Chapter 348: Battle Of The Finest

The Senluo Temple was the leader of the heretical schools. It was an ancient lineage that could be traced back to each of the catastrophes the world had suffered. Each hall had their own history and produced top talents. This was their time to show their edge.

Seven Lords came this time. Each of them could be considered kings of the younger generation, feared by all.

Taking up seven different directions, spirit treasures floated up high and sealed the sky. There was a dark sail, a gigantic palace, a frightening bloody flag…

It was a magnificent scene as seven treasures all appeared in the sky at the same time.

The cultivators nearby couldn’t stand straight from the pressure these weapons emitted.

Feng Feiyun had entered a state of zen with his mind fully focused in order to absorb the energy from the dan pill. Only by hastily gathering his energy would he be able to come out against so many experts.

He also didn’t want to drag his friend down with him.

“Su Yun, a hero knows when to be smart. Step aside! The strength of one person is limited, you can’t stop all of us.” Xue Changxiao’s divine sail blotted out half of the sky.

Su Yun seemed to be firmly nailed to the ground with no intention of leaving.

“It’s enough when I join in as well!” An extremely powerful voice came from the darkness.

A white spear pierced through the black clouds. Yan Ziyu landed on top of the shrine and swept through the area with his gaze.

The seven lords from the temple were slightly startled. The strongest of the Wanxiang Pagoda’s younger generation has arrived.

Yan Ziyu was not weaker than Su Yun.

The Tenth Lord shouted: “Yan Ziyu, this none of your business!”

Yan Ziyu stood proudly and replied: “Feng Feiyun is a student from my pagoda. We are from the same school, so how could this not be my business?”

“Well said! We had a planned match last night at the lake, but since you heretical lords didn’t show up, now is the time we fight!” Princess Luofu controlled her imperial carriage and crossed through the sealed area. It landed on the peak as well with a royal energy surrounding it.

To everyone’s astonishment, the princess actually decided to show up at this moment.

“Meow, meow.” A cute girl holding a white kitty arrived using a Ghost Immortal Bridge. There was a mischievous smile on her face as she played with the kitty.

Little Demoness has also arrived. She sat by the shrine’s entrance while pinching the kitty’s ears.

The most prominent youths from the pagoda have appeared together as well.

This situation took a fast turn. This was a powerful lineup. Perhaps even if all ten heretical lords were here, they wouldn’t necessarily have the upper hand.

This was the best time to attack! Su Yun formed a cross with both arms. A rainbow-colored ray shot out from his palms and turned into a large halo that coiled around Xue Changxiao and the Third Lord.

Even when it was one against two, he could still completely suppress them.

Yan Ziyu unleashed a bright pillar with his spear and fought against three spirit treasures controlled by three lords at the same time.

Meanwhile, two other heretical lords used their bloody flag and iron bowl. One was sharp and murderous while the other was as impregnable as a fortress. They wanted to ambush Feiyun inside the shrine.

Just one ray of these treasures could eliminate Feng Feiyun right now.

However, both treasures were stopped by Little Demoness. The iron bowl was actually more than seven meters tall with runes on its surface and a beast soul sealed inside. However, her tiny hand grabbed it very easily and pushed it down to the ground.

The spiritual light from the bowl had been extinguished by her. It turned back into a fist-sized bowl that she threw towards her kitty.

It looked like she wanted to use this silver bowl as Whitey’s cat bowl.

The bloody flag was also captured by her. She shattered its spiritual light as well and embraced it as if it was her own item.

The two lords had green smoke coming out of their heads from anger. They had heard about how devilish this girl was, but in their opinion, what could a twelve-year-old girl do? She was too young to be overly powerful.

But now, everyone had opened their eyes after seeing her instantly take away two spirit treasures.

“She, she must be cultivating a forbidden law capable of stealing others’ spirit treasures. Could it be the Star Plucking Art?”

More rays came closer from the horizon. Many came for fun while some came biding time to eliminate Feng Feiyun.

“Brat, you better give back the Salvation Bowl or I’ll slaughter your whole clan.” The Fifth Lord’s face was twisted with rage as he watched a cat play with his spirit treasure.

