Chapter 349: Half-step Giant

Strange images of phoenixes and fiery clouds appeared in the sky. The entire area began to change.

There were many prodigies nearby who were stunned by this scene. They felt a premonition that if Feng Feiyun were to break through, he would most likely defeat Nalan Hongtao and leave his mark.

This was definitely a monumental event that would go down in history. Perhaps the name “Feng Feiyun” would become eternal just like the empress and Fo Canzi.

It was currently noon with more cultivators coming to the lake. The auspicious sunlight shone down with strange beasts howling everywhere. This place had turned into a prosperous holy ground for cultivation.

A billowing aura came from the south in the form of a whirling energy vortex. A person in a black robe emerged and created scars in the sky.

Su Yun, Yan Ziyu, and Little Demoness were the first to spot this person. They could feel his majestic power. This was indeed a half-step Giant. Only experts of this caliber had a power of this magnitude.

“That’s the half-step Giant from the Senluo Temple. Does the older generation want to participate now?”

“His evil energy is too dense, it must be a monster from the temple who doesn’t dare to show his face to avoid suffering the Divine King’s retribution.”

“I wonder if Young Noble Flawless and Yan Ziyu will be able to stop the offense of a half-step Giant.”

“It’s too difficult! Only prodigies with one hundred years of arduous cultivation can reach this level. They could instantly annihilate this area.”


A half-step Giant from the Senluo Temple has arrived. He stood several dozen miles away in the sky and had a cold glare that penetrated the smoke. He noticed the visual phenomena taking place at the shrine as Feiyun grew stronger.

Without any hesitation, he unleashed a destructive black wave. An attack from a half-step Giant was no joke; it came like an unstoppable flood. Just one light wave alone contained a world-destroying power.

Yan Ziyu and Su Yun virtually attacked at the same time using their soulbound artifacts. Two more waves of light rushed to the sky.

Su Yun’s artifact was a rainbow-colored glazed bow. It automatically arched back like a moon and issued crackling noises. A rainbow-colored arrow took form. The string was pulled back for more than ten meters before the arrow was shot out.

“Whoosh!” It made contact with the destructive wave!

Yan Ziyu’s artifact was a coarse white jade in the shape of a rake, resembling a mountain with three peaks.

Both were top prodigies and their combined effort managed to stop the light wave from the Giant.

“To be able to stop an attack from me, the younger generation will surpass us in time. Alas, you two are still too young.” The Giant stood on top of a large black cloud and shouted: “The two of you won’t be able to stop me. Stand to the side or die!”

His voice sounded like thunder, causing many cultivators to faint from shock.

“A previous generation’s cultivator attacking young talents, are you not afraid of the retribution from the Wanxiang Pagoda?” Yan Ziyu was unperturbed and stared at the Giant in the sky.

“Hmph, the two of you are too naive. Feng Feiyun’s value has exceeded a Giant. As long as he dies, losing one Giant is fine.” The half-step Giant sneered.

He was completely correct. Feiyun’s talents were too frightening, he could even surpass Nalan Hongtao from ten thousand years ago. His future achievements were surely going to be immeasurable.

They must kill him in the cradle. Otherwise, several dozen years later, an invincible master will reign over the world. No one will be able to lift their head high before him.

Many cultivation powers didn’t wish to see this.

“Rumble!” Three more meridians opened on Feiyun’s body inside the shrine. They shot out three rays of light while his aura became increasingly powerful.

That was the 335th meridian, he was taking one arduous step at a time towards the apex. The impossible became possible.

Meanwhile, the half-step Giant took out a crescent moon made from bronze that spanned dozens of meters. It spun around in the air and blew away both the bow and the jade rake. Yan Ziyu and Su Yun were knocked away and turned pale.

They couldn’t stop a half-step Giant after he took out his spirit treasure.

The moon flew past them and headed for the shrine. Little Demoness tried to use her Star Plucking Art to steal it, but it was simply too strong. It cut her arm, causing her to squat on the ground with tears filling her eyes.

“Whoosh!” Princess Luofu left her imperial carriage to guard the entrance with the Queen’s Order in her hand. She wore a golden gown and resembled an impregnable empress. With the wave of the order, a golden astral wind exploded and blew away the moon.

