Chapter 355: A Friend's Place

His stare alone made others feel a piercing chill.

Wang Meng stood behind Feng Feiyun and gulped like crazy while whispering: “Uncle, who is that old man? The flesh on his neck is all gone while his clothes probably haven’t been changed in several hundred years. Look at how ashy they are! And what about the worms on his arms?”

Feiyun was still calm. This was a third transformation corpse, so what if a few places on his body were rotten?

He had gained a strand of intelligence after reaching this level! This corpse seemed to remember Feng Feiyun since he had come with the Evil Woman in the past. The light in his eyes disappeared as he continued with his task.

Feiyun and Wang Meng heaved a sigh of relief. The glare of this old corpse was too terrifying.

“Feng Feiyun, come out and accept your death.” Shouts came from outside the station. Beiming Feng was standing outside with a fiery armor. His left hand had a black shield while the right had a tri-edge halberd. He was quite imposing like a god descending from the sky.

He was from the branch family, so he didn’t get to cultivate the Northern Profound Divine Arts. However, he was quite lucky; due to his fortune, he was among the top three in battle prowess.

The halberd was a pseudo spirit treasure, but it wasn’t far from reaching the true spirit treasure level.

Feiyun directly jumped on top of a coffin and asked: “Who are you?”

“Beiming Feng.” The man proudly responded with his name. If one couldn’t proudly state his name, what else could he be proud of?

“And here I thought it was Beiming Potian. If you’re not him, you’re not qualified to make me come out and see you. You have to come here instead!” Feiyun laughed.

Beiming Feng retorted: “You think my Beiming Clan only has Potian? I’ll have you know that our younger generation has at least ten people who can kill you.”

He thrust out a black ray with his halberd in order to break the station’s wall. However, a coffin on the ground flew up and slammed into the black ray and then his halberd, blowing him away.

Beiming Feng crashed and broke many buildings along his path.

“Shit, these coffins are filled with the dead, yet they are strong enough to actually fly up by themselves?” Wang Meng was scared out of his mind and ran towards a corner. However, he crashed into the old man and almost broke down. He was paralyzed on the ground due to fear.

Beiming Feng spoke again from outside: “Feng Feiyun, you think your little tricks can save you today?” 

He lifted his halberd and intended to rush inside again.

“Brother Beiming, wait. This place is full of evil corpses, let me deal with him.” A man dressed in purple floated down from the sky with three powerful corpses behind him.

This was Chu Jibei, the Heaven-ranked disciple from Violetsea. Despite being defeated by Young Noble Flawless, his confidence wasn’t shattered. On the contrary, his battle intent surged so his cultivation actually broke through.

This person’s dao heart was too firm. It was no wonder he could become a Heaven-ranked disciple in Violetsea.

“Ah, Brother Chu, I heard the demon’s son killed many geniuses from your sect. Since you are here, he won’t be able to escape.” Beiming Feng stood to the side.

His thoughts were completely different from his words. Who didn’t want to kill the demon’s son to become famous? He was no exception.

However, this station was too bizarre. He suffered a bit earlier, so he wanted to let Chu Jibei pave the way for him.

Chu Jibei had a serious gaze. This place was full of deathly energy, an energy thicker than he had expected. However, this was no problem for a corpse controller.

The corpses inside were only a piece of cake to him.

The serious gaze turned into one of disdain. A gray beam flew out of his sleeve, signaling for three exquisite white bells to emit a blinding light before flying into the station.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The three bells shattered into pieces and flew out of the door with an even greater speed. It caught Chu Jibei off guard despite his panicked effort to retreat.

The bells directly sent him flying. Blood dripped down from his mouth, but he was able to protect his vital areas so he didn’t suffer substantial damage.

With a smirk on his face, Beiming Feng only watched without helping. ‘This is a Heaven-ranked disciple? That’s all he can do?’

Jibei climbed out from the rubble with fury in his expression: “Damn it, it’s just a murderous nether ground. If Feng Feiyun can enter, I should be able to as well!”

He unleashed three corpse talismans at the same time. They floated on top of the corpses behind him and rushed into the station.

