Chapter 332: The Current Political Climate

“The Long Clan might have a strong root and is capable of controlling the world with the eight prefectural governors and eighteen heavenly marquis who are all dragons and phoenixes among men, but remember, the astronomical phenomenon of the dragons devouring the sky has appeared. The Long Clan will definitely be attacked by the heroes of the world. It might look strong now, but it will be facing the biggest danger is has faced yet. Just one misstep and the whole boat will capsize.” Yiye spoke without any apprehension.

The maids once again brought over a jade tray with two hot cups of wine for the two. The two maids seemed to be mute and deaf as if they couldn’t hear the conversation at all.

“The heretical schools are also powerful and aggressive with their debut this time. Their younger generation can suppress the heroes from the pagoda. After one thousand years of accumulation, who knows just how strong their aces are now? This must be another leading contender, right?” Feiyun brought forth another faction.

“Not necessarily.” Yiye declared in a lofty manner: “The heretical schools are divided into one temple, two mountains, and three realms. The one temple is naturally Senluo, the two mountains are Mount Potala and Mount Yin Yang, and the three realms are the Nether Realm, the Dark Realm, and the Lifeless Realm.”

“The heretical schools you are talking about is just the Senluo Temple. Before it was broken up, this was indeed the strongest heretical sect and was able to suppress Mount Potala and Mount Yin Yang. However, two thousand years ago, its temple lord, the Beacon King, disappeared mysteriously. In just two hundred years, there were thirteen uprisings within the temple with blood running like rivers each time. Its power was gravely sapped each uprising and, in the end, it was divided into the ten halls. Right now, any one of its halls can’t even compare to the three realms, let alone the two mountains!”

Yiye drank another cup before continuing: “However, after one thousand years of recuperation, the ten halls must have recovered some of their strength. If a character like the Beacon King appears again to unite the ten halls, it will become a strong contender.”

So the heretical side turned out to be quite complicated!

The Senluo Temple used to be the top sect and almost unified all of the heretical schools. Their twelve great techniques were renowned across the world. It really wasn’t strange for Lu Liwei to be sent to the temple for training.

“Two thousand years ago, the empress was so mighty that all heroes bowed down before her. Only the Beacon King could contend against her. However, he came out one hundred years earlier. If the two were born in the same era, they most likely would have been great rivals. It would be difficult for a character like him to appear again.” Feiyun had read about the Beacon King in some old books before. Eighty years after the death of the empress, the Beacon King disappeared mysteriously as well. Only his invincible legends were left behind.

Feiyun asked: “Then Mount Potala and Mount Yin Yang can be considered as leading contenders?”

Dongfang Yiye shook his head again: “Mount Potala has the three different entities beneath it, so you do have to admit that it is quite frightening. However, that person up there has great ties to the royal family. I’m afraid when the chaos comes, Mount Potala won’t try to profit from it.”

“As for Mount Yin Yang, that’s the entrance to the Yin and Yang Worlds. The three stranges and three evils from the two worlds will be under Mount Yin Yang’s jurisdiction after coming into the cultivation world. If the Yin and Yang Worlds stay normal during the chaos, Mount Yin Yang won’t become involved in this competition.”

Feiyun increasingly felt that this Dongfang Yiye was really not simple at all. He knew everything about this world. Few could match his knowledge.

The strange part was him only being an errand boy for the Yin Gou Clan.

“The Beiming Clan is one of the four great clans with countless members, a leader of the cultivation world with a vast network in the court. Thirty percent of the Martial Army is under their banner. Can this clan be one of the top contenders?” Feiyun brought forth yet another power.

Yiye pondered for a bit before decisively answering: “Yes. However, the Beiming Clan’s power is concentrated in the court, it is extremely weak in the cultivation world so all of their eggs are in one basket. Moreover, they are very dependent on the Jin Emperor. Thus, with regard to the court, they naturally can’t compare to the royal Long Clan.”

Feiyun lifted his cup and smiled: “Then who do you think are the real contenders right now?”

Dongfang Yiye smiled back: “Young Noble Feng, you still haven’t left the Grand Southern Prefecture, correct?”

Feiyun nodded.

“The Grand Southern Prefecture might be one of the eight in the Jin Dynasty, but it is situated in a corner and is considered a barbaric wasteland. It can’t compare to the fertile lands like the Central Royal Prefecture or Earthchild Prefecture in the central regions. It is several times smaller in size alone, and there is a huge gap between their earth spirit veins. One day, when you leave this place, you will come to find what kind of world is waiting for you.”

