Chapter 334: Wolves Toying With The Sheep

The sacred monument at the center of the lake had a magical connection with the altar on top of Mount Banda, similar to the connection between the moon and the stars in the sky.

Only by standing at the top of the Night-Day Peak would one be able to see these clues.

Feiyun began to calculate using his Minor Change Art in order to understand it before nightfall.

At the same time, a fight was in full swing inside the Night-Day Shrine.

This shrine had been abandoned by monks long ago and was now occupied by disciples from the Violetsea Corpse Cave. Su Xue had cut down three disciples already. They lay dead below a Buddha statue.

Blood was everywhere on the ground. Even the statues here were decorated with bloody dots.

Su Xue’s sword swept through the air again and its energy gravely wounded several more disciples.

“This girl’s sword art is so powerful! Ice Corpse, take her down!” An Earthrank disciple shouted and threw out a purple spiritual bell from his palm.

After the bell rang, a bronze coffin flew out from behind a Buddha statue. There was a huge talisman taped on its cover. A corpse energy emanated from the little opening and gave an inexplicable sense of dread.

“Boom!” The coffin suddenly flew straight for Su Xue and slammed into her sword, resulting in her being pushed backward.

An evil noise came from the coffin that sounded like laughter and weeping at the same time.

“Boom!” With a cold chill, the coffin’s aura rose even more like a suppressive mountain. Su Xue was shattered by this power and turned into a bloody mist.

“Whoosh!” The bloody mist condensed and turned back into the charming woman. She turned her sword and a pitch-black sword wave rushed out, splitting the opened coffin. After the evil energy dispersed, one could faintly see a rotten hand covered in icy crystals.

This was an ice corpse’s hand!

This corpse was dug out from a millennium ice pond and refined by an elder from the Violetsea Cave for several hundred years to become a battle corpse. It was comparable to a first-level Heaven’s Mandate cultivator.

Only an Earthrank disciple from the cave would be qualified to train these corpses as their slaves. This type of disciple enjoyed a great status in their sect since they were very few in number. All were at the heaven-defying level.

There were three of them inside this shrine: Qin Tian, Yao Jingyue, and Luo Hong. They were exceptional and have been waiting here for more than two months in order to leave their name on the monument tonight.

At this second, the person attacking was Luo Hong since this ice corpse was his slave.

An old corpse with gray hair sprang from the coffin. It was covered in ice crystals with many parts rotting away. Even the low temperature couldn’t preserve this corpse.

It opened its mouth to reveal its sharp fangs while sucking and spewing out a cold mist.

“Boom!” It punched forward and shattered Su Xue’s sword energy before making contact with her right shoulder. Half of her body was beaten into a bloody mist again.

“Swoosh!” Su Xue’s eyes turned cold. Her sword increased to being ten meters long and two meters wide before slashing down on the ice corpse’s head. A part of its skull was shaved off and flew outside.

This corpse’s body was definitely stronger than an ordinary cultivator at the same realm, but it was still wounded by a grand achievement God Base. How many resources would it take to repair this corpse?

“Rawr!” The corpse was enraged and raised both its hands. A total of ten icy swords flew out.

In a short period of time, its cold energy contended against her sword energy.

A grand achievement God Base was actually capable of fighting against a first-level Heaven’s Mandate corpse for so long.

“She cultivates the Blood Pond Physique so she’s virtually immortal. Maybe a Soul Pressing Talisman can seal her revival art.” Xu Tao was hiding behind a pillar and felt quite annoyed. This girl was much stronger than what he expected.

“Pluff!” The moment he spoke, a sword wave came out from the tip of her sword and completely devoured his right hand. Pus splattered everywhere until only his bones were left.

Xu Tao was shocked for a while before screaming loudly.

“So vicious, if we don’t take you down today, our sect will lose all face.” The nine disciples from the black division all shot out a violet talisman. A total of nine talismans flew towards Su Xue from different directions. However, she cut them all down with just one slash. The remnant energies shot backward and penetrated all nine disciples, leaving a terrible hole in their bodies. Two of them were grievously injured and had to meditate on the ground right away to recover.

An Earthrank disciple roared and swung his sleeve forward. A large purple wisp shot out as eighty Soul Pressing Talismans came out at the same time. More than half were pierced by her, but three of them managed to tag her back.

She was alarmed and felt as if there were three mountains pushing down on her. Her stepping technique showed signs of stagnation.

