Chapter 337: Perils

The black clouds pressured the mountain with a grand momentum.

The corpse bells echoed across the Night-Day Peak above the sacred lake. The people on Dawn-Dusk Peak could hear it as well. Too many corpses were surrounding the shrine. Some wore rotting robes while others had armor. A few of their bodies were even rotting.

In the middle were many lined-up corpse controllers dressed in purple robes. The males were handsome and females beautiful. Inside them was the murderous energy of the strong as well as an eerie bleakness.

The snow didn’t touch their violet robes. A faint violet barrier stopped them, so the flakes skirted to the side.

Qin Tian and Luo Long also lined up at the back. Despite being Earthrank disciples, their cultivation was at the bottom, so they had to stand at the back.

Luo Hong was heavily injured. After using a second-rank pill, his external injuries were cured. He sharply stared at the shrine at this time.

“Rawr!” A beast roared!

A scaled tiger with wings that spanned three meters descended from the sky and caused snow to fly everywhere.

A man in purple robes was standing on top of the beast. The left half of his hair was gray while the other side black. This man with an aquiline nose and a profound pair of eyes gracefully landed from the beast like a falling leaf.

He was a Heavenrank disciple of the Violetsea Cave, Chu Jibei!

The other disciples respectfully bowed and made way for him to let him get to the front.

“What happened?” With a nicely arched forehead, he briefly glanced at the shrine.

There were two halves of a body in front of the temple. It was Yao Jingyue’s corpse that had now been frozen solid.

Luo Hong walked forward and said: “It’s that demon’s son, Feng Feiyun. He had the gall to kill Senior Brother Yao and nearly twenty disciples of the black division. They were completely massacred by him and died without leaving behind even a corpse.” [1]

The eyes of four more Earthrank disciples turned cold. Someone actually killed their peers? This youth truly didn’t know how to spell the word “death”.

“He has also destroyed the ice and blood corpses.” Qin Tian added.

“What?! He dares to hurt our Heaven’s Mandate corpses?” One of the Earthranks was infuriated as his ferocity oozed from his gaze.

“Luo Hong, Qin Tian, the two of you are so useless, you can't even deal with a grand achievement God Base. Our sect has lost all face because of you two.”

“This is so humiliating. We want to emerge in the cultivation world again, so how can we be suppressed by this demon’s son?”

“Hmph, we need to make mincemeat out of him first then refine him into a slave. That’s the only way to make an example and deter everyone.”

These four Earthrank disciples were adept with amazing skills. They were only one step below Heavenrank. The strongest among them was much more powerful than Luo Hong and Qin Tian.

Chu Jibei had a gold belt around his waist. He stood proudly with his extraordinary aura while shouting at the shrine: “Feng Feiyun, you killed our disciples and destroyed our corpses, and now you’re hiding in the shrine? Do you want to become a monk or something in there?”

His voice contained a powerful sonic wave that seemed to turn into a real energy wave as it poured into the shrine. Even the temple itself was swelling and on the verge of blowing up.

“Being a monk is still better than being villains like your Violetsea Cave!” Feiyun’s reply came from the shrine.

The powerful wave rushed backward from the entrance and blew away many battle corpses.

Chu Jibei and the six Earthrank disciples didn’t move at all while standing on the snow. One of them furiously yelled: “Feng Feiyun, who are you calling villains?!”

“Your disciples, in broad daylight, tried to molest an innocent woman. What are you if not villains? Wait, why are you stepping on my foot?”

The sounds of sword flashes and wind-breaking palm strikes colliding came out from the shrine. After a while, silence pervaded the area again.

There was another person in the shrine outside of Feiyun, and this person wasn’t happy with him.

Chu Jibei coldly stared at Qin Tian and Luo Hong. These two immediately bowed their heads in shame, but the murderous intent in their eyes grew denser.

In the distance among the clouds was a floating tomb. It was built from millions of stones piled on top of each other and looked just like a small mountain.

On top of it were many gorgeous evil corpses. All of these dead women were incredibly stunning. Among them were the world’s top beauties who were killed and had their corpses stolen then refined into slaves.

They were pale and dressed in ribbons and imperial dresses. These corpses standing stiffly on this tomb must have numbered more than seventy.

On this tomb was a tombstone with four characters engraved on it — “Yinvoid Corpse Cave.”

The enchanting Yao Ji stood there on top of the tomb with a corpse controller gown. She held a wisp of hair and smiled while looking at the Night-Day Peak, waiting to watch the fun show.

“The Violetsea Cave is throwing away their face this time. These completely lawless individuals of the Northern Frontier act as if they are the number one cave, but the moment they enter Trinity, they lose twice in a row.” A girl with a ponytail standing among the female corpses laughed.

“With Chu Jibei and six Earthrank disciples here, this demon’s son might not be able to escape today.” A different female corpse controller chuckled. Her laugh was as pleasant as the sound of a silver bell.

