Chapter 333: Evening Temple

This was a world covered in ice and snow. It was even more wintry outside of Radiance. The nearby mountains and rivers were wrapped in a silvery decoration.

“Feng Feiyun, where the hell are you going?” Su Xue followed Feiyun out of Radiance and continued farther and farther up north.

“I will go wherever I like, why do you care?” Feiyun smiled and continued faster without leaving a footprint in the snow.

Su Xue thought that he wouldn’t leave Radiance, or at least he would wait until after the auction. But now, they were several hundred miles away from the city and were continuing on an old passage towards the north.

It has been one day and one night with the speed only increasing. One step alone traveled a hundred meters, leaving only a shadow behind.

It became increasingly difficult for her to keep up as sweat ran down her forehead. However, Feiyun was still walking leisurely, fueling her anger even more.

They met many cultivators along the way. These spectators could only see a black and white shadow passing by. They thought that it must have been two supreme masters traveling.

Feiyun had also refined three more roots in the meantime. Now, 216 meridians have opened in his body. They acted as divine bridges that connected his dantian to the world. The connection between the two separate entities became increasingly natural.

At dawn on the second day, the violet shade rose on the cloud-filled horizon. Feiyun had crossed another white forest and reached the vast sacred lake.

Among the plains were two towering peaks reaching for the clouds like a dog’s canines. They were majestic and imposing. These two peaks, one to the east of the lake while the other west, have existed for a long time. They looked like two giants protecting the monument at the center of the lake.

At the top of the eastern peak named Dawn-Dusk was a temple with the same name. The western peak named Night-Day also had a shrine with the same name.

These two buildings were renowned in all of Trinity. Many wise sages of old would spend time in these temples. There were many monuments and ruins at the top of these peaks. The sages capable of leaving their names on the sacred monument also left their marks in these places.

Tonight was the lunar eclipse. Even though the auction back at Radiance had attracted many cultivators, there were still many of them in this place.

“Swoosh!” Feiyun soared like a bird as he stepped onto the steep cliff to reach the pinnacle of the Night-Day Peak.

This peak was eight thousand meters high and covered in snow. However, some special vegetation wasn’t afraid of the cold and continued to grow along the edge. Some branches with purple leaves and vines with red flowers could be found.

At the summit were many old trees that had grown for thousands of years. The wind blew away the snow that was covering them, revealing their green leaves. Despite the bleak temperature in this place, not all lives were lost.

There were many Buddha statues among these trees. They were carved from very hard metals. There must be at least several hundred of them that had been buried deep in the soil, so there was no chance of them being blown away by a storm.

With a pious expression, Feiyun walked above the three-foot-deep snow and could see the shrine further inside the forest. There was a touch of ancient vicissitude that touched his heart.

“The young overlords of the ten halls are tangled up in Radiance with the auction and can’t come tonight. The fight between the two great powers, I’m afraid, will be postponed.”

He could vaguely hear voices coming from the old shrine.

Feng Feiyun didn’t enter and instead walked around towards the peak. He stood next to the very edge and pushed his palm down. The surrounding clouds and mist dispersed, revealing the lake down below.

While looking down at the sacred monument towering at around one hundred meters, it looked just like a small stone emitting a faint shimmer.

“It is indeed mystical. It doesn’t look like a tablet from here and more like a round disk.”

One could only see the full picture of the monument while standing in a place as high as this.

Feiyun twirled his finger and felt that there were runes carved at the very top of the monument. However, a mysterious power obstructed his vision.

Meanwhile, Su Xue was leaning against an old tree with her sword in her embrace like always while staring at Feiyun in the distance. She could hear him mumbling to himself, but not the contents.

‘What the hell is this guy doing?’

Suddenly, a black shadow swept in front of her with extreme speed just like a ghost.

“Keke, meeting a beauty like you in this icy realm must be fate!” A teasing voice came about, but she couldn’t see the other person.

Nevertheless, she stood there proudly with her long, black hair fluttering in the wind like willow catkins. There was no emotion in her cold eyes as she uttered: “You want to die?”

“A strong temper too, just the way I like it. I haven’t slept with a woman in the snow just yet, who knows what it will feel like. Haha!” A cold breeze swept by from above the tree. A corpse hand came out from the trunk itself and grabbed Su Xue’s arm.

“Boom!” The two-meter-long tree directly shattered as a corpse wearing a purple robe flew out. Its skin was pale and had a layer of a violet, metallic shimmer. There was a corpse talisman taped to its forehead.

