Chapter 347: Matchless Ties Of Friendship

The winds ravaged Night-Day Peak like blades.

A white carriage flew in the sky while being pulled by two scaled tigers. It landed right outside of the shrine.

Nalan Xuejian came out from the carriage in her white buddhist robe. She was petite and looked especially innocent. However, there was a hint of transcendent holiness in her innocence.

“Senior Sister, do you really not need me to teach that bastard Feiyun a lesson for you?” She had pink lips and white teeth. Her cute face had a trace of anger.

“No need, I have become a nun and have forgotten about previous worldly affairs. Junior Sister, if you worry about me, your Buddhist heart won’t be able to rest.” A woman with skin as fair as jade revealed half of her face from inside the carriage to respond. Her features were meticulous while her skin was flawless. Her jet-black eyes were even more beautiful than pearls.

One would be hard-pressed to find another nun as beautiful as her — Bai Ruxue!

At this moment, she was wearing a buddhist gown and had cultivated a holy scripture. A buddhist light flowed across her skin with an indescribable beauty.

Nalan Xuejian angrily stomped her foot down on the snow and said: “It’s a special time so I’ll spare him for now. Next time, I’ll teach him a good lesson. Damn it, he’s always doing wretched things.”

She bit her teeth and swallowed her anger before heading for the shrine. Once she got there, she shouted: “Who are you? Scram now!”

Su Xue took out her sword and stopped her from entering until Feiyun said something.

Xuejian saw Feiyun meditating on the ground and immediately thought about Ruxue’s sad experience. A fiery rage erupted in her mind, but she knew that this was a critical period and quickly subdued it.

Feiyun smiled and asked: “Xuejian, what are you doing here?”

He had been refining the grasses so his body was shiny. He felt his cultivation increase even more after opening 226 meridians.

“The old monk wanted to take me to the Beastmaster Camp, but after hearing about you on the way, I cried and begged him to bring me back. At first, he didn’t listen at all. He said that you are a villain that always bullies girls, but I didn’t listen. I told him that if he didn’t bring me back, I would bite my tongue or pierce my own heart. Eventually, he gave up and agreed to let me see you one last time… Ugh, what am I saying!”

She was angry at the start but couldn’t show it at all at this moment.

Feiyun was a bit moved: “You really are a silly girl.”

She took out a foot-long jade box and stuffed it into his chest: “I also begged for this from the monk, maybe it will help you.”

Feiyun opened the box. A green divinity rushed out while spirit energy began to spread throughout the entire shrine. This was a Dan Spirit Stone. [1]

A Dan Spirit Stone was ranked 16th among the eighteen spirit stones. Naturally, it was quite rare. As long as it was a Dan above the third level, one would need to add a little bit of a Dan Spirit Stone.

One Dan Spirit Stone is equivalent to ten Five Grains Spirit Stones or one hundred True Mysterious Spirit Stones.

One spirit grass could be sold for ten True Mysterious Spirit Stones.

Thus, this dan stone had energy comparable to ten spirit grasses. This was precisely the reason why it was so valuable.

With this stone, Feiyun could directly open another hundred meridians. Moreover, the cultivation speed would be much faster compared to refining ten spirit grasses.

Xuejian nervously blinked her eyes and asked: “Hey, is this helpful at all?”

Feiyun was even more moved. He closed the box and replied: “Very much so. Xuejian, why are you giving me such a precious item?”

Her eyelashes gently quivered as her face reddened: “I, I don’t know, I’m not telling you. But hurry, the monk is going to catch up.”

He asked: “Catch up? What is actually going on?”

Xuejian had already run outside with a speed faster than a rabbit.

Outside of the shrine came Monk Jiu Rou’s voice: “Girl, you actually gave my dan stone to that bastard?!”

Xuejian retorted: “It’s none of your business.”

He replied: “How is it not my business when it’s my stone?”

She asserted: “If you want to take it back, you will have to kill me first.”

“Well… fine, fine. You have met and given him the treasure already. Good girl, it’s time to come with me to the Beastmaster Camp.” He couldn’t possibly become angry at her and chose to compromise.

With eyes full of tears, she glanced at the shrine one last time. Who knows when they will be able to meet again after this?

Despite being unwilling, she still left in the end.

Su Xue snorted while looking at the white carriage flying away: “Who would expect that a scoundrel like Feng Feiyun would have a girl who likes him so much. She has to be blind.”

Su Yun, who was standing a bit further away, smirked.

