Chapter 346: Number One Genius

Cultivators gathered in droves by the lake. Many were extremely powerful and saw that Feiyun wasn’t much weaker than Nalan Hongtao. After another six months, he would have a seventy percent chance of defeating Hongtao to leave an indelible mark on the holy tablet.

His talents made many people uneasy.

A crimson blade flew out from the snowy plains. A wave of blood was aiming for Feiyun’s chest.

Someone had finally taken action in the dark. This person was afraid of retribution from the Divine King and didn’t dare to show themselves.

After all, few would dare to publicly kill the Divine King’s successor.

“Boom!” A different iron sword flew out and fended off the crimson blade.

Su Xue’s body flashed and landed next to Feiyun. The iron sword flew out again towards the snowy plains. A scream came soon afterward.

The sword flew back into her hand, stained with blood.

Feiyun had blood dripping down from the corners of his lips, but he was still smiling: “I didn’t expect you to be the one to help at this critical moment.”

Su Xue didn’t bother looking at him. Her icy eyes swept around the area: “You have saved me once so I am simply returning the favor. We are even now.”

“Even…” Feng Feiyun was secretly healing his injuries, but he didn’t forget to put a smile on his face. He felt that she wasn’t as cold as she appeared.

There was danger lurking everywhere. Many have begun to take action, evident by the murderous intents that numbered over ten. Some of them were from the previous generation as well.

“Whoosh!” A white ray landed by the lake. His sleeves fluttered in the wind, resulting in the most gallant of scenes. Who could it be besides Su Yun?

He smiled and asked: “Am I late?”

Feiyun smiled and replied: “Haha! Brother Su, with your return, it looks like I’ll be fine today.”

Su Yun was originally fighting against Yan Ziyu. However, after receiving news from Su Xue, he came back with haste.

The young cultivators immediately dispersed their bloodthirst. They weren’t capable of killing Feiyun in front of Su Yun.

More talismans shot out towards the horizon. The young ones began to spread a message.


At the top of Night-Day Peak, the buddhist lamp inside the shrine remained eternal.

Feng Feiyun was sitting in a meditative pose below one of the sleeping Buddha statues. His body was enveloped in spiritual light. He had taken some medicines as well in order to recover his wounds.

Others would need at least fifteen days to heal such grievous wounds. However, Feiyun only needed six hours to reach his peak state again.

This was the amazing property of the Immortal Phoenix Physique.

Su Yun came inside and leisurely spoke with a smile: “Brother Feng, you showed an amazing display today, well-deserving of being number one in the Jin Dynasty.” Ji Yunyun was quietly standing next to him.

Su Xue was standing by the entrance with her sword in her embrace.

With a serious expression, Feiyun said: “There is always a higher mountain and a better man, I don’t dare to claim the number one spot.”

Su Yun nodded approvingly: “I feel much better now knowing that you understand this. Your wounds healed really quick too, I can sense that your breathing is stable and full of vitality. Could it be that you’re around thirty percent recovered after just several hours?”

“I’m at my peak state.” Feiyun didn’t hide it at all.

Even Su Xue by the door was astounded. This rate of recovery was unreal. Her lips slightly twitched, no one knew what she said.

Su Yun paused for a moment before speaking: “Leave this place now. The young cultivators have sent their messages. The older ones will soon come, and many of them want your life.”

Feiyun asked: “Where will I go?”

Su Yun replied: “Anywhere. As long as they can’t find you, you can pass through the tablet half a year later and carve your name on it. With the providence of the tablet, they will no longer be able to kill you so easily.”

Feiyun shook his head: “It’s no use. There will be more experts hiding at the lake half a year later to kill me. I won’t have a chance at all.”

Su Yun naturally thought of this as well: “You can ask the Divine King to come out at that point.”

Feiyun disagreed again: “The way back to the pagoda will have even more ambushes. I can’t go back there as I’ll be killed along the way.”

Su Yun asked: “Then what’s your plan?”

“Give me two days, I will definitely defeat Nalan Hongtao and leave my name on the tablet.” He answered with complete confidence.

Su Yun stared intensely at Feiyun. Despite being blind, his eyes were still spirited like before. After a while, he said: “Okay, no one will be able to take a single step into this shrine in these two days.”

His voice was full of determination.

Su Yun knew that Feiyun still had room for growth. He must be wanting to use the next two days to take his cultivation to the next step.

