Chapter 321: A Duel Between Divine Intents

At the top of the seventh floor with yellow tiles and bronze pillars, the world has become dark for the blind Su Yun. However, his aura was even more transcendent than before.

“I also want to say thanks.” Su Yun smiled.

Feiyun gave him a side glance and replied: “You have nothing to thank me for.”

Su Yun shook his head: “I thank you for trusting me. You didn’t doubt my words for a moment even when the other party was Nangong Hongyan. Is this trust not worthy of saying thanks?”

Sometimes, trust was even more valuable than gold.

Feiyun laughed in response: “If Young Noble Flawless was a liar, he wouldn’t deserve the title ‘Flawless’.”

Being able to trust a person was an amazing feeling. Just saying thank you alone wasn’t enough to show one’s gratitude.

Su Yun’s expression turned serious: “Feiyun, we got our laughs in, it’s time to get to the main point.”

Feiyun was slightly surprised: “What we talked about wasn’t the main point?”

Su Yun shook his head: “Of course not.”

Feiyun asked: “What is it then?”

Su Yun revealed: “The main business is that Su Xue is the ninth princess of Poluo, my little sister from the same mother.”

“Whoo!” Feiyun wasn’t this shocked when he found out that Hongyan was the mysterious master. He carefully looked at Su Yun and asked: “You two don’t look alike at all! You’re not messing with me, are you?”

“Does it look like I’m messing with you right now? Have you seen her real appearance?” Su Yun looked quite solemn at this moment.

Feiyun touched his nose and shook his head: “I haven’t yet, but surely the blood-sister of the most handsome man in the world can’t be bad at all.”

Su Yun emphasized: “I’m not laughing right now.”

Feiyun stopped smiling as well: “Don’t worry! I guarantee you with my integrity that Su Xue is safe at this moment. No one can touch her.”

Su Yun added: “Including you!”

“Yes, yes, including me.” Feiyun exasperatedly rubbed his forehead.


An hour later, Su Yun and Ji Yunyun rode a flying carriage into the sky in the form of a rainbow. Meanwhile, Feiyun sat there on the seventh floor where Su Yun was sitting earlier with an envious smile on his face while watching the ray fly away.

‘Even a playboy like Su Yun has found his way and the person he loves the most. Feng Feiyun, aren’t you a little lonely while chasing after the heavenly dao?’ He thought about Nangong Hongyan at this moment.

Coincidentally, a figure wrapped in flames flew closer from the darkness and floated behind Feng Feiyun.

Under the cold wind, the flames seemed to not be hot at all. It was as if it was a ghastly wisp from hell.

Feng Feiyun didn’t turn around as he spoke: “You are a little late, they have left already.”

A hoarse voice came from the flames: “Feiyun, you still dare to appear before me? Do you think you can oppose me after becoming a grand achievement God Base?”

Feng Feiyun was still staring at the lights on the street and put on a self-deprecating smile: “If you wanted to kill me, I would have died back at the Wanxiang Pagoda.”

“It’s good that you know. Even Young Noble Flawless is not my match, so you scheming against me is throwing an egg at a rock.” The voice from the flames was unusually gloomy and harsh.

Feiyun replied: “Why not just activate the blood bracelet on my wrist? Why bother stain your hands with blood?”

The master snorted in response.

Feiyun added: “Since you don’t want to kill me with the bracelet, why not take it off?”

The master scowled again.

Feiyun asked with a smile: “You are always using those flames to hide, what are you afraid of? Someone as powerful as you don’t dare to show your true face?”

The master replied: “Do you want to see what I look like?”

Feiyun turned his chair around and stared at the floating ball of flames: “Of course I want to see who it is that can defeat a Grand Historical Genius.”

“Haha.” The master mockingly laughed.

Feiyun was still as calm as before: “How about a bet?”

“What bet?” 

“Do you believe I can beat you within three moves?” Feiyun revealed a confident smile.

The master burst out in laughter: “Feiyun, you are too conceited.”

“Do you dare or not?” Feiyun pushed the issue seriously.

The master paused before replying: “What’s on the line?”

“If you lose, you must recall the flames to reveal your true appearance.” Feiyun stared at him, but even the phoenix gaze failed to see through the Firebird Garment.

