Chapter 326: Swift Samsara

Grand Historical Geniuses were the most gifted group of talents. Only one or two would come out in an era.

Due to the changes of the heavenly order, the earthly order was affected as well. An unprecedented momentum was coming to this world, so other Grand Historical Geniuses came out in troves just like the image of dragons devouring the sky.

Each of them could make a great power thrive with their potential, so they were priceless treasures for these cultivation sects.

However, one of them had died in this wilderness. The spirit energy in his body returned to nature, leaving a cold corpse behind.

Silence, absolute silence!

Even the kitty in Little Demoness’ bosom was bewildered. Its amber eyes wide open and was seemingly quite frightened.

She was so decisive in her killing that others didn’t even have a chance to try and rescue him.

“You…” Yan Ziyu couldn’t stay calm. The spear in his grip was slightly trembling.

“Nangong Hongyan, you have killed my people.” The princess’ cold voice was accompanied by a faint dragon roar. A yellow draconic energy emanated from her imperial carriage.

Hongyan nonchalantly replied: “So what?”

“You must look at the owner before beating their dog.” The yellow dragon carriage rolled forward and crushed the layer of clouds with an imperial aura. This was an ancient spirit treasure, a great artifact from the royal family!

Hongyan didn’t take action since Feiyun was one step ahead of her. He took out the stone saber and unleashed four white dragon shadows.

The four dragon energies tore through the void.

“Pluff! Pluff! Pluff! Pluff!” The four half-dragons that were dragging the carriage had their flesh cut up from the saber energies and cried out. The chains on their bodies were severed to pieces.

“Boom!” Without the beasts, the carriage stopped moving and floated in the sky.

“Feng Feiyun, you dare to oppose me?” The princess was infuriated. The curtain was lifted; one could see the princess’ cold and arrogant eyes.

He rested the blade on his shoulder and spoke with a perfect tone that was neither servile nor disrespectful: “Anyone who dares to touch Hongyan is my enemy.”

A pulsing white brilliance flowed along the blade’s edge just like dragon scales.

Feiyun was the successor of the Divine King so his position at the pagoda was exceedingly high. Even though the princess and Yan Ziyu wanted to fight against the powerful foe, Nangong Hongyan, they still didn’t want to offend him.

Even though the princess and the Divine King were both from the imperial family, they weren’t especially close. After all, there were several thousand or even tens of thousands of royalty — it was simply too many.

The princess’ ambition was boundless. She thought of many different schemes to win the Divine King over, so she naturally didn’t want to get on Feng Feiyun’s bad side.

“What are you all doing, fighting your own people?” Scholar Heaven Calculating arrived by walking on the clouds and stood between Feiyun and the princess.

He swung his sleeve and shot out a white ray. It channeled the omniscient power of the heavens and forcibly isolated the two combatants.

“One of you is the Divine King’s successor while the other is a royal daughter, both great geniuses from the pagoda. Do you not realize who the real enemy is?”

The scholar was quite frustrated. He originally didn’t want to show himself, but Shi Yelai was killed just now. If Feng Feiyun and the princess were to fight as well, there wouldn’t be a need for the heretical lords to do anything, the internal friction would ruin the pagoda’s side completely.

At this moment, Princess Luofu, Feng Feiyun, and Nangong Hongyan were eager to fight. It was useless for anyone to try and appease them.

Suddenly, a group of bloody clouds drifted over from the south. There was a total of five heading straight for this location.

The scholar quickly calculated with a slightly changed expression: “Time’s up, the five heretical lords are coming over right now. This isn’t the time to face them. Leave this place first, then we’ll talk it over.”

The princess shouted: “Nangong Hongyan, you will pay one day for what you have done!”

The imperial carriage shot out eight golden flashes of brilliance that drowned the world. One could faintly hear the roars of heavenly dragons.

This light retreated like a tide alongside the carriage!

Rumor has it that eight dragon souls were sealed inside. This was the real power that moves the carriage. Once activated, it could travel a million miles in one day across the entire Jin Dynasty.

The scholar heaved a sigh of relief after the princess left. He turned back towards Feiyun and smiled: “It isn’t easy serving a royal daughter, hence the old saying: marry any woman except a king’s daughter. It isn’t enjoyable at all!”

The scholar and Yan Ziyu also quickly retreated by flying away.

The bloody clouds in the sky approached. Five divine intents flew out in order to scout.

The moment they actually arrived, Feiyun, Hongyan, Ningshuai, and Honglian had already left.

“It’s the pagoda again. Damn it, they maneuvered against First Sister this time.” The Third Lord scowled.

