Chapter 341: Flawlessly Unmatched In His Generation

Zi Kui’s complexion turned gray as he stammered: “So it’s… Young Noble Flawless!”

He couldn’t help but take two steps back.

Su Yun slowly spoke: “Feng Feiyun, you are taking all the limelight this time.”

Feiyun leaned back on the shrine and freely smiled: “I didn’t expect you to come in the nick of time. Go, take your sister away. She already tried to pierce my throat several times and her sword is only getting faster.”

Su Yun laughed: “Haha! Su Xue, what are you waiting for, thank him already.”

The black-clothed Su Xue picked up her sword and emotionlessly stepped out of the shrine. She walked next to Feiyun and glared at him before jumping onto the carriage.

Feiyun didn’t mind at all. It was good that she was gone, having her follow his tail everywhere was a nuisance. He was free at last.

“Young Noble Flawless, what is your intention? Do you not place our Violetsea Cave in your sight?” Li Huansheng was angry. Even if Su Yun was a grand historical genius, just how powerful could a blind man be?

Su Yun laughed in response: “My eyes really can’t see your corpse cave.”

“How annoying! Young Noble Flawless, do you actually want to become our enemy?!” A different Earthrank was quite dissatisfied.

They initially lost all face to Feng Feiyun, and now this Young Noble Flawless came out of nowhere. If they were to let him take Su Xue away, they would become a joke in the cultivation world.

Su Yun responded: “Thanks for reminding me. Your cave actually dares to touch my sister? This is a sin that deserves death, hand the culprits over!”

Ji Bei asked: “Who is your sister?”

“She is my sister!” Su Yun pointed at the girl in black standing on the carriage.

Damn it! This girl was actually Flawless’ sister! Qin Tian’s and Luo Hong’s expressions were as bitter as a gourd, and their legs almost went soft.

They glanced over at Chu Jibei with an appealing stare.

Jibei was the only Heavenrank disciple here, so everyone listened to him. If he were to hand them over, death was certain.

Jibei slightly frowned and uttered: “It was clearly the demon’s son harassing Miss Su Xue. Our disciples lent her a hand, yet we’re being accused of this? Young Noble Flawless, perhaps your blindness has hidden the truth from you.”

Others naturally wouldn’t talk about Su Yun being blind in front of him. However, Jibei was an exception. He had wanted to challenge the eight older grand historical geniuses for a while now. Su Yun might be blind, but his cultivation was still there; he was worthy of challenging.

“That’s right! Feng Feiyun is a perverted fiend who raped two supreme beauties from the heretical schools. When we arrived, he had already tied Miss Su Xue to a pillar. He’s even worse than an animal!” Luo Hong sneered, wanting to provoke Su Yun to fight Feng Feiyun. It would be best if Su Yun killed him.

Feiyun moved one of the chairs inside the shrine outside and sat by the entrance. He enjoyed his time watching this play and had no intention of interfering.

Su Xue slightly opened her lips, wanting to defend him, but after seeing Feiyun’s grin, she snorted and stopped herself.

“So you are saying you were there?” Su Yun smiled.

Luo Hong resoundingly exclaimed: “Of course, I saw it with my own eyes!”

“Then you can go die.” Su Yun slightly raised his finger. A wisp of smoke aired out of the red copper stove and formed a ray that pierced Luo Hong’s body.

“Boom!” He bled from seven orifices with his eyes wide open, staring at Su Yun in confusion before falling head-first to the ground. His body was devoid of life.

Feiyun’s smile grew even wider. He even turned towards Su Xue to blink while revealing his white teeth.

Su Xue simply rolled her eyes and ignored him.

All the disciples from the Violetsea Cave were enraged. They immediately surrounded the carriage while leaving Feiyun to the side.

Li Huansheng angrily shouted: “It was clearly the demon’s son wanting to perform heinous deeds in the shrine, yet you killed our fellow disciple? Su Yun, you need to give us an answer!”

Su Yun faintly smiled: “Who are you? Why do I need to give you an answer? Do you have the qualifications?”

“You’re pushing it too far! I, Li Huansheng, might be a nobody, but I’ll still take you on, Young Noble Flawless!” A purple bolt shot out of his dantian. A hidden sword was flashing inside the purple bolt and went forward with a majestic and bloodthirsty momentum.

“You think you are qualified to challenge me?” Su Yun slightly waved his sleeve. A white wisp flew out and reflected the tiny sword, causing it to pierce Huansheng’s forehead. His body went flying for dozens of meters before being nailed to an old tree.

