Chapter 328: Fighting Against A Heaven’s Mandate

Yan Ziyu raised his brows and reminded him: “Bi Xianxian, Su Xue, and Li Liwei were all captured by you. According to the negotiation, one demoness is worth three spirit grasses, so you can obtain nine.”

They all knew that he was currently at the top of grand achievement God Base and needed spirit grasses in order to boost his cultivation. Thus, they wished to use the negotiation to bring him back.

“I think he has already joined the heretics which is why he wants to take away one of the demonesses.” A different disciple coldly smiled.

“Give him the nine roots already so that he will leave. I have no intention of keeping him around.” Mu Linghua showed clear contempt.

At first-level Heaven’s Mandate, Linghua could live to five hundred years of age. Such a young expert like him was exceedingly rare. However, in order to deal with the ten heretical halls, all of the pagoda’s prodigies came, including those at the Heaven’s Mandate realm.

The top ten of the pagoda’s list were all at Heaven’s Mandate. He was ranked 11th and had reached this realm a short while ago.

Feiyun declared: “I must take Su Xue away today.”

“You…” Linghua stood up with a sharp momentum that seemed to have taken physical form and headed straight for Feiyun.

Anyone who has successfully endured the Earth Tribulation could borrow the momentum of the earth. They could fuse it with their own aura and completely suppress cultivators that haven’t done the same. This could even result in death for their opponents.

Heaven’s Mandate was considered the first realm towards immortal cultivation. Without reaching this level, people could only be considered mortal.

This was the difference between the heavens and man!

Man naturally couldn’t contend against the heavens!

Feiyun stood upright in the middle of the chamber while staring fearlessly at Mu Linghua. His forty divine intents rotated in his mind and easily stopped Linghua’s momentum.

The entire hall seemed calm, but the air between Feiyun and Linghua had frozen completely.

The prodigies here naturally knew that Linghua was using his momentum to suppress Feiyun, so they had a gloating look on their faces.

These type of people had two different mentalities. The first was jealousy because Feiyun had become the successor of the Divine King, one of the preeminent elites in the entire dynasty.

Of course, they were also jealous of him earning the love of the most beautiful woman in this world. Even though they said that she had seduced him, she clearly killed Shi Yelai and exposed her identity for his sake. How much clearer could her love for him be?

They couldn’t eat the grape so they criticized it as being too sour.

The other reason was to please Princess Luofu.

Who was she? This was the emperor’s favorite daughter, a real noble lady. Moreover, she even had the sacred artifact, the Queen’s Order, allowing her to compete for the crown prince position. In the future, she might even become an empress.

In this place, who had a higher position than her? Between the princess and Feiyun, they naturally picked the princess.

“Boom!” Finally, the air exploded and several prodigies nearby went flying.

Linghua needed to take three steps back before stabilizing. He was both frightened and confused. How could Feiyun be so strong? He was only at grand achievement God Base!

Feiyun only needed one step to fortify his stance.

Even before becoming a grand historical genius, his talents were on par with the others after cultivating forty divine intents.

After the fourth blood transformation and reaching the grand historical level, his physique was one step higher and even stronger than ordinary grand historical geniuses.

An ordinary genius of this level could fight an enemy three levels higher. Thus, Feng Feiyun could take this a step higher.

Everyone was horrified. They thought the one to be subdued would be Feiyun, but Linghua lost this initial bout.

He was a heaven-defying genius, could he actually be defeated by someone an entire realm lower than himself?

Out of everyone here, only the scholar could stay calm as if he had expected such a result. The other person was the seemingly sleeping Dongfang Yiye.

Linghua couldn’t stand this. He was a first-level Heaven’s Mandate genius and could kill several hundred-year-old cultivators, yet he was defeated by a grand achievement God Base.

“Feng Feiyun, if you want to take away Su Xue, you have to defeat me first.” He summoned a strange boulder with the color of the sky. It was naturally created by the heaven and earth inside a treasure ground full of spirit energy.

This type of natural creation was quite powerful. Even though it wasn’t a match for a spirit treasure, it wasn’t too far off. Only the luckiest people could have such treasures.

“That’s all I need to do?” Feiyun glanced at the boulder with a three-meter diameter.