“That’s… Shi Yelai! He’s dead! Don’t tell me First Sister killed him?” A different lord was slightly shaken and landed on the ground to carefully look at the headless corpse.

“Serves him right. First Sister is so strong, it looks like the pagoda was taught a painful lesson this time. A grand historical genius has actually fallen. It would be even better if it was Feng Feiyun who died, haha!” Xue Changxiao also sneered.

The other heretical lords smiled as well, thinking that Shi Yelai died to Xie Honglian.

The heretical schools also had some extremely wise figures. From the clues, some have begun to speculate that Feng Daniu was most likely the evil demon’s son, Feng Feiyun.

After receiving this news, the heretical lords received orders from the upper echelons to kill Feng Feiyun on sight.

He had slept with two of their proud female members — this was an extraordinary blow to their sect, so he became a member on their must-kill list.


In the rolling mountains at Trinity, there were fewer than few people around. On the contrary, the number of evil corpses kept on increasing as if this place was becoming a second Yin World.

Feng Feiyun was alone once more. He continued to kill corpses on this particular mountain for the last three days and three nights. A mountain of corpses was piled up below his feet. Who knows how many corpses there were in total in this ten-meter tall mountain?

Hongyan had left three days ago. She had no choice since she couldn’t continue the pretense. She could have stayed behind and acted as a fragile woman, but she had more important things to do. Being a weak woman in Feiyun’s embrace was not something she could afford at this moment.

Feiyun didn’t try to stop her. If he did, she would definitely stay. However, it would only be a fleeting moment. He could keep her heart but not her body.

Bi Ningshuai and Xie Honglian left as well! Feiyun still didn’t understand their relationship.

When they left, Ningshuai had a chain tied to his body and was dragged away by Honglian. They went north and left Trinity. Who knows where they wanted to go?

Perhaps they were going home — this was Feiyun’s thought.

The corpses continuously gathered here only to fall to Feng Feiyun. Corpse palaces flew out of their bodies and were sucked into Feiyun’s spatial stone.

“Boom! Boom!” More corpses were blown to pieces! Feiyun couldn’t keep count of how many he had killed!

“Whatever, we’ll meet again eventually.” Feiyun murmured to himself while putting away his blade. He grabbed a piece of bone floating above his head. This belonged to a Feng ancestor and was dug out by Little Demoness from the ancestral ground.

The marrow inside was a great temptation for the evil corpses. Just one drop could attract all the corpses nearby. This was indeed the best way to kill corpses. Only that devilish girl would come up with such a method. In the end, this greatly benefited Feiyun.

He used his spirit energy to seal the bone inside a small crevice. Its aura was also sealed to prevent it from spreading.

He walked through the vast, snowy plain all by himself, crossing the mountains without caring whether it was day or night while pondering a type of dao.

He looked just like a mortal. Each step left a deep footprint in the snow with a particular and orderly rhythm. It was clearly a straight path, yet the footprints left behind were crooked.

After ten days, his pace became increasingly slow but was still straight like before. However, the footprints grew curvier like a semi-circle.

From beginning to end, his eyes were fixated ahead contrary to what the footprints showed. This was indeed very strange. If there was a spectator, they would be completely confused and think that he was a walking ghost.

Another ten days passed. His slow and straight pace gradually turned fast. Now, the footprints were completely round and left behind strange markings on the ground. It looked as if he was drawing a strange, ghastly diagram.

Once the pace reached a particular speed, there was no longer a shadow, only a gale that swept through the snow.

At the end of thirty days, Feng Feiyun was standing beneath the green and gray ancient walls of Radiance. Time had clearly left its mark on these mountainous walls.

In the distance, one could see cultivators along with strange beasts and birds soaring in the air. More and more cultivators were visiting the city, including those from the previous generation.

‘After one month, I finally understood 7.5% of the Minor Change Art as well as the third technique, the Swift Samsara.’ Feiyun suddenly disappeared on the spot. The next moment, he was standing right outside of the Yin Gou Ward inside Radiance.

A complete revolution of the Minor Change was one reincarnation cycle! The Minor Change number was forty but only thirty-seven were actually used.

A flying cultivator naturally relied on the empowerment of their divine intents. This art used the minor change to derive one’s divine intents to channel the swiftness of the heaven and earth. This was the fundamental aspect of the Swift Samsara technique.

One beat was equivalent to the normal flight speed of cultivators. However, Feiyun had forty beats which were equivalent to forty times the speed of cultivators within the same realm. Once he activated this step technique, even the eight older Grand Historical Geniuses wouldn’t necessarily be able to catch up to him.

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