately, it’s a bit slow.” Feiyun landed on a peak five miles away with Liwei in his embrace.

“Feng Feiyun, you won’t be able to escape today. In order to deal with you, I especially borrowed a Golden Lion Lentigo from a friend. It’s fast enough to catch you!” He ordered the bird to give chase.

Wang Meng wanted to stop Donglai, but the other elites surrounded him so he couldn’t escape.

Despite cultivating the most ordinary saber art, Donglai could still exert a destructive power due to his talents.

He had combined the saber art with a beast soul to create an incredible technique, doubling its power in the process.

The Swift Samsara might be fast, but this bird was no slouch. It kept up right behind Feiyun.

The bird continued to soar in the sky with Donglai on its back. Donglai watched Feiyun’s figure continuously take steps. Each step crossed half a mountain. His mind was in awe of Feiyun’s frightening speed that was capable of keeping up with the bird despite carrying a person. Even the monstrous Su Yun wouldn’t be able to do this.

“Pure Eight Array!” Donglai stretched out his hands and two clouds flew out from his sleeves. They turned into a black and white diagram that spanned a hundred meters. The diagram then took the form of a Taiji Yin Yang Fish before becoming a vortex in the sky.

The teachings of the Dao Ancestor were no joke. This formation had the power to seal the world. It looked like a pure boundary was pressing down from the sky.

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