“Little Demoness, return the Royal Wind Banner and I can let you live.” The Eighth Lord was twitching as well while looking at the corner of his flag in her embrace.

She innocently stared at the two with her widened eyes: “You two want to rob my stuff?”

“Poof!” The two lords wanted to vomit blood. Who was the robber here?!

“Meow!” Whitey turned into a ray and flashed through the sky with extreme speed. It scratched off the Fifth Lord’s ear and placed it back into the bowl before returning to Little Demoness’ side.

It then ate the bloody ear.

Princess Luofu was slightly surprised. What the heck was this cat? It was able to crawl out the Fifth Lord’s ear in an instant. Even she might not be able to do such a thing.

The Fifth Lord was furious while covering the blood from pouring down his right cheek. His eyes flashed like lightning as he directly made his way towards the front of the shrine to kill both Little Demoness and the damned cat!

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Figures flashed back and forth among the bright explosions.

A while later, the Fifth Lord was blown flying for several thousand meters before stabilizing himself. He looked quite embarrassed with torn clothing. There were many scratches on his body with blood dripping down.

There was also a bloody palm imprinted on his face. It looked like Little Demoness had slapped him flying.

“Ouch, it hurts so much!” Little Demoness held her bloodstained hand and cried out in pain while squatting on the ground.

The Eighth Lord made his move as well, but he didn’t even make it to the peak before Princess Luofu knocked him flying. Without his spirit treasure, he simply couldn’t stop the Queen’s Order.

“Whoosh!” Su Yun landed after defeating both Xue Changxiao and the Third Lord. The two were heavily injured.

Not long later, Yan Ziyu also returned with his bloody spear. There were a couple drops of blood that stained his white robe as he stood on top of the shrine.

The princess coldly declared: “Is this all the Senluo Temple can do? You’re completely inferior compared to our pagoda.”

The seven lords were utterly defeated. Each of them was more or less wounded. Nevertheless, killing them was much more difficult than just defeating them.

Even Su Yun and Yan Ziyu would have to pay a great price to kill any of them.

Xue Changxiao’s face was even grayer with blood dripping down the corners of his mouth. He uttered: “The two strongest lords of our school didn’t come. If they were here, you wouldn’t have been able to stop us.”

A different lord added: “That’s right, if the First Lord was here, even Yan Ziyu and Su Yun together wouldn’t necessarily be his match.”

“Just you wait! Some big shots from the previous generation will soon come. Feng Feiyun will never carve his name onto the holy tablet.”

“A half-step Giant from our temple is already on the way and will be here by noon tomorrow.”

The seven lords didn’t attack again. They didn’t leave the lake either and retreated far away to recover.

A half-step Giant was actually coming!

Su Yun and Yan Ziyu became serious. Even though they could defeat anyone in the younger generation, there was still a ways to go before they could contend against a half-step Giant.

Even though there was a rule that older cultivators couldn’t actively interfere with the younger generation, this was only under normal circumstances. The tablet engravement was too much of a threat. This was enough for the older cultivators to disregard the rule in order to eliminate Feng Feiyun.

The spirit energy inside the shrine grew increasingly thick. It enveloped Feiyun completely as his aura grew stronger. One meridian after another exploded and shot out amazing rays of light.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” The 281, 282, and 283 meridians were opened. His power grew each time.

At dawn, he had 300 rays coming from his body. This light rushed out of the shrine and illuminated the entire area.

With Su Yun and the top experts from the pagoda guarding the shrine, no one dared to recklessly assault it during the night. They were deterred by the four masters present.

However, the ominous feeling didn’t disappear and instead loomed over them. Many felt very uneasy.

At noon, the spirit light from the shrine became even more powerful. Strands of spirit energy floated everywhere and rushed into Feiyun’s body.

More than half of the dan pill in his hand has been absorbed. It was initially the size of a fist, but now, it was only as big as a pigeon’s egg.

330 meridians have been opened. There were bright spots all over his head, chest, arms, legs, spine, palms, and feet.

A heavenly hymn from the grand dao resonated from his body and resounded across the peak.

A phoenix cry came out as well. A fiery cloud began to condense on top of the shrine, perplexing everyone.

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