Chapter 351: The Center Of Attention

Feiyun had seen and experienced many strange things, yet he still became quite serious at this moment.

The princess murmured to herself: “Leaving a strand of your soul behind…”

Could this name engraving process be leaving behind their soul? No, selling their soul to the tablet in order to gain the providence to become a supreme talent of a generation?

This was hard to believe, but it was the only explanation.

At this moment, the biggest question in their mind was: “Was this only a holy monument?”

Feiyun stared at her and asked: “You still wish to leave your name?”

Her clear eyes showed signs of a struggle. This was a difficult choice. Leaving their name right now was easy, but they must hand over some of their soul.

For some people, not to mention just a strand of their soul, they would be willing to hand over their lives for this reward. However, for someone as proud as the princess, this choice was much harder than that.

One could imagine that these old human sages were also feeling the same thing as her before making their decision.

Who knows what they will have to face in the future by leaving their soul here? True masters didn’t want someone else to have control of their fate.

The princess gritted her teeth and declared: “This world is a pyramid, everyone needs a backing. No one can take over the world alone. Leaving a strand of your soul here isn’t necessarily a bad thing.”

Feng Feiyun didn’t state his opinion: “Have you decided?”

Her eyes were as pretty as Nangong Hongyan’s. However, there was a murderous intent being born at this second as she replied: “I will gain the providence as well as the support of countless people. Becoming an empress will only be a matter of time.”

Feiyun naturally noticed her bloodthirst. She wasn’t afraid of him wanting to compete with her for leaving behind their name. It was an urge to silence him completely.

She didn’t want anyone to know the truth inside the tablet. If she could eliminate him, no one else in the world will know that she has offered part of her soul to the tablet.

This was crucial to her eventual ascension and she wouldn’t allow for the slightest mistake.

“Whoosh!” Feiyun performed his Swift Samsara to suddenly dart a hundred feet away. A huge hole appeared at the spot where he was standing due to a spirit wave.

“You run very fast.” The princess was slightly surprised but didn’t actually mind it. In her eyes, killing Feiyun wasn’t difficult at all.

She continued and unleashed nine more palms of dragon-tiger power. None of them managed to make contact with him. It looked like his speed was much faster than what she initially expected.

His figure had turned into wind itself. Even with her vision, she could only see a faint shadow. Feiyun was even faster than her.

“Your Highness, I have zero interest in who the master of the Jin Dynasty will be. You are needlessly antagonistic towards me.” Feiyun’s voice was intangible like the wind in the sky.

The princess stood there looking pretty yet dignified like an empress and sneered: “My heart will find no solace until you are dead.”

“But you can’t kill me today.” Feiyun snorted back at her.

The speed of the imperial carriage could definitely catch Feiyun. However, due to the suppression from the tablet, a spirit treasure couldn’t exert all of its power and speed. Thus, his samsara steps were still faster.

The princess naturally knew this.

“Hmph, Feng Feiyun, run your mouth outside and I guarantee you, you won’t live for much longer.” She scowled before getting on her carriage. It flew down the mountain and left the barrier.

Feiyun reappeared with a profound gaze and looked towards the direction of her departure with a smirk on his face. He glanced over at the cliff nearby. A pretty woman dressed in gold was floating there with an ethereal body.

This was the princess’ remnant soul!

It was also his first time taking a good look at her. With a voluptuous body and a delicate waist, she was indeed worthy of being the fifth beauty of the Jin Dynasty. She was still very young and wore silver tassels on her fair ears. This was an enchanting beauty; her white and slender neck resembled a snow goose.

Of course, she had the unruly and unreasonable manner of a royal daughter. However, this didn’t deter her from having great wisdom and shrewdness.

She gave off the feeling of being unfathomable; no one could truly grasp her.

Alas… this soul was the same as all the others. It had lost its pride and divinity, only a pious look towards the peak was left behind.

“My fate is my own. I actually want to see what kind of power is controlling everyone’s fate.” His eyes were bold and unyielding while looking at the peak.

