Chapter 339: Nonstop Danger

The lamp was still faintly shining as shocking battle sounds came out from the shrine.

The three first-level Heaven’s Mandate corpses used spears as their weapons while the ten armored corpses followed behind them. Even though some cultivators were standing far away, they could still feel the terrifying murderous aura of these monsters.

“Boom!” The first corpse exploded with its palace dug out. With the fastest speed that the eyes could see, it began to decay and turn into black ash.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The sound of wind being split could be heard nine consecutive times.

Nine more corpses were thrown out. All ten armored corpses were instantly vanquished!

The Violetsea disciples’ expressions soured, but they didn’t do anything. After all, there were still three Heaven’s Mandate corpses inside. This was the main force, it should be capable of suppressing Feiyun.


One of the windows shattered and a purple object shot out alongside a glittering beam. It looked like a purple ball with lightning surging through it.

Zi Kui caught it, but the impact numbed his arm. After the purple light went away, he could see that it was… a skull!

This was the skull of a first-level Heaven’s Mandate battle corpse that had been decapitated!

“Damn you!” He threw the skull to the ground, smashing it into several pieces before striding towards the shrine.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!” Three more figures were blown out. They flew in a line and fell on the ground with cracked bodies.

These were the three first-level Heaven’s Mandate corpses. One of them didn’t have a skull.

Two suffered grievous wounds. They depleted more than half of their corpse energies and their bodies were broken. The other one was completely hollowed and lost the ability to fight, it lost all of its corpse energy.

“Feng Feiyun, I’ll take you down myself!” Zi Kui came to the shrine a second time, this time much more cautious than the first lest Feiyun tricks him again. Both of his hands came together to form a giant dragon-tiger that he then unleashed into the entrance to pave the way.

There was no sign of danger, so he entered himself.

Feiyun was sitting on a chair beneath a Buddha statue. He smiled and asked: “You were my opponent? Not bad, not bad, what is your name?”

“Zi Kui.” Zi Kui remained calm. Despite being much stronger than Feiyun in terms of cultivation, he didn’t underestimate his foe at all.

Su Xue kept her distance from Feiyun. She stayed in a corner with her sword floating in front of her. After being subdued by Feiyun, she couldn’t move her body at all. Only her eyes were allowed to wander.

Feiyun praised: “I didn’t expect the Violetsea Cave to have so many young experts, incredible.”

Zi Kui coldly uttered: “I hate it when people talk to me seated when I’m standing.”

He took out a purple talisman that was one meter long and half a meter wide. It was engulfed in a dazzling violet brilliance with the word “corpse” written on it.

This talisman was as powerful as a mountain despite the relatively dim violet energy.

Feng Feiyun sat there and unleashed the power of his Infinite Spirit Ring. His hand reached out while his sleeve fluttered on the spot like a cloud.

The seven diagrams flew out at the same time and slammed into the talisman. Shockwaves emanated from the impact point, causing Feiyun’s chair to move back seven meters.

Zi Kui also had to take five steps back. With an astonished expression, he exclaimed: “The demon’s son is truly gifted!”

A ray of lightning shot out of his dantian alongside a violet shuttle that carried a sharp murderous intent.

This was Zi Kui’s soulbound artifact, a tiny sword with considerable power.

“Boom!” Feng Feiyun took out the black insignia from the Divine King to stop the tiny purple sword. Sparks went flying, but it was successfully blocked.

The tiny sword naturally couldn’t break through the insignia.

Forty rays shot out from Feiyun’s eyes and turned into the Heaven Punishing Hammer. Its sheer size took up the entire shrine. This hammer directly slammed down on Zi Kui’s head and pushed him back.

“Boom!” The hammer pushed him back once more.

“Boom!” The third strike exploded and Zi Kui was forced back to the entrance. Both of his arms were broken from the blows!

With the fourth bang, Zi Kui, his talisman, and his sword were sent flying towards the group of disciples outside. At this time, his robe was tattered and he looked quite downtrodden.

“Why didn’t you kill him? If you weren’t suppressing me, we could have killed him together.” Su Xue angrily spoke with a cold bloodthirst.

Feiyun was still sitting coolly on the seat, but he was holding his chest full of pain. How could it be so easy to defeat Zi Kui?

If it wasn’t for Zi Kui still intending to scout instead of going all out, the outcome would have been much harder to decide.

Feiyun asked: “Why kill him?”

