Chapter 325: Hongyan's Fury

“Shi Yelai, you bitch!” Bi Ningshuai summoned a sword formation. Each of the swords was of the treasure level and attacked fiercely with sword waves flying out.

Honglian was still his fiancee. Even though Ningshuai was forced to run, their relationship was quite complicated contrary to what it looked like on the surface.

How could he feel good while watching her get sieged by these prodigies?

He wanted to help earlier, but she pushed him down into the clouds in order to protect him. Thus, how could he just stand and watch as Shi Yelai trampled on her?

Shi Yelai turned around and stared at Ningshuai contemptuously. Energy with a water affinity condensed into a sword. He slashed forward and annihilated the entire sword formation.

The twelve treasure sword formation was shattered instantly.

“Poof!” Ningshuai wasn’t a match for Yelai so he backed off right away. Even though he was quite fast, there was still a deep sword wound on his chest from the neck down all the way to his navel.

The exalted pot had fallen into Shi Yelai’s hand. This was a supreme weapon of murder, so he became quite excited. It would grant him the audacity to challenge the other Grand Historical Geniuses.

“How dare you bully my fiancee!?” The furious thief shouted before attacking Shi Yelai for a second time.

Meanwhile, the princess and Yan Ziyu remained quiet.

Shi Yelai stomped on Honglian again before sneering: “Anyone from our pagoda can kill a heretical demoness. Feng Feiyun has slept with two of them, so why can’t I stomp on her? Hmph, Bi Ningshuai, you better start acting smart or I’ll deal with you too!”

Ningshuai simply ignored him and rushed forward with a desperate momentum.

Yelai shouted: “You court death!” One hand was holding the pot while the other condensed a large dragon-tiger of 5.2 million pounds.

He intended to kill with this palm strike.

“Boom!” A gigantic bronze vessel that spanned dozens of meters rushed forward. The surface was rusted and gave the sense of the changing times. This bronze vessel slammed into the dragon-tiger’s head.

This energy beast was crushed by the vessel while Shi Yelai had to take four steps back.

Feiyun landed directly in front of him and recalled the vessel into his palm while showing a fierce stare: “Shi Yelai, you are going too far.”

Yelai snorted in response: “Feiyun, are you qualified to talk to me? You went even further since you slept with those two demonesses.”

Feiyun naturally wouldn’t tell him that it was because of his evil blood being stimulated by Little Demoness and the Evil Woman. It took away his ability to reason, so he slept with both Bai Ruxue and Lu Liwei. Otherwise, even if they were stripped naked in front of him, he could still stay completely calm.

The evil blood’s lust has subconsciously affected his mind. People will always have lust; even an immortal wouldn’t be able to sever this desire.

Of course, an evil demon had an even greater lust that couldn’t be controlled. Alas, this lust was natural to demons even though it was completely unreasonable in the eyes of others.

For example, in the eyes of the Evil Woman, killing was just a normal matter. In the eyes of Little Demoness, she was the cutest and most normal girl in the world. In everyone’s eyes, they were simply how they should be. It was the same for demons in general. They followed their instincts and desires.

Little Demoness was all smiles while staring at Feiyun. She could see a strand of evil blood within Feiyun’s veins that was being suppressed. Her round eyes flashed brilliantly. Who knows what kind of strange thoughts she was having?

Feiyun retorted: “I slept with them, not your mother, so what is it to you?”

Yelai coldly replied with a fierce expression: “Capturing Xie Honglian is the decision of the pagoda’s top young experts, it is not up to you to decide.”

Feiyun flatly stated: “Shi Yelai, don’t blabber in front of me, I have decided to get involved in this!”

“Who the hell do you think you are? You’re not a human, demon, or a devil, you’re just an abomination. I have long wanted to fight you again, so if you want to meddle, don’t blame me for taking your life.” Yelai held a little dagger with engraved amethysts between his fingers. The tip of the dagger carried a stench of blood.

His other hand was holding the exalted pot that looked like a bloody skull. The expression on the skull was quite fierce and inside was a boiling bloody mist.

Feiyun didn’t relent. The eighteen sails on his vessel fluttered in the sky while emitting an ancient breeze. A power of an archaic and sacred aura was condensing within the boat.

Just this aura alone was enough to render everyone present breathless.