“Rawr!” The corpse screamed with a green brilliance shining from its eyes.

“Whoosh!” A sword ray flashed. The corpse’s arm immediately flew away and was bitten to pieces by its energy before scattering all over the ground.

The corpse screamed again as a light condensed where the arm was severed. Spirit energy gathered there, allowing its arm to grow back.

“Northern Frontier’s corpse control art!” Su Xue watched with disdain. No one could see her move, but another sword ray crossed the sky and directly split this corpse in two. Even the purple talisman on its forehead was cut to pieces.

It couldn’t climb back up from the snow this time; it was deader than dead. Even the corpse palace inside its body was broken just like its fragmented flesh sinking into the snow.

“You dare to destroy my battle corpse, you little bitch?! If I don’t rape you to death, you won’t understand how terrible our Violetsea Cave is!” Xu Tao slowly floated up from the snow. He wore a purple corpse controller robe and had a layer of purple brilliance around him. His pale face was even scarier than an evil corpse.

This battle corpse took him a long time to refine after coming to the Grand Southern Prefecture. Alas, it just got killed by one slash from Su Xue, how could he not be angered?

“Naive fool!” While gripping the sword handle, she slightly moved her body and flew out with lightning speed. Another sword ray flashed. A deep red mark was left on Xu Tao’s neck; his head almost went flying.

Su Xue coldly spoke: “A replacement puppet. Hmph, how many times will you be able to escape?”

In the distance, a corpse evil fell to the ground with its head decapitated. This was the replacement puppet used by Xu Tao. He would be the one dead if it wasn’t for this corpse.

This girl was truly vicious and attacked more mercilessly than anyone else. Xu Tao was frightened while touching his neck and recalling the event.

Su Xue rushed forward so Xu Tao quickly escaped while controlling more corpses that jumped up from the snow to attack Su Xue. However, they couldn’t stop her blade.

Her sword was truly frightening, only broken corpses could be found behind her. She was definitely scarier than these corpses.

“Young lady, I know I was wrong, please spare my life.” Xu Tao escaped with haste and could still feel an avalanche of killing intent behind him. The hymn of her sword made his heart feel a chill.

Feng Feiyun didn’t seem to know what was happening behind the cliff. He simply stood there and carefully observed the monument while gaining some new clues.

“This aura is somewhat similar to the ancient altar on Mount Banda, could there be a connection between the two?” Both the monument and the altar descended from the sky. However, none of the records stated whether they came down together or not. Because of this, no one tried to find the link between the two.

Feiyun had seen the altar in action before and recalled the movements from the boulders there. He felt that it was very similar to the runes on this monument. If he could actually see these runes, perhaps he could find the answer.

The lunar eclipse will be the perfect chance. He cleared his mind of unnecessary thoughts and continued to derive the mysteries in his mind.

Meanwhile, how could Su Xue let someone she wants dead escape so easily? More than thirty corpses had fallen to her sword as she chased Xu Tao all the way to the shrine nearby.

“Save me! Save me!” He ran right inside the shrine full of clicking temple blocks and lit up with a buddhist lamp.

“No one can save you today!” Su Xue’s body flashed as she wielded her sword and ran into the shrine. However, she quickly retreated before her foot made contact with the ground.

Alas, it was too late.


The shrine’s doors suddenly closed along with the window lattices. A purple light soared up and turned into a great formation. It floated above the shrine and sealed the nearby space.

Xu Tao’s laughter came from inside: “Girl, you think your father is actually afraid of you? I only wanted to lure you here.”

There were other voices in the temple outside of Xu Tao’s. A slightly rugged laughter came along: “Xu Tao, well done, how could you find such a pretty girl in a place where even birds don’t want to shit at? Looks like we’re all lucky this time.”

“This girl is very powerful so I will have to ask for your help, Earthrank brothers.” Xu Tao smiled.

An Earthrank corpse controller answered: “No problem. I brought a first-level Heaven’s Mandate battle corpse from my cave, it’s more than enough to take her down.”

“I also have a first-level Heaven’s Mandate corpse. It looks like we’ll be able to have some fun today in this buddhist temple.” A different Earthrank controller grinned.

“I didn’t think southern women were so beautiful. It’s hard to find someone like her in our region. Luckily, Brother Chu Jibei from the Heavenrank division isn’t here or it wouldn’t be our turn.”

Perverted laughter resounded inside the shrine. Who knows how many Violetsea disciples were here, wanting to capture Su Xue alive?

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