Chapter 357: Instigate

Black clouds surrounded the city in the sky.

A ghastly atmosphere pervaded the station.

The Evil Woman was wearing a white robe from the pagoda. She was elegant and graceful without a trace of corpse energy. On the other hand, she had the transcendent temperament of an immortal.

No one knows when she left the underground area since she was now standing in the courtyard with a cold glint in her pretty eyes. She was now even more indifferent than before.

Feiyun knew that she was recovering inside the river of blood down below. He thought that it would take several years because the higher one’s cultivation, the more difficult it was to recover after being injured.

Thus, this came as a surprise to him. She was a character even more frightening than a Giant with no regard for human lives. Who knows if her coming right now was a good or bad thing?

“Oh, why is this sister wearing your robe?” Wang Meng looked at her back and noticed Feiyun’s name embroidered on the sleeve.

Feiyun coughed awkwardly!

Wang Meng realized that something was wrong. The more he stared at her, the more familiar she seemed.

However, Lu Liwei didn’t get his warning and smiled: “The demon’s son is indeed a playboy, you must have many lovers at the pagoda.”

The Evil Woman didn’t seem to hear them. Her starry eyes were looking at the clouds outside of the station.

“Boom!” Liwei still wanted to add a couple more quips, but she saw Wang Meng prostrate on the ground.

He had realized that it was the Evil Woman, so his legs gave up. He was cursing Feng Feiyun for dragging him down. ‘Didn’t he say that this was a friend’s house? Then where the hell did this reaper come out from?’

“Gr-greetings, Your Excellency, Evil Woman!” He didn’t dare to look at her anymore.

‘What?! That’s the Evil Woman? How is this possible?!’ Lu Liwei turned pale from fear. She looked at Wang Meng’s current posture and Feiyun’s serious expression and realized that this was indeed the legendary woman.

Could the rumors be true? Was Feng Feiyun really her messenger?

Feiyun placed his palms together and bowed: “Congratulations on your recovery, Your Excellency. Your powers have returned to the peak. No one in the world will be able to match you now.”

“It’s good that you know.” The Evil Woman gave him a quick glance and asked: “You look familiar, what is your name?”

Feiyun started to sweat. The Evil Woman would forget even his name after such a short time? At least it was still fine since she seemed to remember him a little. If it wasn’t for this, he might have been killed already.

He answered: “Your Excellency, my name is Feng Feiyun.”

She raised her brows and recalled him, so she leisurely replied: “So it’s you. Aren’t you that one servant of mine?”

Your servant my ass! Your memory is so terrible!

Feng Feiyun wanted to curse, but he didn’t dare to do so. Instead, he solemnly said: “Your Excellency, I’m your messenger.”

“I see. Feng Feiyun, right? You are qualified to enter my memory so I won’t forget you in the future.”

He felt that this sentence was too similar to the popular vengeful adage, “I will still recognize you even if you turn into ashes.”

Many powerful cultivators would automatically forget things unrelated to the immortal path due to their great focus, and the Evil Woman cultivated a method that required such mental focus.

However, she still remembered him. This meant that even a thousand years from now, the memory will still be there.

She walked forward and pointed at his forehead with her exquisite finger: “Return the bronze vessel to me.”

Return your sister! The vessel was my treasure in the first place!

Her finger was more frightening than the sharpest sword. Being in such close proximity could freeze his soul.

Feiyun naturally couldn’t give it to her. This was a goddamn bandit who had stolen the Daomization Stone from him, and now she wanted to take the vessel for the second time? Maybe in her dreams.

He had expected for this to happen, so he wrapped the dragon-horse diagram around the vessel and hid it at the bottom of his dantian.

With its concealment, even her great cultivation wouldn’t be able to find it unless she were to tear him to pieces.

“Your Excellency, I have been keeping it with me until you decide to come out from your cultivation to personally hand it to you.” He spoke with a sincere look.

Her finger was still fixated on his forehead as she looked at him with her astral eyes.

“However, the vessel was stolen by someone just now.” Feiyun signaled at Wang Meng to cooperate with the ruse.

Wang Meng understood instantly. He suddenly burst into tears and wailed: “Your Excellency, it’s all because we’re too weak and couldn’t keep such a divine item. We wanted to take it back so that we could respectfully hand it to you, but we failed completely and were even injured by them. They are right outside, wanting to silence us about the treasure!”

