Chapter 335: Fiercest Man

“Who?!” The laughter in the shrine immediately stopped. A lower-ranked disciple in a purple uniform with an embroidered coiling dragon flew out. He took out a corpse bell and swung it back and forth to issue a frightening soundwave.

“Poof!” Feng Feiyun pointed forward and a black ray shattered this bell right away before piercing the chest of this disciple. Blood immediately splashed out as he fell to the ground.

Feiyun hurried forward and shattered all the formations outside. Nothing could stop his advance.

“State your name!” 

“You dare to kill a disciple from the Violetsea Cave? Have you no fear?!”

Four more men with the same uniform flew out. All of them were pale with a blue fire floating around their bodies as they angrily looked down at him.

“Brat, you dare to oppose us?” Behind them were powerful battle corpses. Some had ice crystals while others had lightning currents coursing through their bodies, and the rest were shrouded in flames.

Feiyun didn’t say anything and went straight past them.

“Poof! Poof! Poof! Poof!” The four men fell down in pools of their own blood. Their foreheads had been penetrated by his finger while the battle corpses shattered with flesh flying everywhere. The corpse palaces automatically flew into his spatial stone that was hanging on his waist.

“Boom!” Feiyun kicked the entrance, causing the two doors to fly back inside. A golden shimmer lit up on the doors, making them appear as two metallic plates.

“Bang! Bang!”

The gray-haired corpse with crystals ladened on its body punched twice and shattered both doors.

Its face was ferocious and it also wore a purple war robe. Its fist, that was condensing an ice ball, carried a vast momentum. This was comparable to a first-level Heaven’s Mandate’s punch. With the shape of a dragon-tiger, it was capable of splitting the earth.

“Boom!” Feiyun reached forward and a multicolored brilliance came together in his palm. He directly gripped the corpse’s punch, shattering the ice ball. Feiyun was unmoved even when faced with a million pounds of force.

“Crack!” He twisted and broke its arm, sending bone fragments flying everywhere. He then threw the severed arm at a pillar, causing the pillar to collapse.

He finally entered the Night-Day Shrine.

The sounds of bones breaking alarmed the three Earthrank disciples inside. Just what character was capable of breaking the bones of an ice corpse?

Qin Tian, Yao Jingyue, and Luo Hong’s hearts skipped a beat. They were afraid that a predecessor was coming.

The shrine had been abandoned for many years. With the passage of time, the eight Buddha statues were covered in dust. The perennial wind and snow had eroded their faces.

There was also a lamp in the center with newly filled oil.

“And here I thought it was some amazing character, it’s just brat who’s wet behind the ears.” Qin Tian calmed down. This was only a grand achievement God Base, there was no need to be afraid.

“He’s wearing a white scholarly robe, he must be a student from the pagoda.” Luo Hong recalled his ice corpse and shot a stream of blood from his finger towards the corpse. The severed arm grew back right away.

“The pagoda is fighting against the heretical schools right now, do they actually want to provoke us? Haha.” Qin Tian sneered and didn’t care for Feiyun, who was at grand achievement God Base. He would only be worried if the top ten members of the pagoda were here.

Feiyun’s eyes slanted towards a corner and saw Su Xue being tied up to a pillar. She was channeling her energy to resist the corpse poison. She only glanced at him for a moment before closing her eyes again.

No one knows if it was because she didn’t want to see him or if she was angry because he came late.

This was Su Xue. Even though she was tied up and stuck in a precarious situation, she was still as emotionless as before.

Her black clothes had been ripped in many places, so some of her sexy charm was revealed. However, she didn’t care at all. The only thing she wanted to do was to recover her peak form by removing this poison.

These people from the corpse cave were naturally evil and desired her body. However, Feng Feiyun was not a good guy either. Who knows which side was worse?

Feiyun saw her proud appearance that made him feel as if he owed her a lot of money. If she wasn’t Su Yun’s little sister, he would have turned and left already.

“Why waste time with him? Kill him first then we’ll continue our fun!” Jingyue couldn’t wait any longer and summoned a wooden sword made from a peach tree. It was stained with the blood of corpses.

He performed his art and waved the sword. After a corpse ray shot out, a blood corpse jumped out of nowhere.

This blood corpse was around three meters tall with rotten flesh. Its head had decayed completely, leaving only its white skull behind.

