Chapter 327: Mighty

Focusing on one’s interest was an immutable truth regardless of the time and place.

For benefits, two unrelated people could become friends.

For benefits, two closest friends could become enemies.

For benefits, Dongfang Yiye was willing to be on the same side as the pagoda’s disciples.

The Yin Gou Ward naturally played a part in capturing the ten beauties of the Senluo Temple because they could obtain immense benefits from it. Yiye was a crafty and flexible person; he was willing to do whatever it takes.

All the top geniuses from the pagoda were gathered at the quiet main chamber inside the Yin Gou Ward. More than half of the top one hundred prodigies were present.

Scholar Heaven Calculating, Yan Ziyu, Princess Luofu, Mu Dantian and his sister, the third prince of Dashi… all of them were quite talented, many being the rulers of their respective regions with monstrous backings.

They all had prominent statuses as either successors of great clans or young lords of immortal gates. There were also young marquis as well as princes and princesses.

They would become the masters of this world in the future.

Although the pagoda was the number one sacred ground in the world, it wasn’t considered a power for it was more of an academy. It was a place for prodigies all over the world to cultivate and learn.

After reaching a certain level, these disciples and students would leave the pagoda and return to their respective forces. The next three years for the new ranking of the pagoda’s list was actually a graduation exam. The number of corpses killed would be their score.

Depending on their scores, these prodigies would naturally enjoy great rewards after returning to their homes. To be able to place high on the list was something worth bragging about for their seniors.

However, no one expected for the slumbering heretical schools to come out and directly confront the pagoda. They wished to trample the number one academy in order to reestablish their hegemony.

The prodigies of the pagoda who were competing against each other had no choice but to gather at Trinity with Scholar Heaven Calculating and Yan Ziyu as the leaders. They wanted to defeat the heretics first.

“Feng Feiyun messed it up this time. If it wasn’t for him and Nangong Hongyan, Xie Honglian would have been captured too.” The princess spoke while sitting inside a misty field in the chamber.

Everyone could feel her anger.

“Yes, Xie Honglian is the number two among the young heretical generation, not to mention being one of the eight older Grand Historical Geniuses. If we had captured her, it would have been a great blow to the heretical schools.” Beiming Lie spoke with gravity.

He was one of the top prodigies of the Beiming Clan with a high rank on the list. This clan had a bad relationship with the Divine King, so he had obtained a secret message from his clan. When necessary, he should quietly kill Feng Feiyun in order to deal a heavy blow to the Divine King.

However, Feng Feiyun’s status was exceedingly high at the pagoda, so no one dared to directly confront him at this moment. But now that he was actually working with Nangong Hongyan, the pagoda’s disciples had a reason to maneuver against him.

Hongyan had killed more than a thousand of the pagoda’s disciples on top of stealing the Cloak of Invisibility. She has become the public enemy of the pagoda, so Feng Feiyun backing her up made him an enemy as well.

A man with a beard styled in two long braids said: “I heard even the heavens is jealous of Hongyan’s beauty. Any man who sees her face would become silly and mesmerized by her. I’m afraid this has happened to Feiyun, he has become her slave. Such a person can’t become the next Divine King.”

His name was Ling Feng, the son of a Divine Commander in the army, a member of the court. With this status, he naturally wanted to please the princess.

Meanwhile, the host, Dongfang Yiye, was sitting there with his head leaned back as if sleeping. Even if this meeting grew more intense, it had nothing to do with him.

The scholar’s group didn’t say anything. They understood what was going on and didn’t want to waste words.

All of these new prodigies had great powers backing them up, so there was a lot of complex power struggles. It wasn’t as simple as it appeared on the surface. Anyone who gets involved would be dragged down into the mud.

A girl in a white uniform came in and announced: “Feng Feiyun is here, should we let him in?”

An enigmatic laughter resounded: “Haha, he still has the nerves to come back?”

“Two more days until the lunar eclipse and here I thought he would take refuge in the heretical schools instead of returning.”

“First he betrayed the Feng, now he betrayed the pagoda. We can’t let a traitor like him enter.”


All of the young prodigies in the main chamber were attacking Feng Feiyun in order to curry favor with the princess.

Yan Ziyu and the scholar glanced at each other and shook their heads with wry smiles on their faces.