“Chu Jibei is strong enough to be a king among the northern younger generation. He once declared his intention of going southward to challenge the eight older grand historical geniuses. I wonder if he will actually fight this time.”

“Senior Sister Yao, should we go and play too?” The youngest one here was quite excited.

“No rush, just watch the show for now!” Yao Ji was standing at the highest position. With fair skin and a slender figure, she looked like a crane among a flock of chicken.

On the Dawn-Dusk Peak at the other side of the lake was a temple with red walls and green tiles.

“This Feng Feiyun causes too much trouble. First he offends the Senluo Temple and now the Violetsea Corpse Cave. Can’t he just sit still for once?” Mu Tantian was standing by the temple’s entrance with lights shooting out from her eyes to gaze far into the distance.

“Your Highness, this is good. These corpse controllers will help you vent. Feng Feiyun won’t be able to leave that shrine alive.” A girl dressed in a white daoist dress smiled while standing behind the imperial carriage.

Princess Luofu’s voice came from inside: “He only has himself to blame. Only death awaits those who oppose me.”

The princess was initially very optimistic about Feiyun and wanted to recruit him to bring him under her banner. However, he dared to raise his weapon towards her. This proud royal daughter was truly angry this time.

More than one thousand evil corpses have gathered outside of the Night-Day Shrine. The majority were led here by the disciples from the corpse cave. A few were refined battle corpses from the northern region.

The biggest difference between battle corpses and evil corpses was their battle prowess. Battle corpses had stronger bodies and more natural movements.

Chu Jibei naturally knew what kind of people Luo Hong and Qin Tian were. He didn’t punish them at this moment. After all, this was the night of the lunar eclipse. Many cultivators from the great powers were nearby. Some of them were from the northern prefecture as well. These people were probably watching the show from afar.

If he didn’t deal with this correctly, their sect’s prestige might be destroyed in just one day.

Chu Jibei cruelly said: “An outsider like you does not need to worry about our Violetsea Cave’s conduct. Feng Feiyun, a life for a life — this is the order of this world. Will you end yourself, or do I have to help you?”

“What’s your name?” Feiyun stared through the window and could see the scene outside. It was indeed scary with corpse clouds everywhere. They covered the sky filled with banners. An oppressive and dangerous atmosphere lingered about.

Jibei calmly answered: “Chu Jibei.”

This name at the northern region was quite famous, it was enough to make numerous cultivators tremble in fear!

Feiyun replied: “Never heard of it.”

“You…” Jibei wasn’t happy with what he perceived as mockery.

Feiyun had only recently entered the cultivation world and had never even left the Grand Southern Prefecture before. He truly didn’t know of Chu Jibei.

Feiyun asked instead: “Do you know who my backing is?”

A breeze blew in and made the fire inside jump around.

Jibei answered: “The Divine King.”

“That’s right, it’s the Divine King!” Feiyun repeated with a smile.

Jibei sneered: “If His Excellency himself comes, I naturally wouldn’t dare to act presumptuously before him and would even leave right away without saying a word. However… it appears that His Excellency isn’t here?”

“Plus, life and death when youths compete are up to fate. His respected Excellency wouldn’t do something like bully the young.”

Feiyun’s expression turned a bit unnatural inside the shrine. This Chu Jibei was quite something, even the Divine King couldn’t scare him away.

A beautiful figure stood in front of the shrine and looked at the corpse army and disciples outside to say: “This has nothing to do with Feng Feiyun. All of you are ignoring the real enemy while finding a scapegoat. Do you think he’s so easily bullied?”

How could Su Xue not read the situation right now?

She was too competitive and willful to stand behind Feng Feiyun. This was initially her problem, so she didn’t want him to be involved.

The top youths of the Violetsea Cave were all outside. Even Heaven’s Mandate cultivators that have lived for several hundred years would back off after seeing the scene outside. Feiyun actually wanted to stop her, but he was one step too late. She was already standing by the door.

“Who is the scapegoat here?” Jibei stared at the woman in black from a distance.

Su Xue replied with disdain: “Of course I’m talking about Feng Feiyun.”

Jibei asked again: “And he’s easily bullied?”

Su Xue retorted: “Of course, he’s easier to bully than me.”

Jibei was a little amused: “Then you are our real enemy?”

“Wrong, all of you are my enemies.” Su Xue held great resentment towards these disciples, especially Qin Tian and Luo Hong. She wanted nothing more than to bite their flesh off piece by piece.

She wasn’t trying to help Feiyun, but she really thought that this was her business from the beginning. Feiyun was either nosy or certainly had ulterior motives. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been so kind.

[1] This last phrase is strange, but Chinese people believe in reincarnation and sanctity of the corpse. Dying like this is humiliating as well. For example, when eunuchs die, their severed and preserved penises are buried with them so that they can reincarnate normally in the next life.

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