Chapter 330: Hard-To-Mess-With Demoness

The light was dim in this special space within the Yin Gou Ward. It was guarded by top treasure masters. This location both existed in this world yet was in a separate space.

Because the eight demonesses were imprisoned here, the heretical experts couldn’t find them. Otherwise, they would have done so much earlier.

“You really want to leave?” The scholar was leading the way.

Feiyun replied: “There’s no place for me here after offending the princess.” He paused for a bit and laughed: “Plus, if I don’t leave, I’m afraid I might kill more people.”

People would come to find him anyway if he wanted to kill some more. It was better to leave since staying would result in more problems.

The scholar coughed and said: “The lunar eclipse is in two days, I hope you can come to the sacred lake. If you can leave your name on the monument, your future will be unfathomable.”

“We can talk about that later.” Feiyun answered in a non-committal manner.

The scholar asked: “Fine, I’m finished. Oh right, did Bi Ningshuai and Xie Honglian leave Trinity already?”

Feng Feiyun smiled while walking behind him: “Scholar Heaven Calculating really knows everything in this world, so amazing!”

“Capturing Xie Honglian wasn’t my idea. This was the decision from several half-step Giants from the previous generation of the pagoda. They are here at Radiance to take charge.” The scholar sighed.

Feiyun was a bit startled. This was a competition for the youths but the previous generation came as well? Was an all-out war about to happen?

If they’re not careful, an earth-shattering war will take place here at Radiance.

The scholar revealed: “Bi Ningshuai, Xie Honglian, and I are actually from the same place.”

Feiyun wasn’t surprised. If felt as if the scholar and Ningshuai had some sort of connection. First, the sheepskin maps about the distribution of the corpses at the Grand Southern Prefecture that Ningshuai tried to sell must have been drawn by the scholar.

Second, when Feiyun forced himself on Bai Ruxue back at Mount Banda, only he, Bai Ruxue, and the Evil Woman knew about it. Bi Ningshuai couldn’t have possibly been there. Thus, when this news broke out, it showed that the scholar was the one who calculated it while Bi Ningshuai ran his mouth everywhere on purpose.

Third, Ningshuai had the Blood-being Exalted Pot. It has been so long, yet the Yang King still didn’t come to find him. This meant that the scholar was assisting him in blocking off the heaven’s eyes. Even the Yang King couldn’t find the aura of the pot.

All of these indicated that the two of them and Honglian must have an extraordinary and complicated relationship. Feiyun was very curious about their background. However, the scholar didn’t wish to reveal it, so he didn’t ask.

The two continued forward and the path ahead grew darker. They entered a special space with a crimson pavement. Here, the walls were as large as mountains with runes carved on them. Formations and forbidden barriers were everywhere. One wrong step and the intruder would be turned to ashes instantly.

In the far distance was a crimson platform with several gray-haired men sitting in a meditative pose. They were motionless like rocks and seemingly immersed in eternal cultivation.

Feiyun felt several fast and powerful divine intents sweep through his body that quickly disappeared after a glance.

The duo continued forward through a stone forest and then a cave to reach a valley entrance with metal lying everywhere. The eight demonesses were imprisoned here.

The prettiest of the third hall, Bi Xianxian, in her black dress and hair as smooth as a waterfall was sitting there. Her delicate figure was also in a meditative pose on top of an ancient iron platform one-mile wide. After seeing the scholar and Feiyun, she immediately soared above the platform with a three-foot blood needle between her fingers.

She hated Feiyun to the bones!


A water barrier appeared in the air. She was blown back by the electric currents running through it and fell back to the iron platform.

Feiyun gave her a smile before moving on.

All of these demonesses were mass murderers. They were poisonous scorpions and treated men as toys, so it was time for them to taste their own medicine.

Wan Xiangcen, the seventh lord, had fallen into the scholar’s trap. Yan Ziyu himself took action, but she still almost managed to escape. In the end, Little Demoness was the one who captured her.

She had a lot of freedom since she was living in a vacant cave floating in the sky. She stood at its entrance and gazed several hundred meters down. Feiyun and the scholar looked like ants from up there.

She said: “Scholar Heaven Calculating, you think you can fool all the heretical schools? We also have supreme wisdom masters and they will find out your schemes.”

“Miss Wan, please don’t be angry. Everyone can leave the Yin Gou Ward after two days, but…” The scholar respectfully bowed his head, making himself look quite polite and refined.

“But what?” She snorted.

“You’ll find out then.” The scholar didn’t wish to provoke this particular heretical lord. Her background wasn’t simple and it would be very problematic to meet the reaper backing her.