“It would be one less enemy.” Su Xue looked down at him: “You’re so timid despite having a powerful cultivation, this is even inferior to a woman.”

Feiyun retorted: “Can you think for a second? There are many experts and corpses outside, how are we going to kill them all? If we kill Zi Kui now and everyone else rushes in, we would be dead for sure.”

“What do you mean?” Su Xue was puzzled.

Feiyun answered with confidence: “If they want to play cat and mouse, then we’ll take our time and play along with them until our reinforcements come.”

“People are coming to save us?” Su Xue didn’t believe this. After all, not too many people would be willing to offend the Violetsea Cave.

Feiyun responded: “Of course.”

Zi Kui was an amazing character with few rivals in his sect. However, he had lost to the hands of the demon’s son in a humiliating manner.

“Haha! The demon’s son is this strong, he was actually able to beat Zi Kui?”

“I think Zi Kui has regressed. Otherwise, how could he not beat a grand achievement God Base boy?”

The other Earthrank disciples were mocking Zi Kui while sneering at him.

“Feng Feiyun is definitely not doing well either, I will end his life.” Zi Kui scowled before readying himself to enter the shrine again.

“Let me go! Brother Zi Kui, you should rest first. There’s no need for you to take action against a small character like Feng Feiyun, I’ll deal with him.” Qin Tian rushed into the shrine first.

He assumed that Feiyun was heavily wounded after the previous exchange and was now completely vulnerable. If he could kill Feiyun, not only would he get his revenge, his fame would also spread across the world.

Zi Kui didn’t bother competing against Qin Tian and retreated.

“Pluff!” Qin Tian only managed to take one step before he miserably screamed. Blood spurted out of his stomach as he ran back and fell to the ground with a pale expression.

Another Earthrank disciple quickly went to examine him and said: “His dantian has been shattered by a saber, he has no chance of cultivating in the future.”

Chu Jibei grimaced, he didn’t want to suffer any more losses to Feiyun. He aimed to use his best arts to mobilize all the corpses to tear Feiyun apart in order to avoid further losses.

“Eldest Brother, I’ll go. His life will be mine.” Li Huansheng volunteered to go. His robe was fluttering in the wind.

This was another top Earthrank disciple with a formidable cultivation. Moreover, he was excellent at manipulating corpses, so he was the leader of the four Earthrank disciples present.

Jibei replied: “You go then! Take the fire and yin corpses with you.”

“Sounds good!” Huansheng felt ecstatic and waved his sleeve. Two old corpses jumped out from the ranks.

The fire corpse was equipped with a crimson armor that had a layer of flames around it. Its eye sockets were filled with fire and its red fangs were as long as fingers.

The yin corpse was a girl in purple with a beautiful face. She had a sun and moon seal on her forehead while her skin had been refined to diamond.

With their help, Huansheng was completely confident. Not to mention a single demon’s son, he could even kill ten!

“Boom!” He stepped inside the shrine as a purple energy spread below his feet. However, he only saw eight Buddha statues and a girl in black, there was no sign of Feiyun inside.

“Phoosh!” A cold wind blew into his face.

He had a bad feeling and immediately channeled a dragon-tiger energy into his palm. He sent this palm upward without hesitation.

“Boom!” Feiyun was on his way down from above with a dragon-tiger energy blast in his palm as well. The two palm attacks collided and Huansheng was smashed into the ground.

“Boom! Boom!” Half of his body was stuck in the collapsing floor.

Feiyun didn’t want to give him a chance to retaliate, so he activated his spirit ring. Its dazzling light housed seven diagrams that contained a destructive force.

“Rawr! Rawr!” The fire and yin corpses lunged forward and attacked Feiyun at the same time, so he had to focus his ring on stopping them instead.

Huansheng used this brief chance to avoid Feiyun’s attack with all of his speed.

‘Shit, that was dangerous, I almost died to him.’ Huansheng felt apprehensive and didn’t want to give Feiyun a chance to attack again. He took out a corpse bell and waved it. A sonorous sound wave appeared and shattered three pillars inside the shrine.

This crimson bell was set on fire and continued to move quickly in the air.

“Minor Change Art, Heaven Battle Altar!” Feiyun’s forty divine intents turned into forty altars that floated around his body to protect him from the bell’s power.

A dragon suddenly roared! A white saber crossed the sky and created a dragon energy slash that cut downward!

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