Chapter 319: Heaven Calculating’s Investigation

Furious voices thunderously echoed in the hall. These heretical geniuses felt greatly humiliated. They had done the same to the prodigies of the pagoda, but it was now paid back in double.

Every dog has its day, the weak will be violated!

Two heaven-defying geniuses stepped out. Both were at the top of grand achievement God Base and wore black cloaks as hard as steel. One of them had a strange serpent with nine heads while the other had a saber that emitted streaks of lightning. Both of them had a crush on Lu Liwei and viewed her as a goddess in their hearts.

Feng Feiyun’s evil blood was gradually awakening. His eyes turned demonic and an evil affinity surrounded his body. Even though the armor hid most of it, his gaze instantly lowered the two geniuses’ morale.

“Die!” He unleashed a palm attack and struck one of them. It crushed the nine-headed serpent and shattered the bones of this genius, turning him into a meatball.

His flesh fell to the ground and caved in a bronze table.

Feiyun’s blood was returning to the origin, so his evil blood had grown stronger again. Evil was meant to be fearless and reckless and only to follow their desires.

If he wished to kill, then he shall kill. Even the overlord of a region shall fall before him.

If he desired a woman, then they must be his. Even the imperial daughters and heretical women shall not be able to escape his evil clutches.

A flip of his evil palm could call for clouds and rainfall! This was the nature of a demon, freed from the restraints of humanity!

As his blood stirred and grew in power, his cultivation also became stronger.

“Poof!” Feng Feiyun used his hand as a sword and instantly decapitated the second genius. The youth’s skull went flying.

Two great heretical geniuses couldn’t even withstand a single blow from him. This scene deterred the remaining heretics; they staggered back and didn’t dare to contend.

Liu Chengfeng wanted to step up, but another disciple from the Third Hall grabbed him and stared at him while shaking his head.

At this moment, Su Xue was fighting against the Infinite Spirit Ring and the exalted pot all alone. Her iron sword was quite formidable. Her sword energy unleashed its potential and actually shattered the seven diagrams from the ring.

“So strong, even a spirit treasure can’t stop her.” Even though Wang Meng had a bloody jaw, he was holding the pot with both hands.

Bi Ningshuai, on the other hand, spat out a mouthful of blood onto the pot. A red energy mist engulfed the entire premises. The image of the old man dimmed down and finally shattered into pieces.

“We need to finish this fast!” The forty divine intents in Feng Feiyun’s head condensed into the divine hammer. Even though the momentum wasn’t as blatant as the one back in the Apricot Manor, it was clearly more powerful.

Bi Ningshuai also released the nether flame from his pot, increasing its murderous aura. The table and pillars nearby immediately melted as the air itself became unstable from the heat.

“Boom!” Su Xue’s body was shattered seventeen times, but she still stood strong with a glare as cold as the stars.

“Whoosh!” Her hands were still stary and unleashed a sword ray that illuminated everything like a second sun. Even though it wasn’t overly dazzling, it still lit up the entire world.

Shortly after, her body shattered another three times. She now had blood dripping down the corner of her mouth. However, this sword ray managed to create an opening. Her body flashed and rushed out of the current siege.

“You think you can escape?” Feng Feiyun’s voice loomed over her. A gigantic vessel came down from above and crushed her sword. In the end, her sight went blank as she fell to the ground.

Both Ningshuai and Wang Meng were drenched in sweat. They looked at Feng Feiyun who had successfully captured Su Xue and heaved a sigh of relief before speaking: “This girl really is terrifying. Even the murderous aura from the exalted pot was cut; her sword technique is one level below Nalan Xuezang, but her sword itself is much more terrifying.”

Feiyun carried Su Xue on his back before wrapping up Liwei on the bed and turned into a ray to rapidly fly away from this restaurant.

Ningshuai and Wang Meng were slightly surprised by the swift departure, but they chased after him right away.

Not long after, many heretical experts came along, including six lords from the ten halls. They were still a step too late.

This battle shocked all of Radiance. Two supreme beauties of the heretical schools have been taken away in broad daylight. The six lords were livid and directly razed the restaurant to the ground.

Many cultivators could sense the approaching storm.