“Hmph, stinky bitch, let’s see how you are going to run now.” Qin Tian laughed and revealed his yellow teeth.

“Haha! I heard the son of the demon, Feng Feiyun, has tied the prettiest girl from the Fourth Hall, Bai Ruxue, to a tree and raped her. How enviable. This girl is just as pretty as that demoness, so we should tie her up to this pillar here and rape her in turns until the lunar eclipse. No stopping before she starts crying for her parents and squirming with pain.” Yao Jingyue was even more vulgar and laughed with his beardy face that had a shiny glow to it.

“As if you can.” Su Xue quickly retreated and slashed the front gate of the shrine in order to escape.

Her sword could slash through anything, but this entrance was no different from a cliff. A purple wave counterattacked and blew her backward.

“Boom!” There was a round formation spinning at the top of the temple with an endless purple glow. It had isolated this temple from the outside world.

The ice corpse with its fingers as sharp as swords cut into her body. Even though she evaded with great agility, her black robe was still cut by the chest, revealing her white skin and a faint bloody mark. Corpse energy began to invade her bloodstream.

A burst of perverted laughter came again. After seeing her sexy and slim figure, they became wolves circling around a helpless sheep.

“Not good, not good, this woman is even sexier than those sluts from the Yinvoid Cave. I gotta catch her today and sleep with her for three hundred rounds.”

“Haha, Jingyue, that won’t do. Feng Feiyun played for nine days and nine nights to become the fiercest man in the pagoda. Your three hundred rounds are too little, too little.” [1]

Jingyue unhappily retorted: “Hmph! Even if that guy has a nine dragons pillar, he still can’t last for nine full days. Even if he could do so, Bai Ruxue would have died already, this is too much of an exaggeration.”

“I haven’t touched a woman for six months and can’t hold on anymore.” Unable to restrain himself, a glimmer shot out from his sleeve. A net made from black metal flew out. It was extremely tough. Such materials were made in order to capture second transformation evil corpses.

Su Xue was fighting against the ice corpses while being ambushed by the lower-ranked disciples. Jingyue’s net instantly covered her and the corpse poison on it stained her jade-white skin. She was instantly paralyzed and felt powerless.

“Haha, little beauty, I’m gonna make you feel good.” He took the sword from her hand while wearing a sick smile on his big, black face.

“Have fun first then leave our names on the monument, such a joyous life!” Luo Hong also called back his ice corpse with a grin on his face.

“Don’t worry, everyone will get their turn.” Qin Tian couldn’t help but reach forward to grab her chest.

The corpse poison was affecting Su Xue more intensely. Even her mind became somewhat vague as she shouted: “Feng Feiyun!”

Qin Tian’s hand was halfway there, but he pulled back and laughed: “This woman is still calling for the demon’s son at this moment. Maybe she looks cold on the outside but is actually a slut that loves Feiyun’s nine dragons pillar?”

The group of disciples surrounded her and loudly laughed.

“We might not have his dragon pillar, but there are nine of us. This should be more than enough to make it up. Slut, don’t bother calling for him. All of us will take turns, that should be enough to make you drown in pleasure today. Haha!”

Noon had arrived with a faint sunlight that reached through the falling snow. It made the monument shine like a round jade floating in the center of the lake.

Feng Feiyun was still immersed in researching the monument while standing by the cliff. Eventually, he found some clues and couldn’t help but smile.

“Oh? Where is Su Xue?” He suddenly sensed something and turned back.

There were corpses everywhere that were crushed by sword energies. The person who did it was quite cruel, so it must have been Su Xue.

“This little sister always makes others worry. Why is she fighting against the northern corpse controllers?” Feiyun felt worried and started to trace the path. He arrived outside of the shrine and looked up to see a round formation rotating outside to seal this area.

At this moment, he heard a voice: “Slut, don’t bother calling for him. All of us will take turns, that should be enough to make you drown in pleasure today. Haha!”

“Tie her up, tie her up. This girl is very strong so we have to tie her hands and feet.”

Feiyun’s heart sank after hearing this. This Violetsea Cave must be courting death. He used his arm as a blade and slashed forward. A white energy dragon soared forward and cut the formation at the top into halves, issuing a loud explosion.

[1] 300 rounds is just a Chinese expression meaning a lot. For example, fighting someone for 300 rounds.

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