This was one of the five divine garments and could isolate all auras. Even divine intents couldn’t see through it.

The master responded: “The you right now can’t even touch my sleeve in thirty moves, let alone three.”

Feiyun smiled: “There are many masters from the previous generation hiding in Radiance right now so our battle will attract their attention. I’m sure you don’t want to meet these old monsters either.”

“You are the one who wanted to fight, are you changing your mind now?” The master sneered.

Feiyun shook his head: “I simply want to change the method of competition while still making it reasonable.”

“Is there one?” The master was surprised.

Feiyun explained: “Of course, we’ll compete with our divine intents! The stronger one’s cultivation, the stronger their divine intents will be. Conversely, the more powerful divine intents would be able to suppress the enemy.”

The master asked: “Feiyun, you are underestimating me greatly. Do you think your intents are stronger than mine?”

Feiyun goaded: “You no longer dare to compete?”

“What’s there to be afraid of?!” The master’s intents were also wrapped in flames. The ten divine intents looked like divine cauldrons and flew out from the master’s head. Each was dazzling and contained a majestic level of divinity.

Divine intents were naturally invisible. Only cultivators who cultivated special vision techniques would be able to see them in physical form.

Because of his heavenly gaze, Feiyun was able to see the mysterious master’s ten divine intents. His eyes narrowed as forty blinding rays rushed out from his pupils to turn into a Minor Change altar that pushed back the ten fiery divine intents from his foe.

The forty divine intents rapidly spun and formed its own domain just like a huge gear. It ground the sky, creating explosions and ripples in the air.

“Forty divine intents!” The master was aghast, evident by the indescribable awe in their voice. How could Feng Feiyun have become so powerful? This has surpassed common sense.

The person began to go all out. The fire from the ten divine intents began to surge. One could see a figure as well as a fiery bird.

The Firebird Garment was a divine garment that had its own divine intents. The two separate intent entities fused and were quite formidable.

“Minor Change Art, Heaven Punishing Hammer!” Feiyun controlled his intents and lined them up in a special formation. They turned into a gigantic hammer and repelled the ten intents with sparks flying everywhere in the sky.

The intent of the fiery bird cried out in pain and was almost shattered by the great hammer. The master’s intents were unharmed, but he still jolted backward in fear and could only focus on defense.

“Minor Change Art, Heaven Battle Altar!” The intents moved again into the second formation.

The air violently trembled as water runes flew out. They then condensed into forty altars arranged in a circular formation.

They surrounded the ten fiery intents with a tenacious suppression.

“Boom!” The ten divine intents wanted to resist and fly back into the sky but were pushed down for the second time.


It was unbelievably cold tonight. A snowflake fluttered into the pavilion.

“You have lost.” Feng Feiyun was still sitting in his chair as he reached out to catch the snowflake.

The flashing flames floating in the air seemed to be unable to accept this outcome. After a long period of silence, the figure asked: “You clearly could have destroyed my divine intents earlier and killed me, why didn’t you do so?”

Feiyun replied: “I just want to see your appearance, not to kill you. There are other ways to do that.”

“Haha, it looks like Young Noble Flawless has told you a lot of things.” The mysterious master laughed.

“He indeed told me a lot, but I want to verify it myself.” Feng Feiyun glared at the fiery wisp while feeling quite conflicted.

The master replied: “It’s better if you don’t look. I can take off your blood bracelet. From now on, we’ll have nothing to do with each other. You go your way and I go mine, won’t that be better?”

“Not at all.” Feiyun disagreed by shaking his head.

The master asked: “If you see my appearance, things will only get worse. Why bother make it even more difficult?”

“Are you that afraid of me seeing your appearance? What are you afraid of?” Feiyun responded with his own question.

After a long pause, the master coldly uttered: “I’m not afraid and I don’t need to be either. You’re the one who should be afraid because you are not my match and you can’t defeat me either. You will die a very, very miserable death…”

“You’re blabbering too much.” Feiyun laughed: “The winner takes all and a gambler must be willing to pay the price. Hongyan, do you still wish to continue hiding?”

The master scowled as the flames around their body dimmed. The flames then converged into their body like a tide.

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