Chapter 352: Long Range Ancient Formation

Feiyun continued towards the top of the tablet and saw many more ethereal figures from the other wise sages. For example, the guardian of first-level Heaven’s Mandate, Zi Wu; second-level, Xiang Bei; third-level, Fo Canzi…

They were all legends that have been praised for several thousand or even ten thousand years.

Each level had its own guardian all the way until ninth-level Heaven’s Mandate.

Of course, this wasn’t the end for cultivation. Above the nine levels of Heaven’s Mandate were the nine levels of Nirvana, and then it was Heaven’s Emergence. On top of that was the Saint realm…

Nevertheless, it only went up to Heaven’s Mandate on this tablet. He had reached the top after seeing them.

“There must be more than just Heaven’s Mandates here. Some unreal experts must also be present and left their souls behind. My cultivation might be too low to see them.” Feng Feiyun entered a round stage. It was gigantic, the size of several fields. [1]

When he was at the top of Night-Day Peak looking down on the tablet, the top looked like a disc.

At this moment, he had reached this area where the circular appearance was even more orderly. There were faint markings on the ground, seemingly a sketch of some messy runes.

Feiyun cared the most about these runes. He felt that this tablet had something to do with the ancient altar on Mount Banda. Right now, he could finally see them clearly, so he calmed his mind for a careful look.

“It looks like ceremonial carvings from an ancient tribe.” He used to be the clan master of a phoenix tribe, so he was quite knowledgeable. However, his knowledge was very limited when it came to the ancient human civilizations. Thus, he could only see a faint connection between the runes and the old carvings.

The demonic phoenix race’s civilization was much older than the humans. Some old records stated that humans were actually part of the demon race.

He was immersed in these runes and slowly continued towards the central area. There was an eight-meter-wide dark hole that looked like a spirit well. Inside were intertwining and shimmering runes. 

Flames burned in his eyes, but he couldn’t find anything inside. This looked just like a regular pit.

It was around one meter deep, so Feng Feiyun kicked some stones inside. These stones were very peculiar and seemed to be the same type from the ancient altar on Mount Banda.

He eventually found that there were many pits on this peak with different shapes and strange distributions. It was very mysterious, just like a corner of the starry sky. However, under his careful scrutiny, he found something peculiar that he couldn’t calculate right away with his current divine intents.

As he moved even more towards the center, the gravity affecting him gradually became weaker. In the end, it was as if he was about to float.

He continued along a runic line and finally reached the center. He felt a power pulling him up. He needed to condense his strength and forced his body to stay down to resist it.

There was a square groove in the center. It was only one foot long and two centimeters deep. The bottom was carved with ancient runes along with three words. However, because it had been too long, he couldn’t tell what the words were.

“These runes…” He eventually found it more familiar. Suddenly, he took out a black iron order from his spatial stone.

This order was one foot long with runes and three ancient indentations. This looked exactly the same as this square groove. Was this a coincidence, or was this order supposed to go here in the first place?

It was taken from the coffin of an ancestor from the Feng Clan and was used to suppress the first clan master.

It wasn’t refined by the clan master as he obtained it by chance. To his knowledge, it has existed for more than ten thousand years.

“Pretty incredible.” This iron order was at least 100,000 pounds. Its painful chill spread to the bone upon contact.

The Feng’s ancestral ground, the sacred tablet at the lake, and the ancient altar on Mount Banda. All three were located at Trinity and were on a similarly old path.

Was there a connection between these things?

The iron order in his hand was suddenly stimulated by something and issued waves of black light. The square groove also lit up with patterns. The area around here began to change. The runes and the pits also emitted a clear light.

The pits shot out bright pillars that rose for several thousand meters as if wanting to connect with the stars in the sky.

After the lights connected, Feiyun looked around again and found that all of this formed a gigantic altar. There was an ancient sense of vicissitude descending from an unknown direction from above.

“I know now! This is a long-range teleportation formation, but why is it here in the Jin Dynasty? A long-range formation can teleport someone more than ten million miles away at the very least and up to one hundred million miles. The dynasty isn’t large enough to need a formation like this!”

Even in his past life, Feiyun rarely saw these long-range formations. The ones he saw were meant for some special dimensions and realms.

This formation had been abandoned for who knows how many years. It was completely broken as well. Just where was its destination? This was the answer he cared about the most.

It must be a region beyond the Jin Dynasty, maybe even the other side of the continent. Perhaps it could also be a star out in space or even the past or future.

Feng Feiyun was completely shocked. He felt that it was no coincidence that this tablet had fallen in the Jin Dynasty. Perhaps the souls of the human talents left here had something to do with this portal.

The only way to solve this mystery was to activate this ancient portal again to reach the other side.

“Rumble!” The tablet began to shake, causing the water on the lake to churn!

On the horizon, the pulling force became more ferocious as if it must pull Feiyun up into the sky.

The iron order in his hand was continuously shaking as well. It wanted to latch onto the square groove on the ground.

More lights came out from the pits and connected with the world. People could see it from several thousand miles away.

“Not good! This abandoned tablet has been activated by the iron order. Does it want to fly to the other side?”

Feiyun still had unfinished business at the Jin Dynasty. If he were to be teleported to the other side of the continent, who knows how many years it would take for him to return?

He forcefully threw the iron order back into his spatial stone and used his Swift Samsara to head for the base of the tablet.

Meanwhile, the tablet quaked even more violently and slowly rose from the lake. Its huge body erupted with a terrifying energy. The water instantly evaporated and left behind an empty lake.

“Bang! Bang!” Dust-Dawn Peak and Night-Day Peak collapsed from the vibrations. Their fall created a massive earthquake.

“Oh god, what is going on?” The cultivators who didn’t make it too far were horrified. The top of the tablet was lighting up as the whole thing started to fly.

What was this about?

Many people ran back, but a vast power from the tablet stopped them from a hundred miles away. They were all pushed back, no one could step within this boundary. Everyone was completely lost.

“Whoosh!” A figure rushed out of the tablet’s barrier with lightning speed.

“Guys, look who it is!”

“Isn’t, isn’t that the demon’s son? Didn’t the princess kill him already? He actually came back to life?”


The cultivators who hurried back were astonished after seeing Feiyun flying out of the barrier.

In a carriage several hundred miles away, the seated Su Yun smiled: “I knew he wouldn’t die so easily.”

Ji Yunyun in a corner also smiled back at him.

“A villain never dies.” Su Xue, dressed in black with a black hat and sword in her embrace, scowled right outside of the carriage.

A disciple from the Senluo Temple was furious: “I am certain that the demon’s son did this. There’s nothing he is afraid of doing in this world.”

“Yeah, he’s too bold. Did he actually do something to the sacred tablet? This is why it has been enraged, right?”

It was a scene of destruction. The lake was completely dried while the mountains collapsed and seemed to be spreading to the whole world.

Some weaker-minded people were trembling in fear while kneeling on the ground. They thought Feiyun had angered the tablet and a calamity was incoming.

The great tablet flew like a mountain towards the direction of Mount Banda.

“Boom!” A bit later, it landed on Mount Banda and suppressed all the corpses around it, dropping them down to the ground immediately.

Meanwhile, the altar and the stones nearby all flew up towards the tablet. The stones inserted themselves into all the pits that formed the formation.

1. This word is usually used for sports stadiums and fields, but I feel strange including the sport part in a xuanhuan.

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