Chapter 336: Blood Staining The Old Shrine

“Poof!” Feiyun pointed forward three times in quick succession. Three rays shot out and killed three lower-ranking disciples from the corpse cave. The rays pierced their chests and left horrifying bloody holes.

The blood corpse attacked again for the second time. Its bloody feet crushed the rocky pavement before kicking a slab of stone towards Feiyun’s chest.

It turned crazy after Jingyue’s death. A boundless corpse energy engulfed the shrine.

The Night-Day Shrine itself had been marked by an ancient sage and was protected by an old power. It was everlasting and quietly destroyed this aura.

A few pillars and window frames were broken, but the true structure was perfectly fine.

“Boom!” The hymn of a saber came about.

Feiyun took out his gigantic stone saber and slashed the blood corpse. Its right torso was completely severed.

“Crack!” Forty lights flew out of his eyes and condensed into the Heaven Punishing Hammer. A surging power of suppression came down on the blood corpse and crushed it to pieces.

A corpse comparable to a first-level Heaven’s Mandate had been annihilated completely. Such a strong corpse was much more precious than an Earthrank disciple like Jingyue.

A lower-ranking disciple pointed at Feiyun and exclaimed with quivering lips: “Feng Feiyun, you have done it now!”

“Poof!” A white dragon flew over and instantly ended his life by splitting him in half.

Everyone was shocked. This Feng Feiyun was completely different from their previous opponents. He wasn’t afraid of anything, not even the name “Violetsea Cave”.

In the past, powerful opponents would always be frightened by the name of their sect.

Luo Hong coldly uttered: “Feng Feiyun, do you actually want to kill all of us for one woman? Are you even capable of doing so?” The ice corpse stood behind him just like an old ghost.

“Plotting against her is already a crime that deserves death. Not to mention the Violetsea Cave, even if you were from Mount Potala or Mount Yin Yang, I would still slay you all.”

Having said that, he pointed forward and a crimson plume came out. It instantly penetrated both of the battle corpses and burned them. The smell of charred corpses filled the air.

The disciples glanced at each other and attacked at the same time. Their laws and treasures were everywhere in the air and flew towards Feiyun.

Su Xue coldly glared at Feiyun. She understood what this heinous criminal was doing, he was offending the entire corpse cave just for her sake. ‘What is he plotting?’

These disciples were all elites chosen from the best. Their techniques pooled into a torrent as more than ten treasures floated in the air.

Feng Feiyun summoned the seven diagrams in his palm. His Infinite Spirit Ring rapidly rotated, pouring out a majestic energy. It shattered the ten treasures at the same time as well as the torrent of techniques.

“Poof! Poof! Poof!” Five lower-ranked disciples couldn’t handle this power so their blood swelled and caused their bodies to directly explode.

Seven battle corpses were smashed until only bones were left.

The remaining disciples felt their blood churning and turned pale with blood dripping from the corners of their lips.

“A spirit treasure!” Qin Tian’s voice was somewhat cowardly after seeing the ring on Feiyun’s thumb.

The power of the treasure was unstoppable, so all the disciples wanted to run. They acted like dogs that lost their master and rushed towards the gate.

Feiyun performed his steps and instantly appeared at the door like a gate guardian. He reached out with both hands and grabbed the shoulder from two disciples. A power of nine qilins emanated from his palms. Their shadows were hovering around his hands!

“Boom!” One of the two couldn’t withstand this and his shoulder exploded. His arm turned into powder while his ribs and legs crumbled right away. Blood spilled out of all seven orifices as he fell to the ground.

The second disciple didn’t last long either. His spin was broken and blood beads seeped out of his skin.

“Feiyun, you are going too far. Don’t force me to go all out!” Qin Tian and Luo Hong were the strongest here. They both attacked Feiyun at the same time with the two old corpses next to them.

One with pale skin and gray hair was covered in ice crystals. The other had scales the size of fingernails everywhere as part of his skin.

“Go all out then!” Feiyun wore a dignified expression. This was two corpses comparable to first-level Heaven’s Mandate cultivators. They were quite powerful, so he must go all out against them.

Luo Hong and Qin Tian were top youth experts as well, so they were no jokes.

Feiyun took out the ring and its black ray made the entire space fall into darkness. Six diagrams flew out from the ring and floated in the air.

