Chapter 344: Still Not Over

The lunar eclipse only lasted fifteen minutes so everyone must grasp this opportunity.

This was the time to make an eternal mark.

This was the moment to become a hero.

This was the time to write their own name in the historical annals.

Thus, the cultivators from the great powers turned into waves of moths rushing to the flame. They had a burning desire to leave their name on the tablet. This was the way to become the “hottest” figure in the entire Jin Dynasty.

Alas, fewer than few could survive a single move against these avatars.

The young master of the immortal sect earlier fought against a sage with a golden halo. He lasted five moves before being heavily injured and forced to run back to the shore.

The buddhist girl from the Beastmaster Camp was a first-level Heaven’s Mandate as well. She also fought against this golden sage and made it to the sixth move before suffering great injuries. Even the silver wolf beneath her had a large chunk of flesh taken from it. In fact, it was almost split into halves.

This girl also left in defeat.

“Whoosh!” Feng Feiyun flew towards the tablet with his stone saber and used all of his strength to unleash a white slash across the sky. A dragon-shaped energy soared and scattered the waves everywhere.

“Boom!” However, this wave attack was destroyed by Ling Donglai. It couldn’t touch the tablet at all.

“Feng Feiyun, submit and come with me for your sentence.” Ling Donglai raised his saber. It was made from Vermillion Steel and weighed 16,000 pounds. There was a flame flowing along the edge like a crimson aquatic domain.

“Damn your sister! Get out of my way!” Feiyun used his Swift Samsara to go around Donglai.

Feiyun was exceedingly fast, but Donglai’s spiritual sense was even better. He sensed Feiyun’s direction and unleashed a slash even before Feiyun started moving in order to stop his advance.

Feiyun had never seen an opponent like this before. Donglai was completely unassailable and had no openings.

Despite being the same age, Donglai was stoic, calm, mature, determined, and wise. He looked like a veteran general with his armor.

“Boom!” Donglai moved his finger, causing the world to spin. The area was sealed off while half of the lake seemingly turned into a taiji diagram. The water began to flow in two directions with black and white glimmers soaring to the sky.

“This is… the Pure Eight Arrays Formation!” He was blessed with great fortune and had entered some ancient ruins in the past to see the three mantras of the Dao Ancestor. His formation was even more frightening and much more powerful than Ji Feng’s incomplete version.

A large shadow slowly floated up from behind him. This was an old daoist towering at ten meters. He had gray hair, yet his features were still youthful. His transcendent appearance resembled the mythical Dao Ancestor.

Ji Feng was watching carefully from a distance and murmured: “Pure Radiant Mirror with the image of the Dao Ancestor inside... this is the real first mantra.”

“Meeting you is so unlucky.” Feiyun shook his head and body before leaping backward.

At the same time, the taiji diagram in the lake floated up and sent waves everywhere. Some were a hundred meters high and went straight for Feiyun.

This was the real deal! 

The Swift Samsara was agile enough to run more than two hundred miles away. However, the formation kept on chasing him. A loud bang exploded from far away; the thickets nearby were completely crushed without any life remaining.

The defeated cultivators that had retreated to the shore stared at each other. This Ling Donglai was a bit too strong. This formation technique alone could place him among the top contemporary youths.

“The son of the demon might be untouchable within the same level, but he still hasn’t experienced the Earth Tribulation. There is no way he could have blocked that move.” Many people wondered whether Feiyun had been rendered to ashes after that attack.

Ling Donglai flew back to the lake and stood on the surface with a solemn expression. He couldn’t find Feiyun’s body, there was only a huge pit with billowing black smoke. There wasn’t a single bone here.

Could the demon’s son really have turned into dust?


Donglai’s spiritual awareness suddenly jolted. He lifted his head towards Night-Day Peak eight thousand meters above. There was a youth in white standing there, smiling at him.

Who else could it be but Feng Feiyun?!

“A challenge indeed.” Donglai laughed with excitement and shouted: “Feng Feiyun, it’s over for you.”

The lunar eclipse was about to pass, there were only two breaths left.

Ling Donglai was inches away from the tablet so he still had one chance to try.

However, Feiyun was too far away so he didn’t have a chance at all.

“Whoosh!” Donglai was a first-level Heaven’s Mandate. It only took a blink before he appeared before the tablet to fight against the sage with the golden halo.

