Chapter 320: Lover And Friend

After nightfall, the snow began to let up…

The world outside was brightly lit with lanterns. Disciples from the immortal gates rode their strange beasts. Some merchants had carriages that contained strange medicines along the way, and there was him as well!

With his charming pair of eyes, Su Yun was quietly seated inside a pavilion. They had lost a bit of their brilliance and gained a tinge of melancholy.

He heard the cries and steps of the strange beasts while smelling the fragrance of the flowers, fifteen different scents in total.

He could still sense this world! He would sit on the upper floor like this every day to quietly watch the sunrise and sunset. It has been a month. Even though the snow hid the sun, he could still feel its existence.

Su Yun slowly said: “You shouldn’t have come here.”

Ji Yunyun was standing behind him. Her pretty eyes were tainted with forlorn as she answered: “I heard you became blind so all I’ve been doing is trying to find your location. I asked and begged before finally finding you here, do you think I will leave just like that?”

Su Yun was silent for a long time. He was originally the man who loved women the most in this world. Ji Yunyun was a talented beauty, but he wanted to chase her away.

He said: “You shouldn’t say the word ‘blind’ in front of me.”

She asked: “Are you angry?”

“Very.” Su Yun’s voice was somewhat indifferent.

This indifferent attitude pained her, even more so than if he were to scold her.

“Then I won’t ever say the word again.” She bit her lips as sparkling tears formed in her eyes.

He shook his head in response: “It’s too late for I’m already annoyed, and your presence only exacerbates my anger. Go, the farther the better.”

“Are you that disgusted with me? All I want is to be your maid, a servant so that I can take care of you when you need me and act as your eyes. Please, don’t chase me away, I…” Tears dripped down her cheeks and fell to the ground.

Su Yun’s eyes seemed even sadder: “Do you remember why you left me the first time?”

She answered: “Of course, you gave me to Feng Feiyun just to find out Dongfang Jingyue’s name.”

“That’s right. In my mind, you are not even equal to another woman’s name. I tried to give you away, but the other party didn’t even want you! I feel ashamed for having a woman like you waiting on me…”

Su Yun smirked and was about to go on, but he could hear quiet sobbing from behind. Ji Yunyun had run away. Her footsteps gradually grew distant before disappearing completely.

Young Noble Flawless was amazing, he could easily please a woman as well as forcing one away. Ji Yunyun had served him for a month without voicing a single complaint in addition to obeying all of his commands. Her subservience was more than just a maid.

“I must bear this…” He slowly closed his eyes with an unbearable feeling of comfort in his heart. His eyes might be blind, but his mind was completely clear. Perhaps a playboy can only see who truly cared for them after becoming blind.

His eyes suddenly opened again as he coldly uttered: “Why are you back?”

“I… I didn’t want to leave. It’s night time and it’ll get colder so I thought you would need a change of clothing.” She timidly answered and carefully brought a fox-fur coat over to him.

“Scram!” Su Yun plainly answered, but it sounded like thunder in Yunyun’s ears. She gripped the fur coat even tighter as more tears poured out.

A man telling a woman to “scram” was even more direct than piercing their heart with a dagger.

“I’ll… leave then!” Her lips were bloody from her biting down. She stared at his cold back and gave one last sentimental glance, hoping that he would turn around. However, he didn’t move at all even when she made it to the end of the hallway.

Tears kept falling down as she covered her face to leave the main entrance. However, she saw Feng Feiyun gallantly standing in the snow. He slowly said: “Miss Ji, long time no see.”

“Feng Feiyun!” She was quite cautious: “What do you want?”

He smiled: “I’m here for Young Noble Flawless.”

“He’s not here!” She blocked his way.

“He invited me so how could he not be here? Haha.” Feiyun was skilled in reading the situation, so he asked: “Crying so much like this, did he yell at you?”

She responded: “I’m not crying and he didn’t yell at me either!”

“Haha! And you said he wasn’t here. Women, you really can’t trust them.” Feiyun’s sleeves fluttered as he took another step before moving ten meters up into the pavilion.

Yunyun knew that these two had a feud in the past and was afraid that Feiyun would do something malicious to Su Yun. She quickly ran back and, if necessary, she would risk her life against him.

Su Yun was sitting on the top floor when Feiyun arrived, watching the old street lit up with lights and clamoring from pedestrians. Only this place had a semblance of peace.

“How long have you been hiding here?” He stood coolly next to Su Yun and looked down. The Yin Gou Ward decorated with spirit stones was in the distance, and over yonder was the Apricot Manor covered in snow and petals.

Su Yun replied: “One month.”