Blood dripped down from his forehead all over his face. He was killed by his own soulbound artifact.

Su Yun declared: “A dead person is, of course, not qualified to challenge me.”

Too strong! Just a swing of his sleeve was enough to kill a top Earthrank like Li Huansheng. This was the power of an older grand historical genius?

More than forty corpses had purple glimmers flashing from their bodies. They cried out and leaped from the ground. All were quite powerful and armored with purple crackles coursing through their bodies.

Their uniform attack was especially ferocious.

There was a total of forty-nine from the northern region. They had been refined for more than a century so their bodies were tougher than steel. They formed a formation and came crashing down from the sky.

Su Yun gently waved his hand again. A huge palm pressed down from the clouds and rendered all forty-nine into ashes while leaving behind a huge print on the ground.

“Sss!” Countless spectators took a deep breath. Just a single wave of his hand had a world-destroying power. What level of cultivation was this?

Su Yun has grown even stronger. At the very least, he was much more formidable than when he battled against and Dongfang Jingshui. Feng Feiyun was thinking that while he was improving, others were improving as well, especially these grand historical geniuses. They had quite a shocking cultivation speed.

It wasn’t so easy to catch up to them.

“I’ll take you on.” Chu Jibei finally had to take action since the others couldn’t even take a single move from Su Yun.

The spectators nearby were eagerly waiting for this. This was a Heavenrank disciple with an incredible cultivation. He had cultivated three forbidden evil arts and once killed a 400-year-old cultivator with one move.

He has wanted to go south to compete against the grand historical geniuses for a long time, and now, his wish was finally about to be fulfilled.

As he took one step forward at a time, the other disciples quickly left the peak; they didn’t dare to linger. They knew just how powerful their senior brother was. Once he took action, a radius of several dozen miles would be annihilated.

Su Xue and Ji Yunyun also left.

This was a battle between two experts. Each attack would shake the world. If the wise sages didn’t leave behind their marks on the peak, it would collapse right away.


The full moon was hanging in the sky! Beneath its light was an ancient shrine, a carriage, and also the cold wind and fluttering snow!

Young Noble Flawless, in his embroidered robe, was sitting inside the carriage with a tinge of melancholy in his expression. His fair skin stood in contrast with the dark night around him, weaving a beautiful picture.

Chu Jibei proudly stood on the snow like a pole. The moon shining on him left behind a long shadow.

There was a third person on the peak, the only one who dared to stay behind. Feiyun sat by the entrance with no thought of leaving. How could he miss such an amazing fight? He was thinking about how many moves Chu Jibei would be able to take from Young Noble Flawless.

Everyone knew that Feiyun had frightening speed. Even Chu Jibei couldn’t catch him. This was why he dared to stay and watch.

In the distance, many powerful cultivators showed themselves in order to observe the peak.

Chu Jibei didn’t waste time before attacking with a forbidden evil art. All the broken carcasses on the ground suddenly reunited, including Yao Jingyue and the ice and blood corpses. These evil corpses, that had been rendered to ashes, were restored with flames raging on their bodies and began their attack. They were like a series of meteors flying down from the sky.

Su Yun simply raised his hand up. An invisible palm instantly shattered these corpses into nothingness.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” At the same time, Chu Jibei had moved above Su Yun and was now on the roof of the carriage. His body had turned into an ancient corpse. To be more precise, he had fused with a millennium corpse, granting him boundless might.

A fist penetrated the roof, causing the entire peak to shake. All of the trees nearby turned into ashes.

Only the ancient shrine remained completely intact.

Su Yun slightly frowned and retaliated with a direct punch. An overwhelming force knocked Jibei flying for several hundred meters into the night sky.

Su Yun and his carriage flew with an even faster speed towards the horizon. He punched again and blew Jibei even further away.

“Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!” After seven loud blasts, Su Yun and Chu Jibei were nowhere to be found. Who knows how high up in the sky they were?

After a while, Su Yun came back down on his carriage and gently landed on the ground. His clothes were still neat. A smile was on his face as he steadily sat in the carriage while sipping a cup of tea taken from the table.

The tea didn’t spill at all even after the battle earlier.

“Boom!” Chu Jibei also came back down. He slammed vertically into the ground like a rock, causing debris to go flying. His head was stuck in the ground, and his body didn’t move at all.

The same long shadow was still reflected under the moonlight.

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