This sage was also a legendary character named “Zi Wu”. His period was too far in the past so there were only sparse and unclear records about him. Someone speculated that he could be one of the founders of the Wanxiang Pagoda.

He was the gatekeeper of first-level Heaven Mandates. Many had fought against him earlier. Among them, the two strongest were the young master with the six-legged tripod and the girl on her silver wolf from the Beastmaster Camp.

The young master lasted five moves while the girl made it to the sixth.

Ling Donglai only had two breaths time, but he felt that this was enough.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” A bout of exchanges exploded and turned the lake upside down. Rays soared everywhere in the sky. Few could see Donglai’s figure or what was going on at the lake.

Donglai thought that he had schemed Feiyun, making him lose the last opportunity to fight. However, he was still underestimating Feiyun’s speed. With Feiyun’s Swift Samsara, he could still reach the tablet at the same time as Donglai.

However, Feiyun didn’t do so because his battle prowess was indeed inferior to Donglai. After all, he was still a major realm below Donglai. He couldn’t defeat Donglai like other first-level Heaven’s Mandates.

He speculated that Donglai had entered the grand historical level, but he hid it quite well so outsiders didn’t know about it.

Due to his formidable might, his fight with Zi Wu was earth-shattering and destroyed the surrounding radius, so Feiyun still hadn’t taken action.

In this world, no grand achievement God Base could get close to the vicinity of this fight and come out alive.

Even Nalan Hongtao, at grand achievement God Base, wouldn’t be able to take one blow from Zi Wu at his level.

They were two supremes from two different eras. Who knows which was stronger if they were at the same level? However, the person with the higher cultivation would definitely be the winner.

This wasn’t a disparity in talent, it was purely cultivation.

“Boom!” Everything around the lake was annihilated.

Donglai retreated back to the shore with a determined gaze set on the majestic tablet in the center.

At this moment, a ray of moonlight came back as the moon barely appeared again.

The complete darkness was over. Donglai didn’t manage to enter the tablet’s light since Zi Wu forced him back.

“Incredible. Ling Donglai is the first to fight Zi Wu’s avatar for a full two breaths. They exchanged more than 400 moves. Alas, he still lost in the end.” A character from the previous generation emotionally spoke after witnessing the fight.

A part of Zi Wu’s seal was shattered by Donglai. However, when the moonlight poured down again, it was completely restored. Only the keenest of eyes were able to notice this.

Feiyun naturally saw this as well. To be able to break a wise sage’s seal meant that he was only one step away from defeating them.

Only by completely destroying the seal would one be able to carve their name as a replacement, a new seal.

Despite his defeat, the whole crowd was still shocked. There was no doubt that after today, the name Ling Donglai would reign supreme in the world. He was definitely another grand historical genius.

Perhaps his talents were even higher than the older eight.

“Donglai is too strong. It has been a long time since a genius has been able to damage a seal from a wise sage at the Jin Dynasty. Perhaps his fame will overshadow the other older geniuses soon.”

“Not necessarily, the older eight have been training for a long time and are virtually untouchable. Moreover, a few of them haven’t tried this tablet before. Their innate talents aren't necessarily weaker than Donglai’s.”

“That’s true. Donglai might be gifted, but it is still hard for him to catch up to the other eight within ten years.”

“The most regrettable part is the demon’s son. He’s definitely invincible at grand achievement God Base, but he couldn’t try at all because of Donglai.”

“It is a pity indeed. For the new geniuses of this generation, the two devils from the Feng Clan are the most frightening with power and status on the same level as Ling Donglai. Unfortunately, Little Demoness is still too young. Her cultivation rose too fast, so she might not be that strong within the same level. Only the demon’s son has a chance to beat Nalan Hongtao at half power... Sigh! What a shame!”

Many people felt sorry for Feiyun and felt that Donglai had calculated and robbed him of this excellent opportunity to leave his name on the tablet.

Feiyun was standing at the top of Night-Day Peak and heroically declared with an unstoppable momentum: “Where’s the challenge in trying during the darkest period? Even if one can leave their name, that’s only beating a wise sage at half power. If you want to try, then do so when the wise sages are at their peak. That’s real skill, being able to defeat them in their prime.”

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