Yiye continued: “In my opinion, the vanguards right now are the royal Long Clan, the Nalan Highgate, the Senluo Temple, and the old corpse caves up at the Northern Frontier Prefecture. Then there is the Yin Gou Clan, the Beiming Clan, the Xiyue Clan, and the old cultivation sects from the Earthchild Prefecture. The three heretical realms can barely be listed as well. There are ten more slightly weaker forces, but I suppose they could play a tiny part.”

The current complexity of the political climate in the Jin Dynasty exceeded Feiyun’s expectations. Just this dynasty alone gave the feeling of hidden dragons and crouching tigers.

Yiye was only listing the powers involved in the secular world. There were also some powers that had ascended from this power struggle and only sought the immortal dao. If chaos actually came, perhaps their disciples would come out.

Feiyun asked: “Then who do you think is the leading contender?”

Yiye smiled and shook his head: “I can’t answer that right now. Wait until the big shift comes to the world, then you will naturally see it.”

This cunning old fox has been so eloquent, yet he purposely played dumb at critical moments.

“Young Noble Feng, you are a dragon among men, a grand historical prodigy. What do you think about my Yin Gou Clan?” After going in circles repeatedly, Yiye finally asked the main question.

This was his biggest goal in inviting Feiyun to this drinking party.

“Well… it’s good. The Yin Gou Clan is unbelievably wealthy, it’s definitely very good.” Feiyun played dumb as well.

Yiye frowned and continued: “Young Noble Feng, if you keep on dodging this question, then we’ll just pretend that I haven’t asked. However, remember that the capital is the truly good location, the real sacred ground for cultivation. If you go there, you must visit our dragon lake.”

Feiyun naturally nodded in agreement.

Yiye’s mouth slightly twitched as if he wanted to say something more. However, he suddenly thought of another matter and didn’t reveal his thoughts. In the end, he burst out in laughter and coolly left the room.

“Squeak!” He closed the door behind him and left.

Feiyun’s eyes turned serious. He drank another mouthful of wine while thinking to himself: “What does the world’s business have to do with me? The Jin Dynasty is still only one corner of the vast world.”

Yiye felt quite disappointed and thought that Feiyun’s vision wasn’t high enough to see the great upcoming era, but how could he understand Feiyun’s true goals?

Feiyun stayed in this beautiful room at this winehouse and spent one night to refine the three spirit roots to open thirty more meridians. He had a total of 186 at this moment.

He had obtained nine roots, so there were six left. With two more days, he could open sixty more and his cultivation would take another big leap.

The night passed and the morning mist filled the air.

He put away the remaining six roots and left the winehouse. The moment he exited the entrance, he saw a girl in black standing on the street.

She stood upright as if she never moved with a sword in her embrace while showing a cold glare. Her body was even sharper than the sword.

This impression came from a sharp sword intent that came from her. Anyone who came within three steps of her would feel a blood-chilling aura. Last night, two cultivators noticed her standing alone on the street and wanted to attack her only to have become two corpses shortly after.

This was a cold and beautiful reaper who actually stood here for one full day and night. Many cultivators were curious and stared at this stunning woman, yet no one dared to approach her. The blood on the ground made their hearts palpitate.

Feiyun teased: “Oh? You still haven’t left?”

She snorted in response and didn’t bother looking at him.

He ignored her too and continued towards the north gate while she followed him from a distance.

“A huge event, a huge event. Tomorrow night, the Yin Gou Ward will hold a big auction.”

“I heard it this morning that Feng Daniu will be auctioning the seven demonesses off at the auction, all cultivators can participate.”

“He dares to auction them off? How many people is he going to offend?!”

“That’s Daniu’s problem, it has nothing to do with the Yin Gou Ward. They are only providing an auction place. Even the heretical experts will have to follow the rules, they can’t cause trouble there.”

“The battle at the sacred lake is tomorrow, so why is the ward targeting this auction at the heretical schools? I feel something is strange about this.”

“The battle tomorrow might be over by then. The people from the ten halls will gather here. If the seven demonesses were to be sold to other people, the Senluo Temple would be able to show itself in the cultivation world anymore.”

“You’re right, it looks like this auction will be fun. The heretical halls will have to buy the girls back even if they have to pay a blood-vomiting price.”

“With their absence at the lake, some people might take advantage of this opportunity and leave their names on the monument.”


This message quickly spread across all of Radiance, and virtually all cultivators were shaken. Someone actually dared to publicly auction off the seven heretical girls? This Feng Daniu has offended half of the cultivation world.

But how many actually knew that Feng Daniu was only a guise?

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