Chapter 324: Battle Between Prodigies

“Boom!” Yan Ziyu immediately attacked without showing any signs prior. His white spear crossed the sky and turned into a huge flood dragon that flew towards Honglian’s peak.

There was a wave of electricity at the tip of his spear connecting the two peaks.

Honglian’s eyes turned cold. She used the hell rose again. It turned into a group of red clouds to stop this particular thrust.

“Swoosh!” Shi Yelai also made his move. One sword slashed through the sky with a boundless momentum as if he was a sword immortal, collapsing the peak below her feet.

“Rumble!” Its sharp energy could penetrate an entire mountain as it ravaged the sky.

Shi Yelai had consolidated his first-level Heaven’s Mandate cultivation so his battle potential was even more frightening. He was steadily inching closer to the eight older Grand Historical Geniuses.

Despite being attacked by two experts at the same time, Honglian was still as calm as before. Her hell rose suppressed a radius of several dozen miles. All of the vegetation here burst into flames, painting the sky red.

“What are you all waiting for?! Finish this as fast as possible!” Shi Yelai resorted to his sword art from a heavenly scripture. With a single thrust, a thousand sword shadows appeared in the sky and turned into a raging energy dragon.

“Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!” This scene was quite spectacular as sword shadows blotted out the sky. A huge mountain was completely penetrated by the chaotic energy.

However, Shi Yelai was only acting as a distraction, Yan Ziyu was the person actually fighting Honglian.

She had been a Grand Historical Genius for a long time while Ziyu also stood out in the same generation. After reaching the ninth level of the Immeasurable Tower, he had reached the grand historical level as well so he was eligible to fight against someone of her level…

The two of them were like two divine rays colliding in the sky. Each of them occupied their own domain. This was a true confrontation between experts.

“Whoosh!” Little Demoness was still sitting on top of her peak. However, her figure suddenly disappeared and emerged right behind Honglian. She stretched out her small hand and a claw shadow went flying.

“Boom!” Honglian’s finger unleashed a sword ray that pierced the little girl’s sleeve. However, it didn’t actually make contact with her arm.

Honglian’s shoulder now has five deep wounds oozing out blood, dyeing her upper-body red.

“Haha!” Little Demoness laughed while looking at her blood-stained fingers after disappearing back to the peak.

“You court death!” Honglian’s bloodthirst surged. She wanted to give chase, but a rune appeared behind her. A spear crossed the sky and aimed for her back.

She had to stop and fight Ziyu again.

Both Little Demoness and Shi Yelai flew up and helped Ziyu attack Honglian.

Blood began to scatter. There were more than ten wounds on Honglian’s body and her long hair was now unkempt with blood everywhere, making her look like a bloodthirsty devil.

“What the hell are you doing!? She’s my fiancee!” Bi Ningshuai glared at them with bloodshot eyes while clenching his fists and shouted at the sky.

However, everyone ignored him. The three continued to attack with even more terrifying arts as if they wanted to turn this place into ruins.

“You won’t need to hide and be afraid anymore after they kill her.” Feiyun walked up next to him and smirked while looking at the shadows in the sky.

“A bunch of men bullying a woman, what is the scholar thinking?! Moreover, that woman is my fiancee, not theirs. It’s not their place to bully her!” Ningshuai was furious and wanted to soar to the sky, but Feiyun was pushing down on his shoulder so he couldn’t move.

Feiyun spoke with a serious tone: “What’s the point of you going? Any one of them could slap you to ashes instantly.”

Ningshuai retorted: “Feiyun, if the one they were ganging up on was Nangong Hongyan, would you be so indifferent right now?”

Feiyun shook his head: “Can’t you tell that you were used by them from the beginning? The scholar told you to find me just so that you would lead Xie Honglian to this place. These top experts have been following you all along just so they could capture her.”

The scholar was truly unscrupulous with his methods to capture the ten heretical beauties, he would even use his own people.

Ningshuai wasn’t dumb and immediately realized it as well, so he cursed: “Scholar Heaven Calculating, you motherfucker!”

He struggled and freed himself from Feiyun’s hand. His body flashed as he flew towards Honglian.

Feiyun didn’t try to stop him since he couldn’t at this moment anyway.

“If you are willing to do that for me one day, I would have no regrets in life.” Hongyan was next to his right and held his arm while leaning her head on his shoulder.

Feiyun embraced her waist and smiled: “What are you thinking?”

“I’m thinking about whether I should lend them a hand or not.” She gazed at the sky.

This was a difficult decision. By taking action, it meant that her lies and their pretense would collapse. She wouldn’t be able to continue acting as the fragile Nangong Hongyan who could lean on his chest any longer.