During this period, a lot of the experts won’t be able to reach the lake. It looks like this will be the only chance for him to leave his name here.


Feiyun was seated inside the shrine alone and used the last three spirit grasses to help him open thirty more meridians.

He had opened 216 in total!

If he had an endless amount of spirit grasses, he could reach the apex of God Base and have a higher chance of beating Nalan Hongtao.

It was daytime again. The rising sun chased away the darkness to usher in a new day.

The waves by the lake were fierce just like a recent explosive event. The previous night at Radiance was even more lively compared to the sacred lake.

Back at the Yin Gou auction, the experts from the ten halls all showed up to buy the seven demonesses.

This was the plan of Scholar Heaven Calculating and Dongfang Yiye!

The scholar wanted to restrain these heretical experts so that the prodigies from the pagoda could have a chance to reach the tablet and avoid these powerful enemies.

Meanwhile, Dongfang Yiye naturally wanted to make more money.

This was the initial plan. However, something unforeseen had happened!

A youth name Nangong Hongbi spent an exorbitant amount of money last night at the auction. The heretical experts were all suppressed by him.

In the end, all seven demonesses were sold at sky-high prices to Nangong Hongbi. This made the heretical experts present vomit blood from anger.

They lost even more face to Nangong Honbi than Feng Feiyun.

Thus, they sent out experts to secretly kill Nangong Hongbi. In this way, they could retrieve the demonesses without spending a single coin.

However, the experts left without returning. Nangong Hongbi and the seven demonesses disappeared without a trace as if they had vanished from thin air.

This matter caused an uproar in Radiance; people were rowdily talking about it.


Inside a mansion in Radiance.

The apricots were in full bloom to paint a scene as red as a cuckoo bird. There was an old bamboo pavilion deeper in the thicket. A zither was quietly playing; its tune danced with the falling snow in a mysterious manner.

Nangong Hongyan, with her transcendent figure, was sitting inside the pavilion. There was still a white veil hiding her supreme features below her eyes. Her long and smooth hair fluttered in the wind, but her fingers stroked the zither even faster.

Suddenly, the zither stopped as she raised her fingers.

Xue Wu drifted above the snow and approached from the thicket. She landed outside of the pavilion with a glazed parasol in her hand then smiled and asked: “Sis, you are still in the mood to play ‘Snowy Path’?”

Nangong Hongyan wiped her fingers with a white silk cloth and showed a leisurely smile: “Is the Senluo Temple still looking for us?”

Xue Wu nodded: “They would never expect us to be staying at Princess Luofu’s Apricot Manor. However, I still don’t understand, why did you pay such a high price for these seven demonesses? They’re not worth it at all.”

“It’s worth it.” Hongyan replied: “Those people dared to issue a ‘Must-kill Order’ for Feng Feiyun. It feels good to slap them in the face like this.”

Xue Wu had a worried expression, she didn’t agree with Nangong Hongyan’s actions as it has offended all ten halls, but she didn’t dare to say it. Instead, she inquired: “Then what do we do with these girls? Keeping them around will be trouble later on.”

Hongyan smiled in response: “They are wearing the blood bracelets so they are henceforth my slaves. Opposing me is the same as courting death. Just let them go for now!”

“Very well, I’ll release them.” Xue Wu’s smile became even brighter as she understood Hongyan’s intention. She paused for a moment before speaking in a serious tone: “There’s something else that you might not have heard.”

Hongyan touched the strings again and casually asked: “What is it?”

Xue Wu revealed: “Last night by the sacred lake, Feiyun almost defeated Nalan Hongtao at full strength. With this, he has become the top genius of the Jin Dynasty and not just in name.”

Hongyan took a deep breath and found it difficult to calm down. She smiled: “This is the best thing I’ve heard all day.”

But suddenly, her brows arched while her stare turned dignified: “No, this is not a good thing.”

The clever woman instantly saw through the dangerous implications within.

Xue Wu grimaced and said: “Indeed. Everyone is running towards the sacred lake right now. Some speculated that Feiyun is about to break through and will try again in the next two days. This might be a happy event for you, but to the others, this is the worst thing possible. Many will take action in the next two days and eliminate Feng Feiyun so that he can’t leave his mark on the tablet.”

Hongyan coldly uttered: “Who dares to do so?! They must die!” A murderous intent rose from her body, causing Xue Wu to shudder despite standing outside of the pavilion.

This was her first time seeing such a severe bloodthirst from Nangong Hongyan.

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