Chapter 356: Evil Woman’s Appearance

This net was made from nine different types of chilling metal with a layer of icy mist on the surface. It was tough enough that even a strange beast with 700 years of cultivation wouldn’t be able to break it.

The Tenth Lord was quite mighty; this was a talented young man with a bright pair of eyes. His fingers acted as hooks holding onto the tail of the net.

It came down like stars descending from the sky.

Feiyun directly threw the coffin into the net. The net folded as the Tenth Lord pulled it back.

“Boom!” The coffin was enveloped in a chilling aura as it flew towards the Tenth Lord. This chill went straight to the bones and could cause blood to freeze. It was as frightening as hell itself.

Chu Jibei, Beiming Feng, and Lu Liwei were scared back by this nether aura. The Tenth Lord naturally felt something was wrong, so he let go of the net in order to get as far away as possible from the coffin.

A tiny gap between the coffin and its lid formed.

“Whoosh!” A bloody female corpse with crimson eyes and a red dot between her brows flew out of the coffin. She looked just like a bloody phantom as she ripped apart the net and directly dragged the Tenth Lord into the coffin.

He was completely scared. His dantian exuded a blinding light with a beast soul flying out in order to get him out of her clutch.

This was his soulbound animal that resembled a silver divine sparrow.

“Boom!” This beast soul was directly swallowed by her. The Tenth Lord couldn’t escape from this peril and was dragged into the coffin. The lid closed for the second time.

It continuously shook as painful and scary screams came from inside.

Both Beiming Feng and Lu Liwei turned pale with beads of sweat running down their foreheads.

Chu Jibei was a corpse controller, so he had seen all kinds of evil corpses. Nevertheless, he was still quite frightened. This female corpse was too frightening; it was definitely on the same level as a Corpse Monarch. How could this little station have such a scary creature?

Something was wrong!

A while later, the screaming and shaking ceased. The coffin lid opened and bright pieces of bones were thrown outside.

The amazingly talented Tenth Lord has become a pile of bones — this scene was too shocking. The top young geniuses present were astonished and retreated with their gazes fixated on the coffin.

“Whoosh!” Feng Feiyun used his Swift Samsara. His body turned into a shadow as he instantly subdued Lu Liwei by holding her shoulder and pulled her back towards the station’s gate.

“Feng Feiyun, what are you doing?!” Her pretty eyes had a trace of nervousness as she recalled the horrible experience of being captured by him last time. She wouldn’t be able to forget it for the rest of her life; a tinge of pain still remained in her lower body.

Thus, how could she not be alarmed at falling into captivity once more?

“Miss Lu, long time no see. I’ve missed you a lot.” Feiyun stared at the demoness with a smile on his face.

A silver band wrapped around her long hair. She wore a purple dress that accentuated her soft and fair skin. Her voluptuous figure couldn’t move at all. Although her eyes were full of wisdom, there was also a hint of panic.

This bastard Feiyun didn’t adhere to common sense at all. He was unbridled without scruples. Falling into his hands was even worse than jumping into a tiger’s cave.

A glimmer flashed across her pretty eyes as she calmed down and smiled: “Feng Feiyun, are you not afraid that you might make Nangong Hongyan angry?”

Feiyun naturally saw the bracelet on her wrist and understood that this pretty little thing is under Hongyan’s control.

“Hongyan is Hongyan and you are you. Liwei, you are my woman, so you won’t be able to escape my clutches. How about we rekindle our love tonight?” Feiyun laughed while Liwei’s smile froze. Her towering breasts were quivering up and down from rage.

She screamed with horror: “Feiyun, you dare! Ah, you…”

Feiyun grabbed her slender waist and picked her up. He turned and smirked at Beiming Feng and Chu Jibei before entering the station.

The coffin was still presiding over the front of the gate so no one dared to take a step closer.

Beiming Feng and Chu Jibei wanted to take action, but they decided against any rash decisions in the end. That coffin was too frightening. Since even the Tenth Lord had been gnawed into bones, they could only watch Feiyun carry Liwei into the station.

“That demon’s son, daring to sleep with Lu Liwei. What a badass.”

“We can only ask the older generation to take action then.”

Beiming Feng and Chu Jibei retreated, not daring to linger outside the station any longer.

“Feng Feiyun, as long as you let me go, I can guarantee that you will be able to leave Radiance alive.” Lu Liwei’s mind was in shambles. She felt that she was a sheep that has fallen into a tiger’s jaws. Was she really going to be raped by him again?

She bit her teeth while feeling an unprecedented helplessness.