Ziyu eventually shouted: “Quiet down!” His voice echoed across the hall. All the listeners felt an uncomfortable ringing in their ears and quickly quieted down. The hall became silent again.

They all came from exalted backgrounds and could afford to not give people’s face. However, Yizu was a different story. After all, this was someone who was strong enough to kill members of the previous generation.

The scholar asked: “Is he here alone?”

The female messenger walked to the middle of the hall and affirmed: “Just him alone.”

The scholar ordered: “Invite him in.”

He and Ziyu were the leaders of this group, so the others didn’t dare to disagree.

With the messenger leading the way, Feng Feiyun slowly entered the hall with quiet steps. He looked quite carefree as he looked around and found that the atmosphere was strange.

From a distance, the princess coldly uttered: “Feng Feiyun, why are you alone, where is your confidante?”

As part of the royal family, she was always loved and adored. Hongyan was the first person who dared to kill her follower while Feiyun was the first to point a blade at her.

How could this royal daughter not be angry?

“No party lasts forever in this world. Hongyan has left.” Feiyun seemed to not hear the anger in her voice and answered flatly.

“Haha, what a nice way to put it. I’m sure you were dumped by her!” Ling Feng mockingly laughed.

Loud laughter rang in the hall!

Feiyun stared at him with a pricking glare. This young prodigy felt a sting in his eyes and immediately stopped laughing. His body felt as if it was frozen.

Another sarcastic commenter added: “Keke, I heard Hongyan has seduced many men, even the previous generation listens to her. What do you guys think, did she use her face or her body to seduce them?”

Feiyun questioned: “Who said that?”

A chill pervaded the entire hall. Everyone could fill a murderous bloodthirst, causing their spines to feel cold.

The scholar frowned and quickly interjected: “We should be talking about the lunar eclipse that will happen two days later. I already have a plan and wish to discuss it with everyone—”

Feiyun repeated: “Who said that earlier?”

His eyes swept through the crowd and eventually fell on Beiming Lie.

Being glared at by Feiyun didn’t feel good. ‘This demon’s son is so arrogant, he hasn’t even come out that long yet he dares to oppose me? Does he not know that I am a direct disciple of the Beiming Clan?’

Beiming Lie wasn’t worried at all and thought that he would have no problems dealing with Feiyun. He stood up straight and said: “Am I wrong? Nangong Hongyan was initially a prostitute, outside of relying on her—”

“Poof!” Feiyun’s body slightly shook. All of a sudden, he appeared right in front of Beiming Lie and unleashed a palm towards his forehead. A monstrous strength traveled from his head all the way down to his soles.

“Crack!” The bones in his body shattered into powder while his muscles turned into a meaty pulp. Only his skin was intact as it softly fell down to the ground like a meatball.

Too fast! Way too fast!

Only a few people here actually managed to see his shadow!

Since when did Feiyun become so strong? He was only at peak God Base several months ago, but his cultivation was now countless times stronger. The prodigies here were terrified after seeing this.

He actually killed a member of the supreme Beiming Clan in front of everyone. He was too domineering, was he not afraid of the clan’s retribution?

It had a genius of the grand historical level. If he were to meet that person, death would be the only thing on the horizon.

Feiyun scanned the hall again and declared: “Anyone else dares to run their mouth? Do it, I don’t mind killing a few more.”

The princess snorted with disdain but didn’t reply.

Ling Feng coldly asked: “Feng Feiyun, do you want to antagonize the entire pagoda?”

Feiyun responded: “I don’t wish to antagonize anyone, but if people wish to provoke me, I’ll make them regret living in this world!”

“You…” Ling Feng originally wanted to retort, but Feiyun somehow was already standing beside him. Feiyun’s speed was completely imperceptible even by divine intents.

Ling Feng stared at Beiming Lie’s corpse on the ground and felt his hair standing on end. He swallowed his words and sat down in exasperation.

Feiyun coolly stood there with both hands behind his back and confidently said: “I am still a member of the pagoda. I’m only here to take someone away and have no intention of killing. Don’t push me any further.”

Mu Linghua grimaced and asked: “Who do you want to take?”

This was the 11th rank prodigy of the pagoda. He had reached first-level Heaven’s Mandate and was among the most prominent people here. He had a great power backing him as well.

Feiyun replied: “Su Xue.”

“Impossible!” Linghua said: “The eight heretical women are all necessary. They will be very useful during the lunar eclipse.”

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