Chapter 338: A Desperate Fight

“Where did this arrogant girl come from? Our opponent is Feng Feiyun, stand to the side!” Zi Kui came out from the group with an angry expression. He pointed forward and a corpse flame descended from the sky like a rain of fire.

Corpse controllers didn’t only specialize in using corpses. An ancient lineage like Voletsea had many scriptures for cultivation such as fire and poison mastery. A few scriptures would allow for the users to fuse with their corpses.

Zi Kui unleashed this corpse flame that had been refined from nine different second-transformation corpse palaces. This flame could evaporate an entire pond instantly.

“Zi Kui is indeed one of the leaders of the Earthrank. He has actually cultivated his corpse flame to this level.” Luo Hong was stunned and felt that the gap between him and Zi Kui was increasingly widening.

Even though the both of them were from the earth division, Zi Kui must be at least three times stronger than him.

“I’ll incinerate this girl first then clean up Feng Feiyun.” Zi Kui seemed to not notice how pretty Su Xue was. He attacked the beautiful flower without any mercy.

The corpse flame turned into a large fiery cloud and instantly melted all the thick snow nearby. The old trees nearby were ignited and now looked like red lanterns.

Even a first-level Heaven’s Mandate would catch on fire, so Su Xue naturally couldn’t block it.

“Swish!” Feiyun openly jumped out of the shrine and stood before her. He pointed forward and channeled the water vapor all around the peak to form a ten-meter thick ice shield to stop the corpse flame.

On the other hand, he grabbed Su Xue’s black robe and pulled her back into the shrine.

Wise sages had left their marks on this shrine. Even a half-step Giant wouldn’t be able to break it, so it became a natural fortress — easy to defend, difficult to break.

He scolded: “You want to die? All of the people outside are top figures, even the cultivators from the previous generation would want to avoid them, yet you still dare to rush out and fight them alone?”

Su Xue swung her sword and almost cut off his arm so that she could break free. She then pointed her sword at him: “I’m warning you, don’t get within three steps of me and absolutely do not touch me.”

Feng Feiyun felt that his feeding hand had just been bitten. He asked: “Why are you so afraid of people getting close to you? Do your armpits have an odor?”

“You wish to die!” She gritted her teeth in anger and a sword wave cut his collar to pieces. It was only an inch away from actually slashing his neck.

It was as if they didn’t know powerful foes were waiting outside. Su Xue’s sword was swift and cruel. If Feng Feiyun didn’t have his Swift Samsara, she would have stabbed and created ten bloody holes on his body.

“There’s Feng Feiyun, finally!” Zi Kui unleashed a second blow after the first miss. The flame in his palm condensed into a little man before turning into a blinding ray to fly into the old shrine.

This was the fusion of a corpse flame and soul, it was much stronger than the previous attack.

However, after this little fiery doll flew into the shrine, the result was akin to a pebble sinking into an ocean. There wasn’t the slightest commotion.

Zi Kui’s thick brows furrowed: ‘How could this be? Can Feng Feiyun be this strong? He’s able to directly devour the corpse fire?’

Despite having a stout stature, his mind was excellent. This was a ferocious and famous figure. Many older cultivators were killed and refined into slaves by him.

Among the several million disciples of the Violetsea Cave, he was one of the top characters.

Luo Hong reminded him: “Feng Feiyun has a spirit treasure, this is probably how he suppressed the corpse fire.”

“I see, no wonder he can destroy the ice and blood corpses.” Zi Kui understood and coldly said: “So what? If he isn’t a Heaven’s Mandate, he can’t even unleash one-thousandth of the treasure’s power, there’s nothing to be afraid of.”

He took out an ordinary pottery jar that was covered with a yellow talisman. It was made from mud and had rough craftsmanship. One could even see cracks on it.

He took off the talisman and a gray corpse light shot out. The corpses nearby trembled and swiftly retreated. Only the few powerful ones could remain where they were.

“Hisss!” A strange and creepy noise came out from the jar.

A bloody human hand stretched out from inside with a black lightning surging from it.

In the distance on top of the huge tomb, a female controller exclaimed: “Zi Kui wants to release that thing!” Her pupils were fully enlarged.

