Chapter 329: Soulbound Artifact

“Your turn!” A giant stone saber was suspended in the air. A sharp ray rushed out with a sharp, unstoppable aura like a white dragon.

The second variation of the Dragon King’s Saber Art, Nine Firmaments Slash!

This was an art only trained by members of the royal family. It was extremely domineering and among the princes of the Jin Dynasty, very few could actually cultivate this second variation.

The majority of them had been learning it for more than ten years while Feng Feiyun was only exposed to it for less than one.

“Boom!” The power of this saber technique was unstoppable and reigned above all others.

Linghua quickly summoned his boulder back in order to stop the incoming slash. When the shockwave struck his boulder, it shook continuously and almost flew out of his hand.

Despite being able to block it, he still had to take a step back.

“Boom!” Before he could retaliate, a second slash was on its way. It was still the same Nine Firmaments Slash, but stronger. This slash was capable of toppling mountains and overturning oceans.

Linghua could only use his boulder to block the slash. It shook more intensely since the powerful stone saber cut straight through it.

This was his second time taking a step back. He crushed the pavement in the main hall, leaving behind a deep footprint.

Nine Firmaments Slash! The third one!

Its power was endless like a tsunami. With one wave stronger than the previous, it was completely suppressing Linghua. He could only retreat without the strength to resist.

This was the opposite of what everyone imagined. A grand achievement God Base was actually pressuring a first-level Heaven’s Mandate. Even though a supreme God Base could indeed defeat a first-level Heaven’s Mandate, this Heaven’s Mandate would only be one with ordinary talents.

However, Linghua was a heaven-defying genius, even a grand historical genius shouldn’t be able to defeat him.

Princess Luofu murmured to herself: “He has already trained the second slash to this level...”

There were nine layers of waves in total to this technique, one stronger than the previous. Once Feng Feiyun unleashed the seventh slash, the saber energy had taken physical form and rushed out like a divine blade. It was about to break the barrier erected by Yan Ziyu.

Several other Heaven’s Mandate cultivators from the pagoda shot out a white glow in order to restabilize this barrier.

Domineering, powerful, unyielding!

Linghua’s hands were cracked with strands of blood flowing out. His pair of eagle eyes were quite cold. He began to channel energy into his dantian in order to exert a heaven-defying art.

“Boom!” The eighth slash was accompanied by a dragon roar. It caused all the debris on the ground to go flying while crushing the floor completely.

A white slash from the stone saber rushed out and ferociously cut into the boulder. This natural creation was blown away and slammed into the white barrier.

“Pop!” The white barrier had suffered a lot of damage as the boulder penetrated it and slammed into the wall, creating a huge hole.

The initially sleeping Dongfang Yiye slightly opened his eyes. He was twitching from pain because of the money he had just lost!

Linghua’s hands were numb from the vibrations, and he was a bit dizzy as well. His feet were pushed down to the ground. This Dragon King’s Saber Art was too domineering and couldn't be blocked at all.

“I’ll send you off now! Nine Firmaments Slash!” The ninth slash came down from the sky in an overwhelming fashion. Two white energy rays with dragon forms appeared. They moved like the wind with the sharpness of a blade and the aura of a divine beast. Each dragon was howling before rolling forward like lightning.

All the disciples in the main hall shot out their own white rays, worried that the barrier might be broken completely. They didn’t want to see this entire building destroyed.

“It isn’t so easy! You are looking down on Heaven’s Mandate!” Linghua’s dantian shot out a dazzling shuttle. It had the color of the sky, spanned seven meters long, and was as thick as a tree. There were runes on the surface with a chilling frost at the head.

This was the Vastheaven Shuttle. It had fused with Linghua inside his dantian, making it seem as if it was part of his body.

Spirit Realm, Immortal Foundation, and God Base were only cultivation levels for the upper part of the dantian.

However, the dantian was divided into three levels. Only by surpassing the Earth Tribulation to reach Heaven’s Mandate would one be able to open the inner dantian.

“Linghua is actually using his soulbound artifact, is Feng Feiyun that powerful?” A disciple was slightly surprised.

At first-level Heaven’s Mandate, a cultivator could incubate a soulbound artifact inside their inner dantian.

This type of artifact was virtually fused with the cultivator. For a few of them, the spirituality inside was even greater than that of a spirit treasure.

The ninth slash was stopped by the Vastheaven Shuttle; Linghua finally countered for the first time.