“Liwei, do you think I’m a child? I’m not planning to live past tonight, so I only want to sleep with you again. If you could give birth to my child, my line won’t end and I can die without regrets.” Feiyun spoke with a disappointed expression.

Liwei was surprised. ‘This bastard actually wants me to leave an offspring for him? A tool for reproduction? In his dreams.’

“I, Feng Feiyun, can be regarded as a supreme talent. You are also a kingdom-toppling beauty. If you birth a son for me, he will be the next generation’s hero. If it’s a girl, she’ll be a gorgeous beauty of the highest level.” Feiyun continued with his emotional spiel.

Liwei couldn’t move at all since Feiyun was suppressing her bloodline and dantian. She wanted nothing more than to seal her own ears since she was going to go crazy listening to his rambling.

Wang Meng saw Feiyun come back with a girl and was in awe. ‘Just a little bit of work and Uncle has brought a beauty back, he is so damn amazing!’

Feiyun put her on the ground and gently patted her shoulder while earnestly speaking: “Not much time is left, so we must treasure our time together by producing clouds and rain with the turn of our hands and get straight to the point. Right here, I will give you an unforgettable night before I die.” [1]

‘Unforgettable your sister!’ Liwei wanted to cry! [2]

Wang Meng commented while standing by the side: “Uncle, one day of separation between lovers feels like three falls! Your feelings are so deep!”

“Go away. What do you know?” Feiyun caressed Liwei’s face and said: “Liwei, you must have missed me a lot.”

He suddenly realized something and pulled back his hand: “Oh right, what’s your relationship with Mount Potala?”

Liwei was quite tense from being touched by him and didn’t expect him to suddenly ask a question. Her breathing intensified as she glared at him: “Why are you asking?”

He sighed and replied: “Of course I have to know the mother of my child before dying.”

Liwei was intelligent enough and sneered: “Haha, so you just want to pry my identity then use me as a hostage to have a chance of escaping. Not bad, Feiyun, you almost scared me. Haha, come and embrace me if you want. We already slept together once so going for another round isn’t a big deal!”

Her apricot eyes turned quite alluring. Her sweet and seductive speech made it seem as if she wanted to go along with him.

Feiyun didn’t know how to respond. She was indeed worthy of being a wisdom master, it was very difficult to get something out from her. If it was any other occasion, he wouldn’t mind sleeping with her again, but this was not the time.


Three old men in purple landed from the sky. Their skin was old and resembled chicken skin. Who knows how many years they have lived for? All three had black wooden staves and the typical corpse controller uniform.

These were the seniors from the Violetsea Cave with great mastery over corpses and destructive arts.

“Such thick nether energy!”

“There is a peak second-transformation female corpse in this coffin. Its gathering energy to perform the third transformation.”

“It’s a treasure for sure. Let us take her down together and bring her back. We’ll be able to refine her into a powerful battle corpse.”


Earth-shattering explosions came from outside of the station. The three seniors worked together to subdue the female corpse inside. Majestic corpse energy rays shot out, turning many buildings into ruins.

This battle was quite frightening. The impact of their blows made the entire city continuously quake.

Wang Meng said: “Uncle, this is not good. The previous generation experts are taking action, I’m afraid this place will soon fall.”

Liwei smiled back: “Feng Feiyun, you can cooperate with me and go find Nangong Hongyan so that she can take this bracelet off for me. I have a way to let you escape.”

Feiyun didn’t believe half a word that came from her. He jumped on top of one of the coffins to look at what was happening outside the station. The three old men used many wondrous corpse talismans. They were several dozen meters long like three gigantic purple seals and attacked the coffin.

These old men have yet to reach the level of half-step Giant, but they weren’t too far from it. After cultivating for several hundred years, they understood how to take down evil corpses so the coffin couldn’t move at all.

Suddenly, a cold wind blew over. A woman appeared out of nowhere inside the courtyard.

She wore a scholarly robe with a band wrapped around her slender and delicate waist. She was tall and thin yet her chest was unreasonably plump. Feiyun could even see her nicely bowl-shaped, white breasts within her dress.

She actually didn’t have a bra on. This made sense since she was wearing the robe Feng Feiyun gave her.

He only took a slight glance before meeting her cold-as-ice glare. He felt a terrible chill and almost fell down from the coffin.

The Evil Woman has come out!

1. Two literary idioms in here that simply cannot be translated. He’s using them to talk about having sex/making love in a “classy” manner, aiming to be funny. I suppose I could just omit them for readability, but we’ll be missing the original charm.

2. I could have translated this as “Unforgettable my ass!”

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