This was a millennium corpse dug out from an ancient kingdom. It used to be the top expert of a clan. It was transported back to the Violetsea Cave and immersed in a pond of blood for refinement. This process gave it a sliver of intelligence before it was completely refined into a battle corpse.

It had the same battle prowess as a first-level Heaven’s Mandate.

With a bloody mist floating around its body, its eyes shot out two crimson rays. This corpse turned into a red shadow and lunged towards Feiyun.

This monster was quite powerful and attacked Feiyun eight times. The ground and the shrine jittered each time.

“Bang!” Feiyun had finished the fourth blood transformation, so his physique had reached a mighty level. It was comparable to a fledgling phoenix, so his ninth palm attack was still able to crack this corpse’s diamond-like body in three places.

Jingyue was in a lot of pain and quickly called the corpse back. He didn’t want it to be crippled by this young intruder.

A first-level Heaven’s Mandate was extremely rare for Earthrank disciples like them to have; it was even more precious than their own lives.

This youth was incredibly fierce, he was able to wound the ice and blood corpses with his bare hands. His body’s strength was sickening.

“Fellow daoist, who are you?” Qin Tian’s attitude was not as tough anymore after sensing how strong the enemy was.

Feiyun answered: “There’s no harm in telling you, I am Feng Feiyun.”

“No wonder his body is so strong, that’s the toughest playboy from the pagoda!” Jingyue muttered: “Don’t tell me he can really have sex for nine full days?!”

Jingyue would never believe that this world had such a fierce man, but he was a little convinced at this moment while whispering to himself.

Qin Tian and Luo Hong took a deep breath before Qin Tian started speaking: “So it’s the demon’s son, no wonder you are so strong. We are impressed.”

Luo Hong added: “We have long heard of how great the demon’s son is. This girl will be yours then, one second of romance is worth a thousand gold, we won’t disturb you any longer.”

Feiyun sarcastically murmured: “All of you are quite sensible.”

“Of course, nobodies like us have to be sensible before the demon’s son in order to live a little longer.” The Earthrank disciples smiled and began to leave. The lower-ranked disciples began to leave as well.

‘You fool, you’re being tricked!’ Su Xue was screaming in her mind, but due to the waves of poison spreading throughout her body, she couldn’t speak at all and could only glare at him, hoping that he would become vigilant.

However, this bastard didn’t understand at all and continued to be carefree.

Feiyun naturally saw her signal, but he remained standing there in the center with a smile while completely relaxed.

His appearance made Su Xue want to vomit blood from anger. ‘Idiot! You idiot!’

“Boom!” Without any warning, Yao Jingyue, Qin Tian, and Luo Hong unleashed their killer moves at the same time towards Feiyun.

They were less than three steps away from Feiyun while on their way towards the entrance. However, they sneak-attacked him with lightning speed.

They were instantly in front of him while carrying a momentum capable of shattering mountains.

The ice and blood corpses along with Qin Tian’s millennium corpse all attacked at the same time with unbelievable ferocity. They wanted to suppress him before he could react.

There were also seventeen other low-ranked disciples who launched their purple Soul Pressing Talismans. A violet brilliance filled the sky. Who knows how many talismans were actually shot out?

“Feng Feiyun, you really think you’re so great that we’re scared of you? You’re only an abomination, you’re neither human nor demon! Haha!”

“Today is your funeral!” Jingyue thrust his wooden sword forward with an amazing sharpness. It directly pierced Feiyun’s heart as he let out a wild laughter. So this was all the demon’s son amounted to!

However, his smile instantly froze since there was no feedback from his hands!

His thrust had only pierced Feiyun’s shadow.

Where was Feiyun then? How could he be so fast?

“Fools, you think you can trick me so easily?” Feiyun’s sarcastic voice came from behind this disciple. Jingyue’s spine felt a cold tingle from the murderous intent on his back. He wanted to attack again with his sword, but his body felt as if it was stuck in a quagmire and became extremely sluggish.

“Boom!” A world-moving power came about. Jingyue’s back seemed to be struck by a great mountain. It directly broke into two sections and flew out of the main entrance before falling on the snow.

His upper half was not yet dead, so he could still see his lower half more than ten feet away. The legs were still twitching. This sensation drove him mad as he let out a miserable scream. His eyes eventually turned black before death approached.

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