“Boom!” The power of the moon had been mitigated by the three attacks from earlier, so she was finally able to stop it. Otherwise, even her Queen’s Order might not have been able to stop an attack from a half-step Giant.

“Princess Luofu, you gain nothing from this.” The Giant showed some scruples.

Her identity was indeed too high. Even a half-step Giant didn’t want to offend her since it was the same as offending the Jin Emperor. How many people in this dynasty would dare to do so?

“Who says?” She carried an oppressive and royal aura even more tyrannical than this Giant.

Because she was standing by the shrine, everyone was afraid of attacking and hurting her.

Killing Feiyun was definitely possible, but the responsibility of hurting her was too heavy. Even the Hall Masters of the Senluo Temple would need to think twice.

“Boom!” A huge foot came down from the sky and blotted out the sun like a gigantic mountain.

This foot came too suddenly. It carried a righteous yet cold aura. One wave of energy came pouring down after another.

A second half-step Giant has taken action. Who the hell was he? Just how many monsters from the previous generation were still hiding?

Since there was a second, a third and fourth were likely as well… It looks like Feng Feiyun would have a hard time surviving today unless the Divine King came himself.

This attack was too sudden and left everyone unprepared.

The tiles on the shrine began to tumble down to the ground. The seals left behind by the sages were being crushed by this foot.

Right when everyone thought Feiyun was dead for sure, this foot’s energy was shattered by someone.

“Boom!” It wasn’t Su Yun, Yan Ziyu, Princess Luofu, or Little Demoness. No one knew who managed to stop this Giant, but they were certainly a master since they were capable of this task.

A miserable scream came from the horizon: “It’s you…”

“Poof!” The mighty aura of a Giant disappeared among a sea of blood. His body fell from the sky and shattered a huge boulder on the ground.

Someone had just killed a half-step Giant — this was simply unbelievable. Who could it be? Was the Divine King here himself?

No, it couldn’t be the Divine King. Someone of his stature would have come with great fanfare instead of acting in secrecy.

Yan Ziyu and Princess Luofu glanced at each other. Both of them wondered: ‘Could it be her?’

“This dead Giant is an old man from the Beiming Clan.” Yan Ziyu squatted down to look at the corpse. He took out an iron order from the Beiming Clan.

Even a half-step Giant had been killed by a mysterious character. It looks like a master was protecting Feiyun.

The spirit light inside the shrine grew thicker. In just two more hours, Feiyun will be able to absorb the entire dan stone.

“Today, no matter who you are, you won’t be able to stop Feiyun from visiting the Yellow River!” The half-step Giant from the Senluo Temple took out his crescent moon again and gathered all the strength in his body to unleash another ferocious blow.

The power of the spirit treasure had been activated completely. Half the sky turned green as the next energy wave aimed to shatter the entire peak.

“Boom!” A figure wrapped in flames suddenly emerged in midair. Their hand reached out and repelled the moon. The impact made the half-step Giant from the temple retreat hundreds of meters backward.

The mysterious person has finally shown himself.

Someone exclaimed: “It’s Nangong Hongyan!”

The Firebird Garment was her symbol. This was definitely the prettiest woman in the world, Nangong Hongyan.

Though no one could see her peerless features inside the flames, one could definitely imagine that she was worthy of her fame.

“Even the most beautiful in the world is coming out because Feiyun wants to reach the tablet.”

“What do you know? Nangong Hongyan has to appear because Feiyun is in trouble. The world says that she is a cold-blooded woman but is full of love towards Feiyun.”


“Boom!” A white figure rushed to the sky with a roar that echoed for a thousand miles.

Feiyun stood heroically with 341 meridians opened on his body. He stood on top of the cliff with both hands postured behind his back while his hair draped freely over his shoulder. His eyes were unfathomable just like the ocean.

He had finally come out after thoroughly refining the dan stone.

An immortal river floated above his head with roaring waves akin to the galaxy in the sky with its myriad stars. A dragon-horse was roaring in this river.

There were many cultivators by the lake. All of them stared at the peak with an indescribable shock. This visual phenomenon was too monstrous. How could Feng Feiyun still be at the grand achievement God Base level?

Feiyun stared at the tablet at the center of the lake with a surging battle intent. What’s the point of carving his name on the tablet? It would only be a bit more fortune.

In his eyes, defeating a legendary character like Nalan Hongtao was much more significant.

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