Chapter 323: Bi Ningshuai's Fiancee

There had been several major events in the past month. The beauties of the ten halls had been intercepted and then disappeared mysteriously. Everyone all thought that it was done by the Thousand-man Commander, Feng Daniu.

The man was unbelievably bold. Out of the ten beauties, nine had fallen into his evil clutches. Only the Second Lord from the temple, Xie Honglian, was an exception.

Who was Xie Honglian? She was one of the eight older Grand Historical Geniuses, the only woman among them.

Even a half-step Giant might not be able to capture her. Feng Daniu going against her was the same as a moth flying into a fire.

One month has passed. Feng Feiyun didn’t stay at Radiance and chose to spend all of his time with Nangong Hongyan. This period was so tranquil and beautiful that he had forgotten about all the fighting.

He had completely refined the five spirit roots and opened fifty meridians in his body. In total, he had 156 meridians, so his cultivation soared.

However, this peace was finally broken today.

“Feng Feiyun, help me! You have to save me no matter what this time or I’m dead for sure!” Bi Ningshuai ran to Feng Feiyun’s cave with his daoist clothing all tattered. His skin was charred even darker with smoke still coming from him.

His hair stood on end while the soles of his feet were completely worn out. Who knows how many miles he ran before reaching this place?

Feng Feiyun was a bit surprised and laughed: “Why aren’t you asking the scholar and Yan Ziyu’s group? Why beg me out of all people?”

“The scholar said that he can’t save me this time and that I can only live by coming to you. He told me you were here, so I came running.” Ningshuai held onto Feiyun’s thigh while sniveling pitifully.

Feiyun frowned. If this was something even the scholar couldn’t deal with, it looks like Ningshuai had provoked the wrong person.

“Who the hell did you mess with? Don’t tell me its the Yang King demanding his exalted pot back? If that’s the case, stay far away from me, don’t get me involved in this.” Feiyun mocked him.

If it was the Yang King, Ningshuai wouldn’t even have the chance to run. Feiyun naturally understood this.

Ningshuai exclaimed: “It’s not the Yang King but someone even scarier!”

Feiyun couldn’t laugh any longer: “Who is it?”

He cried: “My fiancee!”

Feiyun immediately kicked him flying: “Playing with me again?”

“It’s for real this time!” Ningshuai looked towards the sky.

There was a billowing black cloud with a tinge of red approaching from the south. It landed on the opposite peak overlooking this area. She was wearing a red sun gown and was standing on an old cypress tree while playing with a hellrose in her hand. This made her seem just like a motionless ghost.

Ningshuai immediately hid behind Feiyun after seeing Xie Honglian.

Hongyan was originally getting water from the riverside with a stone pot to make tea for Feiyun. She saw the woman in the dress and a glimmer flashed in her eyes before she took her time walking back towards the cave.

“Your fiancee is the Second Lord of the Senluo Temple?” Feiyun was quite surprised.

He had seen her in the distance back at the lake so he naturally knew her identity.

“Sigh! I’m still scared thinking about it!” Ningshuai let out a sigh.

Xie Honglian’s arrival filled the sky with black clouds. The laws in this region viewed her as the center and rotated around this woman who seemed to be the ruler of the world.

Her eyes were cold and sharp like a sword as she asked: “Bi Ningshuai, why aren’t you running?”

The youth shrinking behind Feiyun vexingly responded: “Honglian, it is impossible, love can’t be forced.”

Feiyun was stupefied. The situation seemed quite different from how he imagined it.

Honglian sneered: “You have run for four years and three months and this is all you have to say to me?”

“What do you expect? I am a man, how can I yield to your depravity? I would rather be killed than marry you!” Ningshuai was resolute in his claim.

Feiyun became even more confused, what was going on?

Was she a sadist? A role reversal? Is he the submissive one?

Xie Honglian was definitely a beautiful woman. When taking Ningshuai’s greedy nature into account, he naturally wouldn’t say no to a lovable beauty. There must be something else going on.

Could it be that she is too fierce so he feels too much pressure?

Feng Feiyun nodded his head while contemplating. A fierce woman could definitely make a man want to run. For example, if the Evil Woman wanted to force a marriage with Feiyun, he would rather die before accepting.

However, he quickly dismissed this idea right away.