Feng Feiyun sat in a dark and cold secret chamber with his armor off. Bloody runic lines were running through him and a faint dark energy was being emitted from his skin.

His face twisted in pain and had bloodshot eyes.

“How can this be? After four blood transformations, it should be back to red, so why is there some black mixed inside?” Feng Feiyun felt that something was wrong with his body, so he isolated himself after returning to the Yin Gou Ward.

“Is it the evil blood?” Feiyun channeled the power of the spirit vessel. The dragon-horse diagram flew out of his body while he channeled the other six diagrams from the ring. All seven diagrams finally managed to suppress this strand of black blood.

However, it didn’t dissipate and only sank deeper into his blood.

“Clat, clat!” Footsteps came outside of the chamber. Feng Feiyun opened his eyes; his pupils have regained their clarity and were now without any impurities.

The person outside asked: “May I come in?”

“I thought that you would come to visit me about now.” Feiyun left the ice bed knowing exactly who the guest was.

“This is our first time speaking, yet you know who I am?” The person smiled.

“A mortal can never overcome the plan of the heavens. Who doesn’t know about Scholar Heaven Calculating?” Feng Feiyun smiled and pointed forward.

The door to the chamber opened. It was indeed the scholar who walked inside.

He hid his hands in his sleeves and had an aura of a traditional scholar: “I know a lot of people, but the person I want to get to know the most is the son of the demon, Feng Feiyun.”

Feiyun had guessed earlier that the person who calculated the whereabouts of the heretical beauties was definitely the scholar, so it wasn’t strange for him to show up now.

He said: “Speak your mind.”

The scholar replied: “I’m here for three things.”

Feiyun mused: “It seems like these three things aren’t trivial and are related to me.”

The scholar nodded with a grin: “First, a disaster is coming for you, Brother Feng. Your evil blood is awakening, and if you don’t suppress it, I’m afraid… the consequences will be unimaginable—”

“I know about this already, I hope you will tell me something I don’t know.” Feiyun interrupted him.

The scholar hesitated for a moment before speaking: “You should minimize contact with the Evil Woman and Little Demoness in the future. The evil affinity from their bodies will unconsciously stimulate your blood even more, speeding its awakening.”

Feiyun frowned and thought to himself: “No wonder.”

The young girl didn’t hang around him for nothing, she wanted to stimulate his evil blood. The Evil Woman’s affinity was even stronger in comparison. Ever since their meeting and him taking her to the base of Mount Banda, her aura began to affect his mind.

The scholar nodded again. Feiyun was an intelligent person so he understood right away. There was no need for superfluous explanations. He spoke again: “The second is about the lunar eclipse coming up. Do you not want to leave your name on the holy monument?”

The corner of Feiyun’s mouth rose into a smile: “What do you mean?”

“The astronomical signs have changed. Dragons are devouring the sky while the Supreme protects. This is the most unique reading for a time of turmoil. Someone will definitely leave their name on the monument. This is very important, you can’t let someone else take the opportunity.” The scholar stared at him intensely.

Feiyun shook his head: “There are still two more months before the eclipse. At that time, all ten lords of the heretical schools will be there and a great battle will ensue. Leaving one’s name on that monument won’t be a simple task.”

The scholar smiled and revealed: “In two more months, the heretical experts won’t be able to go there since they’ll be occupied with something else.”

“You know what they’re going to do?” Feiyun raised his brows.

The scholar laughed while nodding: “I might not know what they will be doing, but I can force them to be occupied.”

“You’re that amazing?” Feiyun laughed as well.

The scholar continued: “You will find out on that day. I alone will hold back the heretical experts. You, Ji Feng, Yan Ziyu, Shi Yelai, Princess Luofu, and the other top geniuses from the pagoda will be free. As long as one of you can leave your name on the monument, that person will be the main character of the upcoming era in the near future.”

Feiyun stared at him for a while before smiling: “What is the third matter?”

“Someone wishes to meet you.” A mysterious smile appeared on the scholar’s face.

Feiyun asked: “Who?”

He could faintly guess the first two things, but this one was indeed a bit surprising.

“An old friend of yours. He said that he has some ties with the prettiest woman in the world.” The scholar answered with a smile.

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