Chapter 358: Blood Rains On The Lone City

The floating clouds were accompanied by a murderous intent.

“You court death!” The Evil Woman’s eyes were as black as two dark ponds. Two sword-like rays shot out of her eyes and pierced the dantian and chest of the old man in purple. His body was eviscerated and turned into a mist of blood.

This attack was too sudden. An old man close to being a half-step Giant was killed by her glare without being given the chance to scream.

To the astonishment of the spectators, blood rained all over the ground. They were completely frightened with their jaws almost down to the ground while staring at this disciple from the pagoda.

“What…” The other old man was completely stunned. He and the third old man from the Violetsea Cave both activated their battle corpses.

Fire surged from the bodies of the corpses. Their eyes seemed to have turned into lightning balls and their ears emitted a green light.

These two corpses were no joke. Both have been incubated in a blood pond for three hundred years.

The Evil Woman was completely emotionless and looked on with her starry eyes. She opened her lips and blew out a green wisp. This energy alone directly split the two corpses into halves. The palaces inside their bodies were instantly crushed.

The two old men were completely frightened with sweats dripping down their foreheads. They tried to run out of Radiance with great speed and managed to flee dozens of miles away. They were about to cross the old wall.

“Boom! Boom!” The Evil Woman simply glanced towards their direction and they instantly dropped from the sky. Their bodies had turned into pus.

The three old men have cultivated for more than four hundred years and were close to being half-step Giants. Even Heavenrank disciples respectfully called them Uncles.

The experts were big shots even in the Violetsea Cave. However, in just a few seconds, they were killed by a young girl with just her glare.

Chu Jibei was shocked. No wonder Feng Feiyun ran towards Radiance, so it turns out that such a terrifying master was here.

A real half-step Giant from the Violetsea Cave emerged. He wore a purple robe with a rain hat. He was quite burly and vigorous. The moment he appeared, a loud blast exploded in the city, causing the collapse of ten buildings. They sank into the ground in the form of a large footprint.

This was momentum taking physical form and shattering the ground.

Half of Radiance trembled because of him. A section of the wall collapsed as well.

“Who are you? I’ve never heard of a master like you in the pagoda.” The half-step Giant’s eyes were scintillating like two moons in the night sky.

Behind him were ten powerful corpses with imposing auras. Their corpse energies condensed into a group of black clouds.

The Evil Woman didn’t answer and stood there like a statue.

Wang Meng resisted the monstrous aura of this half-step Giant. He felt as if there was a mountain pushing down on him as he spoke: “This is our boss. If you want to kill people, you have to ask our boss for permission first!”

Feiyun laughed and added: “We have many geniuses at the pagoda, you are too ignorant.”

The half-step Giant snorted in response and replied with a sonorous voice akin to a bell: “Demon’s son, don’t think you can escape just because you found a helper. Brother Moyan, Brother Lutao, what are you waiting for? Everyone is responsible for slaying the demon’s son.”

A huge figure appeared inside Radiance and towered at several hundred meters tall. However, it was just a shadow that resembled a statue. No one could see his body.

This was the Evil Emperor Phantom, one of the twelve evil arts. He was Lutao, a half-step Giant from the Tenth Hall.

Moyan also flew out from the black clouds with four black wings on his back. They issued some wind-breaking noises.

The Evil Woman stood among the ruins like an eternal mountain. Her black hair was fluttering in the wind.

“Your Excellency, these people are too arrogant and actually dare to put on an act in front of you. If you don’t teach them a lesson, losers will prance in front of you with wanton regard in the future.” Feng Feiyun quietly whispered to her while standing behind her.

Moyan was a supreme elder from the Fourth Hall. He had cultivated the Nether Evil Wings to the fourth level. There was a faint evil aura around him as he smiled with his decrepit eyes: “Demon’s son, you should just commit suicide! No one will be able to save you today.”

Lutao added: “Release Liwei and we won’t dismember your corpse.”

The other half-step Giant from the corpse cave stared at the Evil Woman: “Little girl, you think you can stop the three of us? My finger alone can crush you.”

Having said that, he did indeed stretch out a finger. A crimson dragon soul floated around like a mountain that had been incinerated.