The dragon-horse diagram floated out of his dantian as well for a total of seven diagrams. Its dazzling power stopped spirit energy from flowing.

The two and their corpses worked together only to barely stop the ring’s power for three breaths.

Within these three breaths, eighteen battle corpses were destroyed. The rest of the lower-ranking disciples from the cave were killed on the spot.

Qin Tian, Luo Hong, and the two corpses went again. Within three seconds, they had exchanged a total of one hundred blows.

Feiyun’s saber unleashed more than one hundred dragon waves.

“Boom!” The ice corpse was finally crushed by the saber energy and turned into ice fragments, leaving its palace on the ground.

Another creature comparable to a first-level Heaven’s Mandate has been destroyed!

However, under their crazy attack, they still managed to push Feiyun back several steps. They then ran out of the shrine and into the old forest.

Two people and one corpse hurriedly escaped. The only thing they wanted was to run as far as possible from this peak.

The son of the demon was too frightening; he was actually capable of killing someone one full realm higher. He was invincible within the same realm, so those stronger than him cultivation-wise still had to run.

“Where do you think you’re going?!” Feiyun was standing above the white steps while basking in the wind. His white robe was unstained as he pointed forward. A green ray as thick as a bowl shot out and gathered the energy from the forest to strike one of the two.


A miserable scream came next: “Feng Feiyun, you will regret this…”

It was Luo Hong who had been seriously injured and carried away by the scaled corpse.

Feiyun didn’t attack again. Luo Hong and Qin Tian were top experts, so he couldn’t kill them given the long distance.

Of course, if he wanted to chase, he could still catch up due to his Swift Samsara technique. However, he was afraid of a diversion since Su Xue was still tied to the pillar inside the shrine.

If anything were to happen to her, he wouldn’t be able to talk to Su Yun since he felt that he owed this friend too much...

“Clatter!” He walked back into the shrine with a smile on his face. He touched his chin and took his time walking towards Su Xue: “Su Xue from the Fifth Hall of the Senluo Temple. This person feared by all has actually been tied up. Those people are very bold.”

“Stop being so sarcastic.” She glared at him.

He came closer with a smile on his face still: “My great beauty, you are really too pretty. However, I wonder if your appearance now is real? Coincidentally, this is a good time to test it.”

Su Xue cultivated the Blood Pond Physique, so she could change her appearance at any moment. No one knows her true form.

She uttered: “Feng Feiyun, you dare?!”

He replied: “Why not?”

“Boom!” A crimson light burst from her body. Her snow-white skin seemed to have been incubated by a blood pond as she shattered the rope restraining her.

She raised her hand and the sword on the ground flew back into her grasp. She turned into a shadow and held her weapon inches from his neck in a flash.

This was a three-foot-long sword as thin as fish intestines.

Feiyun stopped when he almost walked within three steps of her.

She asked: “Speak, why did you kill those corpse controllers?”

“Well… isn’t it clear?” He shrugged and grinned.

“Speak!” The energy on her sword pulsed with a chilling touch.

“Of course it was to save you…” He didn’t know what she wanted.

“Hmph! You would be so kind? Plus, how did you stop several first-level Heaven’s Mandate while only being at grand achievement God Base? What schemes did you use? You better tell me or… you’ll end up dead.”

She felt that Feng Feiyun was definitely plotting against her. It was likely that what happened earlier was only a play between him and those corpse controllers just like how they dealt with Lu Liwei back at Radiance. As for the disciples’ corpses on the ground, they were probably mere illusions.

She simply didn’t believe that he was strong enough to kill first-level Heaven’s Mandates.

He spoke without hesitation: “Let’s get out of here first.”

“If you don’t tell me now, you’re not going anywhere today.” She was definitely stubborn.

“You…” Feiyun felt a headache coming his way.

The wind howled outside of the shrine as several terrifying auras approached.

“The son of the demon is inside. He destroyed two Heaven’s Mandate corpses, even Yao Jingyue was killed by him.” Qin Tian’s voice sounded.

He actually came back with many experts behind him and surrounded the entire shrine. Numerous corpses were roaring outside with their billowing miasma polluting the atmosphere. A powerful corpse’s roar actually shattered the base of a cliff.

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