Zi Kui might not be as famous as Chu Jibei in the northern region, but other corpse controllers were still very wary of him.

“Whoosh!” A shadow rushed out of the jar. It had six eyes that looked around for a bit. This gaze scared all of the cultivators standing far away in the sky and caused them to fall from the clouds only to be smashed to pieces on the ground.

This was a corpse Zi Kui dug out from behind Mount Yin Yang. This body was different from a human and most likely belonged to an abnormality.

He brought it back to the Violetsea Cave and asked for a master there to refine it into a battle corpse. However, it was completely different from the other ones. It was ferocious to an abnormal level and would even eat other corpses.

It couldn’t be controlled and had to be sealed in this muddy jar.

Zi Kui wanted to release it in order to deal with Feng Feiyun.

“Kaka!” It let out an eerie laughter and actually attacked Zi Kui. It left a claw mark on his shoulder that oozed black blood.

“You beast!” Zi Kui angrily activated the jar. A Yin Yang symbol on it began to spin.

This monster was very afraid of the jar and quickly flew towards the shrine. In just a split second, its corpse energy enveloped the building. This once-serene location was now full of miasma.

“It’s over now. This six-eyed corpse is especially fierce and will attack all living creatures. It even wants to eat corpses! Feng Feiyun will be eaten until nothing is left.” Ji Feng was standing above the lake. He was wearing the same white daoist uniform and held a bronze whisk while looking up the peak. He didn’t want to see Feng Feiyun die to someone else.

However, he also knew just how powerful the Violetsea Cave was, so he chose to not act rashly.

He wasn’t the only one paying attention to the fight on top of the Day-Night Peak. Alas, no one dared to go there because the cave was mighty indeed. The young corpse controllers were extraordinary and frightening so no one wanted to offend them.

Many disciples from the pagoda were nearby as well. Among them were the third prince of Dashi as well as the Young Tiger Marquis. However, they didn’t dare to offer their assistance and only watched from a distance.

After a while, the shrine became quiet again. Only the howling wind could be heard.

The buddhist lamp inside was still burning; its light came out from the door.

“Could the demon’s son have been eaten by the six-eyed corpse?” A female controller from the Yinvoid Cave blinked. Glimmer flashed in her eyes, wanting to see what was going on inside.

However, the ancient markings on the shrine’s walls repelled her spying gaze and divine intents.

“If he was actually eaten, then the corpse should be running out… Hah, interesting, quite interesting.” Yao Ji was much more discerning than the others. She had a brilliant smile on her face.

Another young controller asked: “Then both of them are dead?”

“Incorrect.” Yao Ji leisurely smiled and shook her head.

The situation was very strange. Even Zi Kui was just as confused as the other spectators. He frowned and wondered how could this have happened.

“I’ll see what’s inside then!” His bold self entered the shrine. However, he immediately retreated with an even greater speed as if he had just seen a ghost.

The six-eyed corpse lunged at him and directly threw him to the ground. It opened its jaws that were as wide as a water basin and bit off a piece of flesh from his neck. Blood gushed out like a fountain.

Nevertheless, Zi Kui was still a top Earthrank disciple with an amazing cultivation. He punched and sent the corpse flying.

“Bastard!” He took out the jar again and recalled it. Black hair was growing from the wound on his neck since the poison was invading his body.

Luckily, he had been exposed to this type of poison from a young age and could expel it in a short period of time. The hair also scattered with the wind.

“Feiyun, I’ll deal with you myself! We’ll see what tricks you still have up your sleeves!” Zi Kui naturally understood that this was a trap and grew even angrier.

He wanted to rush in again, but Chu Jibei stopped him: “He is quite scheming. There’s no need to risk yourself, three Heaven’s Mandate corpses should be enough to take him down.”

Zi Kui mused and thought that this made more sense. He took out three purple talismans from his sleeve and threw them on three corpses. These old bodies full of violet energy opened their eyes at the same time.

He still felt that this wasn’t enough and threw out ten more talismans. They all landed on the foreheads of armored corpses.

Thirteen corpses with a surging bloodthirst broke into the shrine at the same time like a great army besieging a city.

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