The Evil Woman swung her sleeve and a white wave rushed out. With a cracking sound, the half-step Giant’s finger promptly broke. His body spun like a shuttle several hundred times in the air before dropping to the ground with a bang.

A foot stomped on his back. His body exploded like a balloon.

A half-step Giant had fallen to her stomp.

Meanwhile, Lutao wanted to sneak into the station to save Lu Liwei. The Evil Woman took action and gestured her palm towards the dark shadow. She grabbed him out and slammed him on the ground.

His Evil Emperor Phantom was suppressed by a single wave of her sleeve.

“Pluff!” After his technique was defeated, he spurted out blood due to the grievous injury. He was frightened to the extreme and asked: “Who the hell are you?! Even a Giant isn’t this strong!”

The Evil Woman’s cultivation was unbelievable. Just a single gesture could render a half-step Giant to ashes.

Feng Feiyun smiled and replied: “Senior, you are an exceptional character that has cultivated for several hundred years, yet you dare to come to the southern prefecture while not being able to recognize her? That’s really asking for it.”

“That’s right. Our Boss is in control of the Grand Southern Prefecture. Not to mention a half-step Giant like you, even if a Hall Lord from your temple comes, they would still obediently lay down on the ground in the fetal position.” Wang Meng laughed heartily.

The half-step Giant from the cave stared at this female disciple intensely. His eyes grew larger before exclaiming in horror: “She has a strand of exquisite corpse energy. Could she be a Corpse Evil? No, how can a Corpse Evil have an eternal body in addition to intelligence? No, impossible, unless…”

Corpse controllers were always in contact with Evil Corpses, so they knew more about these creatures than anyone else. This old man could see the corpse energy on her body.

Lutao asked: “Unless what?”

“Unless she has experienced the fourth transformation.” The old man suddenly looked up with quivering legs: “No, can it be… she’s the Evil Woman…”

Both Lutao and the old man were aghast and fled in two different directions. Their speed was incredible and allowed them to quickly reach the horizon like two rays.

Who was the Evil Woman? This was a grand character beyond the level of Giants with millions of corpses under her control. She was indeed in charge of this prefecture.

Even a Hall Lord from the Senluo Temple would run for their life after seeing her.

How could she let them escape? She slowly lifted a finger and a flashing light shot out. A thunderbolt exploded on the horizon and struck Lutao’s head. His body turned into a black smoke.

The other half-step Giant was more than a thousand miles away. However, her finger still penetrated his body despite the distance.

For someone like her, not to mention one thousand miles, even ten thousand or one hundred thousand miles couldn’t stop her from killing someone.

“Scram.” Her astral eyes instantly penetrated the formations surrounding Radiance. Dozens of old men were forced out. All of them were top experts from the great powers with more than half from the Violetsea Cave, the Senluo Temple, and the Beiming Clan.

These were supreme elders that had cultivated for several hundred years. They were full of spirit energy and majestic auras like mountains floating in the sky.

They knew that the Evil Woman was horrifyingly powerful, so they unleashed their strongest attacks at the same time. More than one hundred techniques slammed down like an ocean of lightning.

She simply raised her palms and repelled all of these techniques. The old men spat out blood and fell from the sky. She then crushed all of them into mincemeat with her palm.

Wang Meng swallowed his saliva while his clothes were soaked in sweat. She was no human, she was more like a meat grinder.

Feiyun wasn’t surprised at all. Her cultivation has recovered, so it was time for her to re-establish her prestige by slaughtering these people.

Up in the sky, a Vice Hall Lord was approaching. He was equipped with a black armor and an iron crown. A gold python as thick as an arm was coiled around his waist.

However, he took a quick glance at the Evil Woman from several hundred miles away and was instantly frightened. He quickly opened a Ghost Immortal Bridge to run away with haste.

“I heard rumors about Feng Feiyun waking up the Evil Woman long ago. I didn’t believe it at all, but I definitely believe it now after this.”

Many cultivators were standing on a distant hill while watching the events transpire inside Radiance. They trembled in complete astonishment. They thought the demon’s son was going to die for sure today. Who would have thought that he would manage to invite the Evil Woman to kill everyone? His pursuers were annihilated completely without leaving behind a single intact corpse.

News of her appearance at Radiance instantly spread. People began to flee from Trinity, especially those who had a feud with Feng Feiyun. They were faster than anyone in their escape.

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