Feiyun smiled and asked: “I’ve always thought I was the only one who bullies women. Who would expect for the famous Young Noble Flawless to be an expert at this too?”

“You saw her?” Su Yun sighed.

Feiyun replied: “Right at the entrance.”

“Was she still sobbing?” Su Yun sighed again as if he wanted to blow away all of his sadness.

Feiyun quipped: “Nope! She was smiling happily and even talked about coming to my place for several days…”

A white sword formed from spirit energy was now hanging above his head.

“Feiyun, I’m warning you right now, you can have your ideas about any girl except for her.” Su Yun’s voice was cold. He swung his sleeve and shattered the spirit sword hanging above Feiyun’s head.

Feiyun was still all-smiles: “Why can’t I have any ideas about her?”

Su Yun scolded him: “Don’t you know one can’t have thoughts about a friend’s wife?”

Feiyun retorted: “You are aware of this phrase? Then why are you still trying to kill Nangong Hongyan?”

Both of them sighed deeply at the same time and turned quiet. In the distance, several sword rays rose to the sky like shooting stars. Even farther away were the deep and overbearing roars of some beasts.

Su Yun slowly began: “You know already?”

“Were you not planning on tell me at all?” Feiyun glared at him: “What kind of friend are you? You’re not trustworthy at all! Can’t have any ideas about a friend’s wife? Then why are you here instead of recuperating? Haha, and you’re still choosing to be blind!”

Su Yun didn’t answer. The atmosphere went silent again!

Su Yun calmly asked with an indistinct gaze: “Why haven’t you attacked yet?”

“I actually do want to give you a good beating, but I rather hear your explanation first.” Feiyun squinted and took a deep breath.

‘Su Yun, do not disappoint me since I don’t have many people that I can consider friends.’ Feiyun believed that he wouldn’t misjudge a person!

“I asked you to come this time because I wanted to talk to you about it.” Su Yun closed his eyes.

Feiyun asked: “About what?”

Su Yun continued: “Do you know why I’m hiding in this place?”

It was Feiyun’s turn to be silent!

Su Yun asked another question: “Do you know why when she cried and begged to stay, I still cruelly told her to scram?”

No response came from Feiyun!

“Because of Nangong Hongyan! She wants to kill me since she’s that mysterious master!” Su Yun revealed the truth.

Feiyun couldn’t stay quiet any longer. This simple phrase struck him like thunder. Alas, he remained steady and asked: “She wants to kill you?”

Su Yun explained: “The truth is that I initially wanted to kill her but couldn’t. Her cultivation grew even stronger. Even though I stabbed my own eyes to go blind, I’m still not her match. Within half a month, I nearly died three times to her. I’ve been hiding here for a month now, but several days ago, I could feel her presence in Radiance. I probably won’t be able to escape this time.”

Feiyun asked with a grin: “You are afraid of involving Miss Ji so you told her to scram?”

Feiyun was much calmer, contrary to Su Yun’s expectations. He thought Feiyun would turn emotional after hearing this, but it didn’t happen.

“That’s right.” Su Yun nodded.

“It’s a pity that when a woman falls in love with a man, she would always run back despite being treated badly.” Feiyun laughed.

Su Yun’s expression slightly changed. He could smell Yunyun’s fragrance at the tip of his nose. She had been standing beside him and now threw herself into his embrace.

Feiyun naturally wouldn’t play the third wheel at this moment. He had already left by jumping to the roof of the pavilion to watch the falling snow. His mind calmed down as well.

‘Nangong Hongyan…’

An hour later, Su Yun was now also standing on top of a yellow glazed tile on the pavilion.

Feiyun didn’t turn around when he asked: “What are you going to do with her?”

He was referring to Ji Yunyun.

“What about you?” He naturally referred to Nangong Hongyan.

Feiyun shook his head and wryly smiled: “If you can’t do anything to her, I definitely can’t either… Sigh!” He paused for a moment and said: “Thank you.”

Su Yun asked: “What for?”

Feiyun stared at him. His eyes no longer had the brilliance of past. Was this the Young Noble Flawless who swooned thousands of girls?

The reason why Su Yun tricked Feiyun in the beginning so that he could go kill Hongyan by himself and going as far as to prick his own eyes was partly due to revenge. However, the most important reason was because of his friend, Feiyun.

Su Yun understood just how ruthless and scheming Nangong Hongyan was. She definitely had her own plans for getting closer to Feng Feiyun. If she were to live, she would definitely take advantage of Feiyun in the future and the person who dies would be him.

Going blind was nothing for a friend.

Feiyun was not blind so he naturally saw the truth, hence his words of gratitude.

True friends should never casually say “thank you” to each other. The moment these words came out, it would signify an incredibly heavy debt.

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