He didn’t stop and continued on while looking at Feiyun: “These demonesses have incredible backgrounds. We might have captured them, but we didn’t actually harm them. Otherwise, a bunch of old men will appear.

“This is especially true for Wan Xiangcen. Rumor has it that she’s an illegitimate daughter of a cave lord from an ancient lineage in the northern region. If something actually happens to her, even a Giant would be killed within three days.

“Bi Xianxian’s background might not be as great as Xiangcen’s, but her grandfather is a half-step Giant with an exceedingly high position in the third hall.”

Even though the older generation couldn’t intervene with the competition of the youth, if it was someone who was extremely protective and biased, trouble would still ensue.

The corpse caves in the northern region were indeed terrifying. Feiyun had seen their exceptionally powerful techniques before.

His heart slightly jumped as he quickly asked: “What about Lu Liwei? Don’t tell me she has a strong background too?”

The scholar stopped and gave Feiyun a deep stare. He frowned and pondered for a bit before answering: “If you ask the Divine King to step up for you and go to Mount Potala to propose, maybe the situation can be solved with his prestige.”

Feiyun was startled: “Are you joking?!”

The scholar shook his head: “There are three top wisdom masters in the entire Jin Dynasty. The first is from the Ancient Jiang Prefecture, Wisdom Master Jing Feng of the Heaven Worship Division. The second person presides on Mount Potala.”

Feiyun finished: “And the third is you.”

The scholar nodded.

Feiyun asked: “What kind of place is Mount Potala?”

The scholar responded with his own question: “Have you heard of the Pinnacle Fate Ending Palace?”

“The world’s top assassin organization, feared by all. They even dare to do business by killing Giants. Once, they were at the apex and even tried to assassinate a Jin Empress. Alas, they failed.” How could Feiyun not have heard of this place?

“No, it was successful.” The scholar disagreed.

“What?” Feiyun was extremely surprised: “According to the records from an ancient scroll, that Jin Empress didn’t die to the palace because no one could kill her back then. She died to her own hands.”

The scholar shook his head: “For the palace, weapons aren’t the only things that can kill. Her death was indeed caused by the palace.”

He was a bit apprehensive about this tale, so he shot out a white brilliance from his sleeve to isolate this area before revealing the secret.

Two thousand years ago, Empress Long Jiangling was a supreme genius and completely unbeatable. However, she suddenly died in her palace — this became a historical mystery. Who would have thought that the Pinnacle Fate Ending Palace was involved?

Perhaps some wise predecessors from the royal family had figured this out. Alas, in order to preserve the prestige of their clan, they could only cover up the truth so that no one actually knew the intricacies within.

“So you are saying that the assassination palace is located on Mount Potala?” Feiyun was lamenting his terrible luck. His good days would be over if he were to provoke the most frightening assassins in the world.

The scholar shook his head in response: “Even the palace has to obey Mount Potala!”

He continued on: “The Pinnacle Fate Ending Palace, Beauty’s Smile Pavilion, Earth’s End Slave Auction — the master behind all of them is a single person from Mount Potala.”

Feng Feiyun felt like vomiting blood!

The Fate Ending Palace was the ultimate assassination organization with many monsters working under them.

The Beauty’s Smile Pavilion was the number one brothel in the world, but it wasn’t as simple as that.

The Earth’s End Slave Auction was the leading slave trading organization. The Jin Dynasty had several billion slaves, and half of them came from this auction.

“Brother Feng, are you okay?” The scholar stared at Feiyun.

“It’s nothing, it’s nothing… I’m just a little shocked.” Feiyun revealed a calm smile.

The scholar elaborated: “This person on Mount Potala is actually higher in seniority than the Divine King, but they have a good relationship. This problem isn’t unsolvable if the Divine King comes forward. Since you are a grand historical genius, that person might agree if you really want to marry Lu Liwei.”

The politics of the cultivation world was very complex. There were many untouchable characters. No one wanted to offend them unless it was the right time to break all pretenses.

The duo went on and finally met Lu Liwei.

She was staying at a floating palace beneath a pear tree. Her long hair looked like waves as the breeze blew her fluttering skirt. There was a weak smile in her eyes and unexpectedly, no signs of anger.

She stared at the two walking below the palace and smiled even brighter after seeing Feng Feiyun.

However, he couldn’t get used to this smile of hers. This woman was very smart. When a smart woman smiled beautifully like this, it would make people even more uneasy than if she was angry.

They didn’t say for long and escaped her gaze to finally reach Su Xue’s prison.

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