“Whoosh!” A screen of water suddenly appeared above the shrine. The rippling waves sparkled as a sago palm tree flew out with a destructive force.

This was a spirit treasure! Someone had finally used this kind of weapon to attack the shrine from several hundred miles away.

“It looks like they can’t sit still any longer!” Su Yun unleashed a palm strike. Six gigantic dragon-tigers flew out from his palm with a sky-shaking power and repelled the treasure back to the screen of water.

Next, beast shadows rushed into the water screen.

A loud blast exploded several hundred miles away, followed by two miserable screams. Two figures fell down from the sky.

The screen of water above the shrine disappeared without a trace.

However, peace didn’t return since someone else had taken action. The assailant was even stronger this time. A purple corpse talisman that spanned a hundred meters soared to the sky to suppress Night-Day Peak as if intending to topple it.

This time, it was five old men from the Violetsea Corpse Cave working together. The resulting power was no joke.

All five had ashen hair, but their eyes were clear. They stood in the sky while raising their dried hands to empower the talisman.

Young Noble Flawless guarded the front of the shrine. His white robe was latched onto his steel body. One palm alone shattered the corpse talisman completely. He leaped forward with lightning speed and circled around the five old men before returning to the peak.

“Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!” The five experts from the previous generation all exploded into five bloody mists.

“Young Noble Flawless, do you think you alone can stop all of us?” A cold voice came from the clouds. A sound wave descended from the sky like a waterfall.

“Poof!” Su Yun didn’t waste time and unleashed a sharp claw towards the cloud to seize the speaker. He directly crushed the man’s body as more blood fell from the sky.

“Feng Feiyun absolutely cannot live. Su Yun, you can’t stop…” This person hadn’t even finished before he was spotted by Su Yun’s divine intent. Su Yun reached out with one finger and a ray shot out. An old second-level Heaven’s Mandate hiding in the distance had his body penetrated, resulting in him falling to the ground.

More rays started to gather inside the shrine. A boundless spirit energy was condensing.

Feng Feiyun had opened 246 meridians and has begun to refine the dan pill.

As long as he could refine it, he would open 346 meridians and his cultivation would take a huge step forward. The probability of defeating Nalan Hongtao would be even greater.

This was the most crucial moment, and the outsiders didn’t want to see this happen at all.

The refinement process has begun. Feiyun placed both hands on the stone and channeled everything into his dantian for the absorption. The meridians on his body continued to erupt.

The bloodthirst became increasingly thick outside of the shrine as older experts approached.

After just half a day, more than twelve waves of combatants had been detected and ruthlessly killed by Su Yun. No one could threaten Feiyun inside the shrine.

Su Yun’s sleeves were stained with blood, his enemies’ blood.

“It will be even more dangerous after nightfall. Su Xue, you and Yun’er must go inside the shrine. Leave this to me.” Su Yun stood amidst the chilling winds, revealing a melancholic scene.

He had an invincible aura as well as a faint glow around his body. Who could tell that he was a blind man?

Su Xue didn’t want to go inside since she would rather stay outside to help him. However, Su Yun pushed her inside when a group of black clouds approached from the horizon. They carried an evil energy mixed with a frightening murderous intent.

The people from the Senluo Temple were finally here!

A divine black sail flew out from the clouds with pictures of mountains and rivers engraved on its surface. Black smoke rushed out and turned the entire peak into a demonic realm.

Xue Changxiao was standing above the divine sail. He was dressed in black and had a face as pale as a corpse.

“Boom!” A black palace also flew out with a majestic aura and dazzling runes. It carried a momentum capable of shattering mountains.

The Third Lord raised his palace and laughed: “Su Yun, we meet again.”

Su Yun replied with a smile: “So it is the Third and Fourth Lords of the Senluo Temple, no wonder the evil bloodthirst is so strong right now. It is a bit scary.”

“Haha! Su Yun, I know you are powerful and that us two can’t stop you alone.” Third revealed an ominous grin.

He had fought Su Yun before and lost after three moves, so he was aware of Su Yun’s cultivation.

“Yet you are still here to court death?”

“Hmph, we have seven lords here. Su Yun, can you still handle all of us?”

Five more lords flew out from the black clouds. They were all dragons and phoenixes among men, the strongest of the younger generation.

They floated in different spots to surround Su Yun, who was in the middle. All of them had a spirit treasure, they were ready to slaughter this grand historical genius.

1. Dan = Pill. I used Dan before so keeping it as Dan for now. Might I will change it to pill in the future.

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