“Your Excellency, they’re really too arrogant. They even dare to steal your items, is there no justice in this world?!”

Her eyes had a tinge of doubt. She slowly retracted her finger before looking outside the station with increased bloodlust.

Many cultivators appeared outside. All of them had magnificent auras and murderous intents. Some had spirit treasures as well.

That one coffin at the gate had been shattered by the three old men from the Violetsea Cave. They were focused on suppressing the bloody female corpse that was now full of holes.

Feiyun stared at the Evil Woman carefully. Her cultivation was unbelievable, but she was hellbent on pursuing the immortal path and had very little common sense. It wasn’t difficult to trick her at all.

This was similar to Feng Feiyun’s previous life. As the noble clan master of the phoenix race, he was extremely mighty. However, all he wanted to do was to pursue the ultimate strength, so he spent his years in closed cultivation. He understood too little about the treachery of the human heart. Because of this, he was deceived and killed by a woman in the end.

Although the bronze vessel granted him rebirth by fusing his soul with that of a useless young master, he still understood his mistakes in the past.

A fool and a heinous villain Young Master Feng might be, but he indeed had certain things that the phoenix clan master lacked. With regards to treachery and women, he was a thousand times more gifted than the phoenix clan master.

After their souls fused, their shortcomings and strong points intertwined and complemented with each other.

“Your Excellency, this group of people have announced their intention of capturing you and turning you into a slave.” Feng Feiyun continued to fan the flames. If the Evil Woman were to take action, the experts outside would be nothing even if they were to double in number.

Wang Meng’s tears continued to pour down as he bemoaned the current situation: “They talked about killing evil to protect the dao, killing the Evil Woman to worship the heaven and earth. Look, they have sealed the entire city in order to refine us. It doesn’t matter if we die, but they dare to be disrespectful towards you, Your Excellency. I can’t stand to watch this!”

“Your Excellency, just give the order and we’ll take them on any time. Even if we can’t win, dying for you is worth it.”

Feng Feiyun and Wang Meng put on their most indignant and angry expression as if they were ready to kill their way out of the station. However, the Evil Woman was even faster than them. She suddenly appeared outside again.

Feng Feiyun smirked. ‘Finally, a fun show to watch.’

The outside area had turned into ruins. Half the city was destroyed with rubble and broken walls everywhere.

This battle had turned the old city into a scorched land. Not many buildings were left intact.

“Haha! We finally got you! That’s a peak second-transformation corpse on the verge of third-transformation indeed. Not bad at all, we can refine her into a Corpse Monarch after we take her back.” One of the old men in purple laughed out loud. There were some blood stains due to being wounded by the female corpse, but they were now healed.

“Boom!” The three divine talismans suppressed the female corpse. Its body was broken in several places. The corpse howled but couldn’t break free.

The Evil Woman stood among the ruins and coldly glared at this scene. Her white robe fluttered even though there was no wind.

Feiyun and Wang Meng slowly came out and stood right behind her.

“Ninth Uncle, Feng Feiyun has come out!” Chu Jibei shouted after seeing him exit the station.

An old man in purple turned around. His eyes skipped past the Evil Woman and Wang Meng and landed on Feiyun. Their goal tonight was to kill the demon’s son.

Feng Feiyun had nothing to fear anymore, so he shouted: “Damned geezer! You actually dare to suppress a Corpse Evil under Her Excellency’s banner? You are quite bold!”

This old man’s vitality was dense and his aura was countless times stronger than Chu Jibei. He was almost a half-step Giant, but he didn’t recognize the Evil Woman and thought that she was merely a disciple from the pagoda.

He sneered: “Bringing up the Evil Woman? Brat, who do you think you’re trying to scare? I’ll have you know, our Violetsea Cave coming to the Grand Southern Prefecture is precisely to capture her. We’ll refine her into our strongest corpse slave!”

He felt a cold stare glaring at him. It was the female disciple from the pagoda. With such an exquisite figure, she was perfect and kingdom-toppling indeed.

‘Only a junior from the pagoda.’ The old man thought this and sneered with disdain.

Meanwhile, Feng Feiyun and Wang Meng were laughing in their minds.

Wang Meng passionately said: “This old man is unforgivable! Daring to say such heresy with zero consideration for Her Excellency’s prestige!”

“It’s more than that. This Violetsea Cave is too arrogant. They actually want to refine Her Excellency into a slave? We can’t endure this anger!” Feiyun was infuriated.

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