But if she didn’t do something, Honglian and Ningshuai would be in danger.

He naturally knew what she was thinking, so he took a deep breath and hugged her even tighter lest she disappeared in the next moment.

“Boom!” Yan Ziyu gathered all of his spirit energy into his spear. This was a weapon of the spirit treasure level. After consuming this energy, it grew to one hundred meters long.

The power of this spear was now ten times greater and had a white glow coming from its body. It shattered the hell rose as the petals fell down to the ground.

“Poof!” Honglian spat out a mouthful of blood, wounded by the power of the spirit treasure. Blood spurted all over her right hand. She had to use more energy to forcibly close the wound.

“Xie Honglian, you should just give up!” In the distance, the voice of Princess Luofu came from her carriage. An imperial aura emanated from the top of the carriage while her voice carried the unquestionable prestige of a king.

“You all are looking down on me too much, you think you can stop me with just your group?!”

Honglian’s hair went wild as her skin turned as white as a ghost. She pointed forward and a bridge of clouds that linked to thousands of miles away emerged out of nowhere.

She wanted to open a Ghost Immortal Bridge to leave this place.

“Boom!” A divine order flew out from the horizon with a majestic and irresistible power. It crushed the bridge completely and turned it back into white clouds.

Honglian was blown away by this force and spat out blood for the second time. Her wounds grew even more serious as she bit her teeth: “The Queen Order!”

“That’s right, it is the Queen Order, all must kneel before its coming.” The princess slightly raised her hand and the floating order flew back into her grasp.

“There’s no need to waste your breath with her! Everyone, go together, cripple her cultivation first in order to avoid any problems.” Shi Yelai attacked first with his ancient sword. It was another sword technique from a heavenly scripture.

Honglian snorted and grabbed his sword with her bare hand. It vibrated and left a deep cut in her palm with blood dripping down. However, it couldn’t break free.

Yelai was shocked. This Honglian person was strong enough to withstand his sword art unarmed!

“Crack!” She clenched her fist and directly crushed this sword before blowing it away with a backhand slap.

“Pluff! Pluff! Pluff!” Three bloody holes opened on Yelai’s chest as the broken fragments flew through his body.

Ziyu stated: “Xie Honglian, I, Yan Ziyu, promise you that as long as you give up now, we will not take your life.”

Honglian laughed contemptuously with her head held high and retorted: “Bring it on, stop spewing so much nonsense!”

“Meow!” A white shadow skirted through her and left behind a claw mark on her hand.

The white kitty then flew back to Little Demoness’ embrace.

Little Demoness blinked and revealed an innocent and lovely smile: “Sister Honglian, Whitey just told me that it could have slashed your throat, but it didn’t wish to kill you. Haha!”

“We can’t wait any longer, the heretical experts will be here soon. Everyone, go together.” The moment the princess said this, everyone immediately took action.

Shi Yelai sneered while creating a dragon-tiger image from his palm: “To be able to catch a veteran grand historical genius is truly exciting.”

The dragon-tiger was as big as a small mountain and carried several million pounds of force.

Little Demoness, Yan Ziyu, and Princess Luofu all unleashed their most powerful attacks. They risked it all in order to suppress her.

“Blood-being’s Exalted Pot!” A bloody skull flew forward with crimson clouds and a terrifying murderous energy. Bi Ningshuai was floating right beneath the pot and stood side by side with Xie Honglian.

Yan Ziyu shouted: “Bi Ningshuai, get to the side!”

Ningshuai didn’t move at all. He stood there with an unprecedented level of determination.

“There’s no need to worry about him, suppress them both!” Shi Yelai screamed and didn’t hesitate. His dragon-tiger image came crashing down and shattered the bloody cloud. Its scream even made the pot tremble.

Despite being bathed in blood, Honglian revealed a bitter smile and pushed Ningshuai down to a group of clouds. She then activated the exalted pot to fight against the four.

“Rumble!” The pot alone fought against the princess’ Queen Order, Ziyu’s white spear, Shi Yelai, and Little Demoness’ bizarre offense.

The whole sky had chaotic black clouds everywhere alongside a murderous energy.

Even though Xie Honglian was quite fierce, her four opponents weren’t weak at all. They were all top-notch prodigies so, in the end, she still lost and her blood splashed all over the sky.

She fell to the ground with wounds all over her.


Shi Yelai was awe-inspiring. He landed and stepped on her body while shouting: “This is all you can do as an older Grand Historical Genius? We’ll see how you can act all arrogant now.”

Her body was trampled into the mud by him.

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