A drop of blood dripped from his fingertip onto the shuttle and seeped inside.

“Whoosh!” The shuttle turned as fast as lightning and flew over Feiyun’s shoulder. It almost had no shadow due to the great speed and nearly penetrated his body.

“Feiyun, with my soulbound artifact out, how are you going to survive?!” Linghua crazily laughed.

From start to finish, he was thinking about killing Feng Feiyun instead of only winning.

“You think too highly of yourself, I am merely using you to train my saber!” With that, Feiyun’s body flashed and disappeared. His speed was even faster than the shuttle. He instantly emerged in front of Linghua, inches away from him.

Feiyun’s figure grew larger in Linghua’s pupils and eventually occupied the whole space.

“Whoosh!” The shuttle flew back for the second time, but Feiyun grabbed and suppressed it with his Infinite Spirit Ring. It dimmed and couldn’t exert any power at all.

“You…” Linghua was completely astounded, Feiyun actually grabbed his soulbound artifact with his bare hand. Was this still only a grand achievement God Base?!

Feiyun swung the shuttle on Linghua’s forehead, causing blood to spill. Linghua’s legs trembled as he almost faltered to the ground.

He had the urge to kill Linghua at this moment.

“Okay, okay. Feiyun, you can take Su Xue away.” The shrew scholar naturally saw the bloodthirst in his eyes and shifted his body. He traveled through the barrier and appeared between the two combatants.

Heaven’s Mandate cultivators were exceedingly rare. They were great characters regardless of the location, so losing one here would be a great loss.

Feiyun grabbed the shuttle and stared at the scholar: “You really are a peacemaker, why do you always show up at the last second?”

The scholar smiled in response: “What else can I do? The two of you already wanted to go all out in the beginning. Even if I jumped out, would you two listen to me? Wouldn’t I be taking the beating instead? Why not wait until the two of you are tired or right before the end and then come out to mediate, isn’t that much better?”

Feiyun asked: “Interesting, then what if I don’t want to stop?”

The scholar replied: “Mu Linghua’s life for Su Xue and nine spirit grasses. Anyone in this world would accept this trade.”

“Nine spirit grasses?” Feiyun thought about it while staring at Linghua’s bloody head. This person might be a first-level Heaven’s Mandate, but he wasn’t a real threat to Feiyun.

Sparing his life wouldn’t cause any trouble down the line. Trading his life for nine spirit grasses would allow him to open ninety meridians to boost his cultivation.

The scholar reiterated: “Nine grasses in total!”

Feiyun smiled: “Scholar, you are worthy of your fame. You’re much more calculating and shrewd than anyone else.”

Linghua’s life to Feiyun wasn’t worth nine spirit grasses, but it was definitely valuable to the scholar.

He saved Linghua’s life today, and with his talents, he definitely would be more than just a first-level Heaven’s Mandate. After one hundred years, he might even be a Giant.

How could one not repay the debt of life? This was why the scholar was so crafty in this deal.

“Boom!” Feiyun directly crushed the Vastheaven Shuttle in his hand along with one divine intent from Linghua. A soulbound artifact had been destroyed.

Linghua spewed out blood and only had nine divine intents left. This would make it even harder for him to reach the Giant level.

“Feiyun, you are ruthless…” Linghua’s divine intents were injured so he fell unconscious.

Feiyun retorted: “I’m already being nice by not killing you.”

The scholar’s expression remained the same. He brought Feiyun out of the main hall towards the prison that contained the eight heretical demonesses.

After they left, the hall broke out in a clamor!

“This Feiyun’s demonic nature can’t be tamed. He’s too arrogant and doesn’t give any face to the scholar.” Ling Feng was angry.

A governor’s son spoke: “Your Highness, if you give the order, we’ll work together to punish this demon!” He was quite talented and was a part of the court.

Another pagoda’s disciple unhappily blurted: “Yes, I agree. I don’t like this heretic. If we don’t teach him a lesson, he’ll keep thinking that he’s great! Fuck him!”

When Feiyun was present, these people didn’t even dare to fart. After he left, they all jumped out and ran their mouths.

The princess declared: “No, the most important thing right now is to deal with the heretics from the ten halls. The lunar eclipse will take place two days later.”

While the crowd was being quite noisy, the initially sleeping Dongfang Yiye ran off somewhere. His chair was now unoccupied.

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