He began his ascension.


Everyone was still waiting for a result outside of the tablet.

A golden light flashed on top of the tablet. Three ancients words as bright as the stars in the sky appeared — “Long Luofu.” [1]

“Wow!” The whole scene was boiling!

“Oh god! Princess Luofu has carved her name on the tablet!”

“She stole Feiyun’s fruit in the end to become an eternal wise sage. What a pity for Feiyun, poor guy!”

“I heard that after this process, one’s cultivation will increase by a huge margin. I wonder what level the princess will reach now?”

“Who knows? But with this providence, she is surely now at the grand historical level.”

“Rumble!” The barrier opened with the imperial carriage rushing out towards the sky. The eight dragon souls were roaring while raising their fangs.

“Congratulations, Princess. From now on, the entire Jin Dynasty shall tremble beneath your feet.” Attendant Yu was ecstatic and quickly went to prostrate in front of her.

Someone of his status simply didn’t need to kneel in front of the princess. However, this was no longer the case. Her status has risen more than tenfold.

The eight inner experts and her guest followers all kneeled as well. They were excited and sang praises.

“Your Highness, you will be the greatest in this generation. All the other grand historical geniuses shall pale before you.”

“After the great emperor hears of this news, I’m sure he will be very happy. No, the entire dynasty will be excited about this. I have sent the message already.”

“I’m sure it will be a sleepless night at the capital tonight.”

Her group was emotional and continued to kowtow to the princess as if they were worshiping their king. However, this wasn’t surprising. If she were to take the throne, they would also share her glory.

“I shall return to the capital now.” The princess’ voice was still composed.

The imperial carriage lit up and flooded the sky with its golden light. It instantly disappeared and only left behind a howling wind and dragon roars.

Attendant Yu and the inner experts as well as her guest followers got up from the ground and also headed north back to the capital.

Of course, some people didn’t want the princess to return alive. They wanted to kill her at this moment, but the carriage was simply too fast. Even Giants couldn’t catch up, they could only stand and watch.

“There’ll be a show at the capital this time. I’m sure the most anxious right now is the crown prince, Long Shenya. Maybe he will have a hard time keeping his position.” Someone predicted that there will be a bloodbath at the capital.

“Keke, there are many powers standing on the sidelines at the moment. I’m sure they’ll make their decision soon. Within five years, the capital will undergo a massive change.”

“The crown prince had the upper hand, but with the princess’ providence, many powers will support her. Perhaps she’ll be able to reverse the tide very soon.”

“The crown prince has the Beiming Clan as his backing on top of being the Grand Chancellor’s grandson. The princess won’t defeat him so easily.”

The cultivators standing by the lake could already see the capital hundreds of thousands of miles away and the inevitable chaos that will soon come. With the imperial carriage, she could reach the capital tonight.

No one cared for Feng Feiyun at this moment since they felt that the princess must have killed him.

The crowd began to leave. Some rode their flying swords and strange beasts to leave Trinity towards the northern capital.

Of course, some left some mourning words for Feiyun. He was an excellent talent that should have been the star of the generation. Unfortunately, not only did he fail to leave his name on the tablet, his death has become the stones that pave someone else’s path.

As for Yan Ziyu’s group, it didn’t matter if it was the princess or Feiyun. The only thing that mattered was that it was someone from the pagoda.

Su Xue bit her lips and stared at the tablet with a sense of disappointment towards Feiyun. ‘This scoundrel has actually lost to a woman. If he were to lose to a woman, it should have been me.’

Did the princess really kill him?

Ji Yunyun sighed as well while feeling pity for Feng Feiyun.

1. Thank god Luofu is actually her name. I was 100% certain that it was a title, but the title sounds very bad when translated. Princesses usually have titles in the imperial courts instead of their real names. I double checked many times with the translator chat, but it was impossible to make it sound cool in English. Luo = Radish, Fu = Floating. Yeah…

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