Honglian said: “If you are willing to stay with me, I can stop being the Second Lord of the temple and even disperse my cultivation. I just want to stay by your side.”

Feiyun was now completely confused. ‘Damn it, what the hell is going on here? Could this guy’s charisma be that great? A woman would break her cultivation just for him? Such a big sacrifice for this fella?’

Feiyun could accept this if it was happening to someone like Young Noble Flawless. After all, he was the ultimate charmer that could win any woman over. It would be a normal occurrence.

However, it was happening to Bi Ningshuai, causing Feiyun to be completely astounded.

Ningshuai replied: “Honglian, this has nothing to do with cultivation. It isn’t because you are too strong. I just don’t have any feelings for you, so you should stop haunting me, okay?”

Ugh! Feiyun was feeling quite annoyed by this. Why do these words sound so strange coming from Ningshuai? Feiyun suddenly felt like beating the thief up.

Hongyan was standing at the entrance of the cave with a wry smile on her face while looking at Feiyun with her pretty eyes. The two of them didn’t understand the relationship between Ningshuai and Honglian at all.

Honglian’s murderous aura rose as she became much more aggressive: “If you are this heartless, you don’t need to live any longer. After killing you, I’ll commit suicide and we can be buried together.”

“Bury your sister!” Ningshuai pathetically whimpered: “Feiyun, you have to help me this time. This woman is crazy, she’s completely incurable.”

Hongyan glared at him and scolded: “The crazy one is you. She’s such a good woman, how are you a match for her at all?”

Ningshuai kept on shaking his head: “You don’t understand, she’s insane, you must believe me!”

Feiyun nodded: “I believe you, but even the two of us together can’t stop her, so you might as well just go with her. As long as the verdant hills remain, there is no worry about running out of firewoods, right?”

“Brother Feng, a man must be benevolent and kind! Good brothers stay with each other in both good and bad times, you can’t push me down the pit like this.” Ningshuai grabbed Feiyun and pitifully begged him.

Feiyun exasperatedly rubbed his head before smiling: “I’m not pushing you down a pit at all. Why are you so stupid? Didn’t you hear her earlier? As long as you go with her, she is willing to break her cultivation for you. Hehe, why don’t you just play along with her first until she disperses it? At that time, she’ll be an ordinary woman so it won’t be up to her if you want to leave… hehe!”

Ningshuai’s eyes widened as he felt overjoyed: “Yeah! Why didn’t I think of that? At that point, if I tell her to go east, she wouldn’t dare go west. If she keeps on talking about killing and fighting, I’ll just dump her. Haha!”

Without any scruples left, Ningshuai held his chest high and coolly went over to “surrender” to Honglian.

Hongyan looked down on Feiyun as she asked: “What kind of bad idea is this? Why are you helping him hurt someone?”

Feiyun shook his head: “Just watch, their relationship isn’t that simple.”

“Boom!” A loud explosion suddenly erupted in the sky, causing the earth to quake. A majestic energy flooded the surroundings.

Feiyun’s heart jumped. ‘There’s no way Ningshuai just got blown into a pulp by Honglian, right?’

This was indeed not the case. The attacker earlier wasn’t Honglian. It was a white spear that flew from a thousand miles away, aiming for Honglian. However, she used the hell rose in her hand to block it.

At this time, the master of the spear finally flew over from a thousand miles away. He stood there gallantly over the eastern sky on a group of white clouds.

This was the strongest on the Pagoda’s Hundreds List, Yan Ziyu.

“Rawrrr!” Four half-dragons roared in the distance. The sound of a moving carriage also came along.

A while after, an imperial carriage rolled by and crushed some of the black clouds.

Princess Luofu was also here, and the same goes for Shi Yelai!

“Haha, little tadpoles looking for their mother swimming around a mother turtle, I am a little frog, frog with my little tail, tail…” Little Demoness was here all of a sudden as well. She hugged her little kitty while sitting on the mountain opposite of Xie Honglian.

The most powerful youths of the Wanxiang Pagoda were here and have cornered Xie Honglian. They were clearly prepared or it would be impossible to assemble here at the same time.

Powerful auras shot into the sky. It looked like all of them were pointing their weapons at her.

Even Bi Ningshuai was stunned and didn’t understand what was going on. Feng Feiyun’s eyes narrowed for he understood a few things.

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