This vessel had been refined by the Evil Woman with the power of the altar. However, the process was incomplete since Feng Feiyun took it back. It was covered with a faint glimmer. The deck was covered in rust and had an old divine lion statue situated on a heavenly king’s platform. There was also a mighty door leading to the inner section of the vessel.

However, this door was completely covered with rust, welding it shut. The hull simply couldn’t be accessed.

It was only halfway refined at best, so it could only transform to several hundred meters long. However, when Feng Feiyun saw it the first time, it spanned for three thousand miles just like a huge mountain.

He could only use it as a powerful piece of metal to fight since he couldn’t even exert the tiniest sliver of the vessel’s true power.

What he saw was, in fact, only a corner of the vessel. Only when it was refined completely and restored to its original appearance would he be able to enter the inner compartment and truly grasp the fundamental power of this holy treasure.

Nevertheless, acting as a piece of metal already made it much stronger than ordinary spirit treasures. It could even suppress the souls of these treasures, preventing them from exerting their full strength.

“I dare you to repeat that.” Hongyan, with her snow-white dress and the zither in her hand, stared at Shi Yelai through her white veil with her wondrous eyes.

She initially didn’t want to take action, but Yelai dared to curse at Feng Feiyun. This completely infuriated her since even she wouldn’t do such a thing to Feiyun. Who the hell did Yelai think he is to call Feiyun an abomination?

How could she endure this anger?

Yelai shuddered after seeing her chilling eyes, even his soles felt cold. However, he was still at the grand historical level so he wouldn’t be scared so easily: “Nangong Hongyan, you are the prettiest in the world. Feng Feiyun is lower than even an animal, you are better off not being too close to him—”

“Bang!” A resounding slap came out.

Her arm was on fire as she slapped Yelai flying. His body tumbled in the sky and spun seven times before rolling even more on the ground like a gourd.

Everyone was shocked. The rumored Hongyan who should be a mere mortal was actually incredibly frightening. A slap was enough to send a grand historical genius flying into the sky.

“She… was hiding her cultivation!” Yan Ziyu gripped his white spear tightly and felt a terrifying bloodthirst coming from Nangong Hongyan.

She had the Firebird Garment that could block the divine intents of Giants. Even the Heavenly Phoenix Gaze couldn’t see through her, let alone other people.

Only Feiyun calmly stood there; he didn’t find this surprising at all. He knew that Hongyan’s fury this time meant that she could no longer put on a disguise in front of him. He himself couldn’t pretend to not know anything any longer either. ‘Why go through this trouble…’

This slap knocked out all of Yelai’s teeth and ended the peaceful days between her and Feiyun. This was the end for them. From now on, she would face endless trouble. It would be a hundred or even a thousand times worse than now. Nevertheless, she had no regrets.

“I… I… I know now, you are the mysterious master who stole the Cloak of Invisibility! Nangong Hongyan, you have been hiding this quite well.” Yelai crawled up from the ground with eyes filled with horror.

The flames surging on her fair skin had been recognized by Shi Yelai. She was the one who stole the cloak from the Treasure Tower, the mysterious master shrouded in flames.

Hongyan was ready to be exposed the moment she took action, so she coldly smiled: “That’s right.”

“Boom!” She turned her palm to unleash another fiery strike that shattered Shi Yelai’s amethyst dagger completely while suppressing the exalted pot.

Yelai was pale and his pupils were contracted. He tried his best to resist by unleashing fourteen dragon-tiger energy blasts in a row, but all of them were crushed in the same manner. One palm from her forced him to kneel on the ground in a way that he couldn’t even lift his head.

Yan Ziyu spoke: “Nangong Hongyan, your crimes are heinous. More than one hundred prodigies from the pagoda have died to your hands, not to mention the loss of the Cloak of Invisibility. You have become our sworn enemy!”

“Then come and kill me.” Hongyan was fearless, evident by her misty eyes. She was completely nonchalant about his threat.

Ziyu continued: “It’s not my business since there will be law enforcement elders coming to deal with you. However, Shi Yelai is a Grand Historical Genius, you can’t kill—”

“Pluff!” Before he could finish, Yelai’s head was already sent flying. A three-foot pillar of blood gushed out from his neck.

A Grand Historical Genius died just like that.

“He deserved to die so he must die!” Hongyan leisurely spoke as she took out a white cloth to gently wipe off the bits of blood from her delicate fingers.

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