Linghua coldly uttered: “If you are capable, of course.”

Feiyun asked: “How about killing you then?”

With a twisted expression, Linghua sneered: “Feiyun, you are too arrogant. You think you can ignore everyone in this world just because Nangong Hongyan is your backing?”

All the disciples here knew that Shi Yelai was killed by Hongyan just because he verbally smeared Feiyun. Thus, they were quite afraid of this ruthless woman.

Of course, they knew Feiyun’s real backing was the Divine King. Linghua naturally didn’t dare to offend this person, so he could only bring up Hongyan in order to stop Feiyun’s surging momentum.

Feiyun laughed in response: “To have the prettiest woman in the world as my backing is simply happiness, don’t tell me you are jealous?”

How could he know that Hongyan’s real cultivation was only at the Spirit Realm? Her wondrous strength was due to the Firebird Garment and the Cloak of Invisibility.

The only reason she could cultivate was because of the phoenix bone Feng Feiyun gave her! If he had refined it instead of giving it away, he would have reached the Heaven’s Mandate realm already and be able to contend against the older grand historical geniuses.

So ultimately, it was Feiyun who backed up Hongyan.

“You…” Of course Linghua was jealous. Earning the favor of the prettiest woman in the world would incite jealousy from anyone.

The blue boulder emitted a blue radiance with a faint fiery glow. This heatwave began to sweep through the room.

Mu Linghua was going all out in order to suppress Feng Feiyun in the shortest amount of time.

“What now?” Yan Ziyu wanted to stop Linghua. Feiyun was still the Divine King’s successor so nothing could happen to him. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to explain it to the king.

“No need to worry.” The scholar smiled.

Ziyu hesitated for a moment before channeling a white ray from his palm to wrap up the entire hall. It was difficult to stop these two from fighting, so now his job was to protect the others.

Linghua was indeed a first-level Heaven’s Mandate. He could tap into the earth’s momentum to bolster his own. The spirit energy in his body had undergone a metamorphosis to reach the purest level; it was several times better than the energy back at grand achievement God Base.

Only the energy of this realm would be able to exert the real power of spirit treasures. The stronger the cultivation, the more they could use the potential of these artifacts. A God Base simply couldn’t do so.

This Skyfilling Boulder might not be a spirit treasure, but its power was no joke. An attack from it contained many millions of pounds of force.

Feng Feiyun indifferently stared at this boulder. He walked forward step by step in order to meet it head-on.

“What is he doing, does he want to die? He’s going to use his body to fight against a natural creation?” Many people were frightened by this scene. His talents might be wondrous, but his body would be turned to dust if struck by this boulder.

“Pop!” People clearly saw his body make contact with the boulder, but he stood there unharmed as if the boulder had flown past him.

What?! This scene was too weird!

A few of them had their jaws dropped to the ground. Some wiped their eyes since they thought they were seeing things.

Even Yan Ziyu and the scholar’s eyes turned serious.

The scholar began to calculate by counting with his fingers. They definitely didn’t see things, so the only explanation was that Feng Feiyun had cultivated some strange technique.

Ziyu looked over at the scholar. The scholar stopped calculating and gently shook his head.

He actually couldn’t calculate it! A mysterious force had cut off the heavens’ eyes. Just this alone showed that this was a wondrous technique that originated from somewhere far away, perhaps the distant past or the fuzzy future.

Despite being unable to see through this technique, the scholar managed to realize something else. It gave him an unspeakable fear, so he stopped daring to try and calculate Feng Feiyun lest some disaster descends upon him.

Feiyun was naturally using the steps of the Swift Samsara technique. Even though it looked like he was walking straight forward, he actually did a circle around the boulder. This was the most horrifying part about this movement technique — it was completely unpredictable and indiscernible.

Linghua was slightly astonished, but he was still a powerful expert. He stomped on the ground and a great formation appeared below Feng Feiyun’s feet.

He wanted to stop Feiyun’s movement. Just one second was enough for the boulder to take Feiyun’s life. He didn’t realize that Feiyun was even more advanced with regards to formations. Feiyun did the same and stomped on the ground. A top-tier second-level formation rushed back below Linghua’s feet and blew his white robe to pieces.

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