Chapter 340: Help Is Here!

The energy slash had nine layers that were increasingly more powerful. Its momentum filled this area with a sharp aura.

Huansheng stopped all of the waves and sneered: “So this is all the Dragon King’s Saber Art can do…”

“Boom!” A gigantic bronze spirit vessel flew out from the saber waves and slammed into the bell above his head, completely shattering it. Streams of blood began to flow down from his head.

“What is that?!” He quickly fled out of the shrine with a puzzled expression.

“Boom! Boom!” The fire and yin corpses were also knocked flying by the spirit vessel. They were both damaged with broken bones.

Feiyun then came out of the shrine’s entrance with both hands behind his back, allowing his white robe to flutter in the breeze. He looked down on everyone and said: “The Violetsea Cave is all talk, you can’t even take down one enemy.”

The Earthrank disciples were enraged and angrily stomped their feet.

The lower-ranked disciples of the black division in the distance opened their mouths and shouted at him. This son of the demon was too arrogant. Someone must come out and take him down or else the Violetsea Cave’s prestige will be greatly damaged.

“Haha, this demon’s son is quite powerful. He was actually able to defeat both Zi Kui and Li Huansheng. These two leaders of the Earthrank have been toppled!” A beautiful corpse controller from the Yinvoid Cave gloatingly smiled.

“He’s indeed a genius, he’s able to beat down two famous members of the Violetsea Cave while only being a grand achievement God Base. If this news were to spread back to the northern region, the Violetsea disciples won’t be able to lift their heads in the future.” Yao Ji’s smile was even more beautiful. Her eyes glared at the youth in white standing in front of the shrine with a lot of interest.

A disciple from the pagoda asked: “Princess, how come Feng Feiyun became so powerful? I feel that he is strong enough to kill a first-level Heaven’s Mandate.”

“In just a short period of time, he turned from a prodigal child of the Feng Clan into a hero capable of fighting against Violetsea all by himself. This person’s potential is immeasurable.” Attendant Yu was respectfully standing behind the imperial carriage. He had seen many people, so his judgment was quite accurate.

Princess Luofu spoke with disdain: “He dares to oppose me? Even if his talents are peerless, I will still kill him in the cradle.”

The attendant reminded: “But he’s the Divine King’s successor. In the future, he might even become a… prince-in-law.”

“You think I’ll let him live and come to the capital? A successor who won’t listen to my commands yet still wants to become an imperial prince-in-law? I’ll turn him into nothing.” A chill emanated from the carriage. It was an imperial dragon energy as if a divine dragon was presiding over the area.

All the cultivators and even Attendant Yu kneeled while facing the carriage.

It was turning dark, so the night mist arrived.

The snowfall slowed down as a round moon appeared over the horizon. It was quite bright and illuminated the snow on the ground, creating a layer of shine.

The other two top Earthranks wanted to fight, but Chu Jibei stopped them.

The cave couldn’t afford to lose any longer. If all four top Earthranks were to lose, it would be too shameful.

Chu Jibei asked: “Feng Feiyun, I admit that you are very powerful. No one is your match at the same level, but do you actually think that you alone can stop all the young cultivators from our sect?”

Feiyun replied: “Of course not.”

“Yet you still want to resist?” Jibei sneered.

Feiyun shook his head: “You think your group can kill me by yourselves?”

Jibei claimed: “If I take action, you’ll be dead in one breath.”

Feiyun laughed and asked: “Then why haven’t you? Instead, you sent these useless people and embarrassed your sect.”

Jibei replied: “Even if your cultivation was five times higher, you wouldn’t be worthy of me to act.”

“Haha. If you are so confident, then why not come and try?” Feiyun smiled.

Jibei’s eyes turned serious and shot out two soul-piercing purple rays that flew across the sky.

The air suddenly boiled like water and issued a strange sound.

Feiyun was still motionless. His eyes turned even brighter, showing no fear towards Jibei’s evil gaze attack.

Many glanced at each other. The demon’s son was indeed not weak to be able to directly face someone as amazing as Chu Jibei.

“Hmph!” Jibei stomped on the ground, issuing a small shockwave. His body slightly shook and turned into a shadow that sped towards Feiyun.

“Whoosh!” His speed was incredible, only top experts could see his shadow. Others only saw him disappear before losing track of him.