“Boom!” The lid of a coffin inside was suddenly lifted. A female corpse full of blood flew out and directly dragged his three corpses inside her coffin.

“Boom!” The lid closed again.

The corpse’s coffin crazily shook as gobbling noises like a beast gnawing on flesh came from within. A bit later, the lid lifted once more and the three corpses were thrown away. Only bones and a little bit of meat was stuck to them.

Even the talismans had been consumed. Feng Feiyun and Wang Meng were completely astounded by her.

What the hell were these things inside the coffins that would even eat corpses?

Feiyun quickly flew away from the coffin he was standing on. The corpses inside were too terrifying.

“Uncle, what is this place?” Wang Meng asked again while lightly holding onto Feiyun’s arm. He felt a chill in his heart.

Feiyun wryly smiled in response: “Don’t worry, it's a friend’s place.”

Chu Jibei suffered a backlash from his corpses being eaten. A bloody mist exploded from his chest.

“What a terrifying nether ground, even Chu Jibei has been grievously wounded. Do we have to invite the seniors to come and break down this place?” Lu Liwei was outside as well. There was a solemn expression on her face after seeing this scene.

The Tenth Lord from the Senluo Temple came with her. He pondered for a bit before replying: “Isn’t it just Feng Feiyun? There’s no need for the seniors to take action.”

He then smiled and declared: “I heard the demon’s son is invincible within the same level, the number one genius of the Jin Dynasty. However, I don’t believe this at all. Do you dare to come and fight me?”

Feiyun asked again: “Who are you?”

“The Tenth Lord of the Senluo Temple!”

Feng Feiyun mused inside the courtyard and laughed: “Why should I fight you?”

The Tenth Lord responded: “If you beat me, we might spare you today.”

Feiyun naturally didn’t believe his nonsense. As if he could be in charge of the situation today! However, Feiyun still played along: “Okay, I’ll take you on.”

The Tenth Lord revealed a smug smile after hearing this. ‘So this is all the demon’s son amounts to. He’s too easy to fool, I will have to teach him a lesson today.’

He had been courting Lu Liwei all this time. She was a noble from Mount Potala, so her background was no joke. If he could win her heart, he would also win the support of the mountain.

However, he didn’t even get to touch her finger before this Feng Feiyun slept with her. What a bastard!

His anger wouldn’t subside until he humiliates Feng Feiyun today.

“Uncle, that guy only wants to trick you into going outside.” Wang Meng was afraid that Feiyun would fall for this.

“I know, I know.” Feiyun laughed before taking out an iron chain to pull a coffin outside.

He guessed that the coffins here were under the watch of the sweeping old man. The corpses inside were extremely powerful and at the top of the second transformation.

After recalling the river of blood below the station, he could guess that these evil corpses were getting ready for the third transformation.

In other words, this place was the Evil Woman’s location to upgrade her corpses. She must have given an order to the old man in the past, that was why he didn’t attack him.

At this moment, he was dragging a coffin outside. The old man glanced at him a bit before continuing on with his task.

The corpse inside didn’t attack him either. It seemed very calm and quiet.

Chu Jibei, Beiming Feng, the Tenth Lord, and Lu Liwei had prepared. Once Feng Feiyun comes outside, they would use their most powerful attacks against him. They wouldn’t allow for him to run back inside.

The Tenth Lord was holding onto a net with bright stars. The moment Feiyun takes a step out of the station, this net would trap him right away.

Feng Feiyun must die to his hands!

Lu Liwei’s eyes were flashing as her long and curvy eyelashes waved up and down. There was a black bracelet on her wrist forced onto her by Nangong Hongyan. She wanted to capture Feiyun in order to force Hongyan to take this bracelet off her.

Feng Feiyun and Nangong Hongyan have become her inner demons.

“Clatter!” Feiyun’s footsteps were approaching. He finally came out of the main entrance while dragging along a coffin.

“Haha, Feiyun, you have fallen into our trap!” The Tenth Lord attacked first by throwing out his net with the intention to capture him.

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