Such swiftness was exceedingly rare among the younger generation.

Feng Feiyun’s body slightly shifted and disappeared as well. He was even faster and jumped into the sky before appearing at the top of the ancient shrine. Immediately afterward, all traces of him vanished.

Jibei gave chase by first leaping up and running three laps around the shrine before returning to his spot on top of the snow.

At the same time, Feiyun returned to the entrance of the shrine.

From start to finish, many cultivators didn’t even see their shadows, so they didn’t know what was going on. They only saw the two appear and disappear.

Even the stronger cultivators were frightened. Earlier, the two were as fast as lightning and thunder.

“Do you still think you can kill me now?” Feiyun smiled.

Jibei replied: “Even if you are very fast, there is still a woman with you so you won’t be able to escape our siege.”

Jibei was quite keen. They definitely couldn’t prevent Feiyun from escaping, but it was absolutely impossible for him to take Su Xue along.

All the war corpses were riled up along with the disciples. Their murderous auras were aiming for the ancient shrine.

If all of them were to attack at the same time, even Feiyun with his Swift Samsara would be turned into ashes. After all, this was the power of an entire corpse cave, one man alone couldn’t oppose them.

Suddenly, the pleasant scent of flowers could be found lingering in the air.

The noise of a carriage crossing the sky came from the horizon. It rushed out from the rosy clouds beneath the moonlight and destroyed the boundary seal of the Violetsea Cave. More than ten disciples of the black division vomited blood and went flying.

One Earthrank controlled a corpse fire to attack, but it was also blown away and torn into several pieces as if it was tofu.

The carriage quickly landed on Night-Day Peak.

“Reinforcements are here.” Feiyun grinned.

“Uninvolved people, don’t interfere with Violetsea’s business!” Zi Kui flew by and stood before the carriage while channeling a dragon-tiger energy in his palm.

“Uninvolved? I’m not one of them.” A pleasant man’s voice came from the carriage.

It was even more beautiful than that of a woman, but it also had a masculine spirit. It wasn’t overly feminine.

After hearing his voice, the eyes of many female cultivators lit up while they imagined just what he looked like.

This man naturally wouldn’t disappoint them!

Ji Yunyun opened the curtains. The inside of the carriage was very spacious with many ancient paintings and a copper stove. A red carpet paved the floor, so it looked just like a mobile and extravagant palace.

The highest tier musk was being burned on the stove, allowing this perfect scent to drift very far.

An extremely handsome man with his hair neatly combed was sitting inside. His clothes were also elegant. However, his eyes seemed to be somewhat empty and muddled.

All the female cultivators became his fans right away after seeing him. Some even wholeheartedly admired him.

Even the female corpse controllers from Yinvoid were astounded. They couldn’t help but place their hands on their hearts that were crazily jumping like young deers.

“Just a pretty boy!” Zi Kui didn’t like Young Noble Flawless’ perfect face at all and spat on the ground.

His sentence offended all the girls here. They glared at him like angry hens and were ready to go forward to stand up for the pretty man.

The dashing man leisurely spoke with a faint smile: “My name is Su Yun, not pretty boy.”


The crowd was in a furor.

Despite his flat answer, it was the same as a single stone stirring a surging tsunami in an ocean.

The eight older grand historical geniuses were all mythical characters. Virtually everyone had heard of their names, but it was nearly impossible to meet them in person.

They could fight against experts from the previous generations and were objects of admiration for all the youths.

Such a mythical character was actually standing before everyone at this moment.

“So that’s the number one man in the world, Young Noble Flawless. He’s indeed handsome to a devilish level.” One of the female corpse controllers intensely stared at Su Yun while biting her lips.

Yao Ji teased: “Don’t daydream. He’s one of the eight older historical geniuses, the best in the contemporary. How could he like a foolish girl like you?”

The scene was no longer calm due to Flawless’ arrival. Many cultivators who were hidden in the darkness suddenly showed up, including Heaven’s Mandates from the previous generation.

“I heard Young Noble Flawless has an irreconcilable enmity towards Nangong Hongyan. His eyes were blinded because of her, could he be here to kill Feng Feiyun?” Many people had this thought.

“That’s possible. Since he’s here, it looks like the demon’s son is about to be doomed.”

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